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Wellness Travel is a Practice for Self Care?

If you have not already heard of the wellness travel trend that is taking off, then now is the time for you to get in the loop. It is quickly growing in popularity – and for good reason. Read below!

Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life can leave you frazzled and spastic if you aren’t careful. Unlike generations of old that just pushed through work and life until they were just a walking empty, today there is much more emphasis on wellness, health, clarity, and overall well-being.

While there is something to be said about long-distance family road trips to see relatives, the familial unit seems to be breaking down while the importance of self is taking flight.

After all, how can you care for others without first caring for yourself?

Today’s travelers seem to have decided to prove the answer to that question. You can’t give anything to others if you are too worn down and empty.

Therefore, you will need to send yourself off to faraway places for relaxation, rejuvenation, and whole-body wellness.

And, so wellness travel began.

All-Encompassing Wellness

Wellness travel is about the wellness of the whole body.

To clarify, here are a few examples of types of wellness vacations:

  • Physical wellness, focusing on fitness, endurance, and strength.
  • Mental clarity, focusing on the mind. Engaging you in things such as yoga and meditation.
  • Overall body relaxation, usually including spa services and elegant personal treatment.
  • Culinary wellness, such as following a specific diet offered by the destination of choice. Often these also include learning new cooking techniques and how to eat for your health and well-being.
  • A combination of all the above. Sometimes you just want a little bit of everything – you want to indulge your senses with a spa treatment right after a nice hike in the woods and before your delightful vegan meal.

You are the only one who knows what your body needs – and what you can benefit from the most. Choose your wellness vacation based on you.

Where to Find It

You can find wellness travel destinations just about anywhere.

Sometimes it is the destination. Other times it is what you can do when you get there. It all depends on what you are looking for in your trip.

  • The Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee offers some options for wellness travel. These include going into the woods and spending some time in nature. You will find resorts and retreats to offer things such as deep woods yoga, hiking, and meditation.
  • Bigger cities, such as New York City, Miami, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles offer retreat-style resorts that offer calming surroundings, spa services, organic whole food dining, as well as yoga, meditation, and various excursions. This option is great for those that need to maintain business dealings while also seeking a balance of health and wellness.
  • Cities along the coasts offer spa services and rejuvenating packages that include water sports and activities.
  • Remote destinations in Arizona can offer quiet retreats and even ‘glamping’. In other words, you can go off-grid without actually going off-grid.

Wellness vacation destinations can take you anywhere. It all depends on your needs and desires.

The Best Way to Get There

When it comes to wellness travel, you are on a quest for tranquility. Take a moment to consider this:

You have finally decided to take that much-needed vacation away from everyone and everything. You are going to clear your mind and indulge in rich relaxation. But, first, you must get there. So, make sure you arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance of your departure. Then, stand in security lines that seem endless. Once you finally begin to see the light, you must sit at your gate for another hour, then go through the simulated cattle call to board the aircraft. As you do, you keep your fingers crossed that you can sit next to someone simple – and quiet.

How enjoyable does all of that seem? Not so much, right?

That is why the best way to get to your wellness destination is via a private charter. Instead of the above scenario, imagine being able to board the plane just before takeoff, with flexible timing, no need for long security lines, and the most comfortable aircraft cabin.

Private jet charters allow you the opportunity to travel to your destination engulfed in luxurious and calm surroundings.

Who says that you can’t start your wellness vacation until you land? Start it before you even get to your destination with a private jet.

The Benefits of Wellness Travel

To try to list the benefits you will receive from wellness travel is like trying to count the grains of sand on the beach. It is impossible.

Mental and physical wellness is important in all walks of life – and at all stages. To do your best you must feel your best. And, there is a very high chance that you don’t receive all that you need from your regular ol’ day-to-day life.

That’s why wellness travel is so beneficial:

  • It can be rejuvenating,
  • Bring you relaxation.
  • Re-focus your mind,
  • Increase your strength,
  • It can teach you new healthy skills,
  • Take away your aches and pains,
  • And remind you of what is important.

Just to name a few.

