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How To Get The Best Private Jet Last Minute Deals

Private jet last-minute deals are all around you, whether you realize it or not! Join private jet alert groups, seek out empty leg flights, and look into The Early Air Way’s Jet Card.

Are you on a quest for the best private jet last-minute deals?

Have you ever had to fly somewhere on a whim? Maybe it was due to an illness or death in the family. Perhaps it was due to a last-minute important business meeting. Or maybe you just wanted to surprise your significant other with a spontaneous weekend getaway.

However, while you ended up looking for a last-minute flight, you were probably faced with some very unexpected high prices. Not only can this put a damper on your mood, but it can also discourage you from taking that flight.

Good news! There are ways to get private jet last-minute deals that will get you in the air faster than you would imagine, at prices you can be proud of. Let’s take a look at how this gets done.

Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights are a great way to gain access to private jet last-minute deals. These flights are called empty legs because they have to travel to a specific destination but don’t have any passengers on board. Therefore, if you want to hitch a ride, you can at a rate lower than you would expect. See, the private jet is going with – or without – you. Because having a paying passenger on board is a bonus, your fee to fly is reduced.

How did empty legs come to be?

Consider a private charter that flew passengers from New York to Indianapolis. It needs to return to New York for another scheduled flight. If you are in (or near) Indianapolis and are looking to head to New York, this could be a great catch.

While you get the opportunity to travel private at a great cost, you will not have as much flexibility in travel times as you normally would when booking a charter. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to keep in mind, nonetheless.

Join Programs or Groups

Becoming a member of certain private travel groups or programs can give you access to private jet last-minute deals when they happen. They may be options that allow you to get info before it goes public or gets all your deals in one place. There are even Facebook groups and others where private jets may post about availability.

You may find that these offer you great options, or you may find that they do not have anything that tickles your fancy. Search around and find some that seem to align with your travel habits and consider signing up.

Pay Someone to Find a Charter

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who pay for an intermediary to find them the best charter price. The problem is that while you may get yourself a decent charter rate, you are leaving yourself with having to pay someone else. The result? When it is all said and done, did you really save money? Maybe a little, but not as much as you could with empty legs or, better yet, a direct membership card.

The Early Air Way Jet Card

Then there is that card that comes along linking you to a service that just sets its standard above all the rest. In this instance, that card is The Early Air Way Jet Card

If you do any research, you will discover that many charter companies offer the same sort of membership deal for their frequent fliers. The difference is that The Early Air Way searched through all their benefits and options, additional charges and hidden fees, and put together a card deal that gives you the most benefits for the best price. For instance – some flights you book using the card can be 50% less than what you would pay with other fixed-cost type membership deals.

The conveniences you will find with this jet card are plentiful. Imagine booking a flight with a simple text message. You send over a message of when and where you would like to travel as if you were telling a best friend. The Early Air Way responds with a price. Quick response with the word “approve,” and you have got yourself a booked flight. It is that simple. Contact through email is an option, too. Either way, there is no paperwork, no in-person or e-doc signing for each flight.

And let’s say that enhancements such as a special gift when you board or the direct connection to a concierge can make your private travel experience that much better.

Get Those Wheels Up Fast

One of the best things about booking a last-minute charter flight is the ability to get those wheels up fast. That is, after all, the ultimate goal. In many cases, such as with The Early Air Way jet card, you can be in the air in about two hours. Empty leg flights and other methods may be able to get you in the air fast, too, but you do not always have as much flexibility or freedom with these methods.

Flying last minute does not have to cost a fortune. With more and more people turning to private jet charters to meet their travel needs – especially during the coronavirus pandemic and post-pandemic – the demand for greater affordability is there. And greater access to flights is there, too.

Private Jet Last-Minute Deals: Final Thoughts

Companies, such as The Early Air Way, are working to make private jet charters something within reach for many people, with many private jet last-minute deals. Cut down on the busy schedules and searching through pages of flights. Kick the cheapest flights that post at 3 pm on Tuesday mentality to the curb. Find options that will allow you to get the best deal ever with the least amount of effort. After all, you just want to travel, right?

Join private jet last-minute deals groups, seek out empty leg flights, and look into The Early Air Way’s Jet Card. You are sure to find some great last-minute deals no matter where your travel log takes you – and you will take off as soon as possible.

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