The List of Our Nicest Private Jets

When flying private, there are multiple jets you can choose from. Here is a list of the nicest private jets The Early Air Way has to offer.

Flying on a private jet is one of those things that not everyone gets to experience. Although more accessible than you probably realize, people tend to stick to what they know – the commercial travel nightmare. That is, up until the coronavirus pandemic hit and more people were seeking safe, germ-free ways to travel. Those who had never considered private travel were now relying on it.

As everyone begins to navigate this trending travel method that has been around for years, we thought maybe we should talk about the nicest private jets that are available to you – and all that they have to offer you. After all, if you are going to fly private you ought to treat yourself now and then, wouldn’t you say so? Even if you don’t, knowing your options is always smart with every choice you have to make in life.

Perks of Private Travel

Just in case you haven’t grabbed on to the coattails of the private jet world to experience these perks first hand, let’s talk about some of the benefits you will receive when you choose to ditch commercial travel and fly private. (Warning – you may never book another commercial flight).

Your time is precious. If we’ve learned anything over the last two years, it is that time is precious. We never know when our time is going to be up, and it would be awful just to waste it, right? With a private jet, you don’t have to be at the airport two hours in advance, so you can stand in security lines or sit at the boarding gate. You don’t have long layovers or strange flight times. You simply show up and board your jet. Most flights are direct unless your itinerary is long enough to require a quick refueling stop.

Safer travel. You have fewer germs and less risk when traveling on a private jet. You can often choose your pilot or who you want onboard.  And you can see their certifications and safety ratings and so forth. In other words, you get safety in all forms.

Privacy is the standard. Private jets mean privacy. The only passengers on board are those you bring with you. So no matter what you do while on your private jet,  you will have peace and quiet and privacy to do it. Watch that movie without headphones, listen to some music, have that conversation, get your confidential work done, etc. You can also get some sleep without worrying about how your snoring will affect the person next to you!

Get closer to your destination. When you fly private, you have the opportunity to visit more airports, as some of the smaller executive or private airports cannot accommodate large, commercial aircraft. That means you can get closer to your destination. Or, you can just avoid the hustle and bustle – and a load of traffic – that comes with busy airports.

More freedoms. Because you are the passenger, you get more freedom. For instance, you don’t need to keep your liquids to less than 3oz. And, you can bring your dog if you’d like. You don’t have to pay extra for a checked bag. You can control your schedule, traveling during the hours that are most convenient to you. If you are stuck in traffic and a few minutes late, you don’t have to worry about the jet leaving without you – you are, after all, the passenger.

Comfortable accommodations. Imagine walking on a jet and sitting wherever you would like. And, imagine that seat being incredibly comfortable. That’s what happens on a private jet. Depending on the jet you are traveling on, there may be chairs, couches, beds, entertainment systems, gourmet foods to eat, drinks – including adult beverages, full-size bathrooms, and so much more. You can truly travel in luxury when you travel on a private jet. Keep in mind that all private jets are comfortable, but they may not all provide the lavish accommodations just discussed.

Now that you’ve heard the perks, are you ready for the biggest one? The luxury aircraft. Let’s talk about our list of the nicest private jets.

Our Nicest Private Jets

You should know that every private is nice, and they all come with their own sets of perks. However, if you are looking for the ones that are over-the-top awesome, look no further than these.

Citation Sovereign. This jet holds 12 passengers in its double-club cabin and is quite roomy for a midsize jet. It is technologically enhanced. You are sure to feel comfortable on board this jet — and will reach your destination in no time.

Gulfstream V (G550). This business jet holds 8 passengers and offers a lot of natural light through the oval windows. Phone, fax/printer, wireless network, satellite system are all standard on this jet. The seats are incredibly comfortable for just sitting back, relaxing, dining, and more.

Lear 60. This midsize jet holds 8 passengers and offers more room than you’d typically expect. A spacious lavatory, too. It’s a popular jet since it offers you both speed and luxurious accommodations – it packs quite a punch!

Citation X. A super mid jet that holds 8 passengers, this jet is fast and efficient, getting you to your destination quickly and in style.

Falcon 900EX. This heavy jet is the epitome of luxury in the air. It holds 13 passengers and is one of the roomiest, comfortable flight experiences you can have. Plush carpeting, soft seating, perfect lighting, and more – you can’t get much fancier.

There are so many options when flying private that you are sure to find a jet that fits your needs – and enjoy it, too. Regardless of the size of the jet, the number of passengers, the distance you are traveling, and so forth – there is a private jet out there just for you. And, whether it is one of the jets listed above or another of our many options, you will be surprised at just how nice a private jet is, thanks to the perks and the accommodations.

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