Is Wellness Travel for You?

Whether you are wound up tighter than a banjo and ready to pop your strings at any moment or you are just looking for time away from life to indulge in some enlightenment, wellness travel is for you – and is incredibly beneficial.

You don’t have to be stressed, at your wit’s end, and out of control to reap the benefits. That’s the best part.

Traveling for wellness can keep you whole. It can keep you balanced. And, it can keep you both physically – and mentally – healthy.


Now you know what all the hype is about when it comes to wellness travel. Don’t you think it is time you did something good for yourself?

Contact your local, trusted private jet charter authority to book your flight.

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Is a Midsize Jet Perfect for You?

When looking to charter a private jet, you have many options to choose from, one of them being a midsize jet. Is this type of private jet right for you?

Contacting a car rental agency will present you with a list of questions. One, in particular, is what size class do you want your automobile?

For instance, do you prefer economy, full-size, luxury, or an SUV? This question should prompt you to assess your situation.

  • Do you have a lot of luggage?
  • How many people will be traveling with you?
  • How far are you intending on driving?

If you have a lot of baggage and you prefer to be comfortable, should you even consider the economy option? Likely not.

Instead, you’d base your decision on the size of car that will meet your needs, whatever they may be.

The same is true when chartering a private jet.

There are many different sizes and options to take into consideration. Choosing the best one to meet your needs is what will lead to the most enjoyable flight imaginable.

How do you determine if a midsize jet is your ideal charter?


Considerations of a Midsize Jet Charter

All private jets are not created equal.

They come in a variety of sizes and perks, as well as flight capabilities – even those jets falling into a midsize category can vary from one another.

So, in order to determine which type of aircraft would be best for your next charter, take the following into consideration:

1. Cabin Size

Think about it – the size of your cabin matters because, well, you are going to be shut in the cabin for the length of your flight.

Most midsize jets offer a cabin width that is just shy of 5-feet.

When it comes to height, they are typically able to offer a bit more room, coming in at around 5’6” on average. Although keep in mind, each model jet varies.

It is possible to find some that allow tall passengers to stand up straight if that is what you are in search of.

2. Number of Passengers

Each and every person on board a private jet needs to have an appropriate seat with a well-constructed safety harness or seatbelt.

Because of this, you need to determine how many passengers you will be traveling with.

Generally, midsize private jets have room for around eight passengers.

If you are taking less than this, you can always still choose a midsize option if the rest of the criteria meet your needs.

However, if you are traveling with more than 8 passengers, perhaps you would want to consider a larger aircraft.

3. On-Board Necessities

It is important for you to consider all you want from your cabin space.

  • Do you plan on taking a nap?
  • Are you going to be making use of the space for mingling with your fellow passengers?
  • Do you intend to get some work done or handle business dealings while in there?

All of these things are going to help you to determine which size cabin is best for you.

A midsize jet tends to offer a bit more luxuries than their smaller siblings.

Everything from dining tables and work stations to in-flight entertainment and full connectivity wi-fi can be found among these charters.

Not to mention the fully flat reclining chairs great for catching some shuteye while in the air.

Keep in mind that not every jet carries every amenity. So, before you book, know what is important to you for your flight and what it is you are looking for.

4. The Distance You Are Traveling

The distance between Point A and Point B will determine whether or not a midsize jet is your best travel choice.

The greater the distance, the greater the chance you may have to touch down for refueling.

Of course, as long as you don’t mind this temporary delay, then there should be no concern about the distance.

On the other hand, if you are seeking a flight that will take off and land solely at your destinations, review your jets specs.

5. Level of Luxury You Are Seeking

Even the smallest of jets can have the greatest luxuries.

Though it is not uncommon to see many luxuries included with midsize jets. They are most often designed for elite business personnel and want to offer a look of elegance.

While some jets are older than others in appearance, if luxury is what you are looking for, you shouldn’t have a problem finding it on a midsize charter.



The 3 Best Midsize Jets to Charter

Now that you know what you should be looking for when considering whether or not a midsize private jet will meet your needs, let’s take a moment look at some real-life examples of what these jets offer.

1. The Hawker 800XP

The Hawker 800XP offers one of the largest cabin areas in its class.

It has six feet of space from side to side and a completely flat floor that gives it a more open feel to its 5’8’ of headspace.

It is comfortable and luxury all in one. As for distance, this aircraft can easily reach a range of over 2,400NM.

Holding 8 passengers and two crew comfortably, you won’t be disappointed with this charter.

2. The Lear 60

The Lear 60 offers seating for 8 passengers with 5 captain chairs and a couch.

It’s not quite as big as the Hawker 800XP, but it isn’t too far behind.

This is one of the most popular charters, however, due to its mix of economy and luxury all rolled into one. And, of course, its ability to travel a range of just over 2,600NM.

3. The Citation VII

Holding up to 8 passengers, the Citation VII offers a lot of comfort at an affordable cost.

Not necessarily considered one of the most popular and glamorous options for a private jet charter, the Citation still doesn’t disappoint those who choose it.

And the ability to travel a range of just over 2,100NM makes it a perfect short distance charter.




Next time you decide to travel via a private jet you will be better prepared to choose the perfect fit for your situation.

Is a midsize jet right for you? If you are seeking luxury for a party of 8, the answer just may be yes!


The Most Beautiful Destinations Best Reached By Private Jet

There is no doubt that there’s hundreds, if not thousands amazingly beautiful travel destinations; but some destinations are best reached by private jet.

Have you heard of amazing destinations from the mouths of other travelers? There are some destinations that are just too magical for ordinary transport – and that is what makes them so special.

Whether they are in other countries, islands in the middle of the ocean, or small towns located off the beaten path from a busy metropolis – these gems will provide you with life-changing experiences and memories to pass forward.


Why Travel to These Destinations In a Private Jet?

So, you’ve decided to travel somewhere off the grid. Somewhere magical. But, if commercial transportation doesn’t reach there, then how do you get there?

All you need is a private jet.

It’s a luxurious way to experience discreet destinations.

Think of them as elite destination spots. Or, consider these locations as an adventure.

Just know that you will not want to miss these most beautiful destinations best reach by a private jet.


Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is an old mining town located deep in the heart of The Rockies. But don’t mistake it for something less than beautiful.

Set against the San Juan Mountains, this is the perfect destination for those who love to ski. Although, there is something wonderful to do any time of the year.

For example, try rafting on the San Miguel River, golfing, hiking to waterfalls, camping, and even a summer arts festival.

Visiting Telluride is best done by a private jet. The nearest commercial airport is nearly 90 miles away.

And, while you can fly in there and rent a car and make the drive, why would you want to? Telluride’s local airport is right near the resorts.


Tiwi Islands, Australia

The Tiwi Islands, nicknamed the Islands of Smiles, is located off the shore of Australia’s North Territory. It is comprised of two islands that can be either reached by boat or via a private jet.

The Island of Melville – the larger of the two Tiwi Islands – is a hub for artists. In fact, you see art on walls, totem pole carvings, other paintings.

This place is a quiet, deserted area known by fishermen and locals.

Its an escape and a deep getaway for those looking to brighten their world with peace and colorful art.


Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas

Looking for a deserted island that can offer you a sense of peace and tranquility? Look no further than Norman’s Cay.

This destination became famous in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s thanks to it’s hosting of the headquarters of Carlos Lehder’s drug smuggling operation.

Don’t let that scare you away. Since its bust, Norman’s Cay, part of the Exuma Islands, has sat dormant and nearly forgotten.

People all over the world flock to The Bahamas for a crystal blue beach getaway.

If you would like to do the same, but you aren’t interested in truly sharing the beach, then you should definitely consider Norman’s Cay.

This island, however, is not accessible except by boat and private jet. This further decreases the chance of tourists even more.

Your own nearly private island? Yes, please!

When you visit, you won’t run short on things to do here, either. Of course, you will want to check out the beaches, but then there is hiking, and nature preserves to explore, too.


Lanai, Hawaii

Many people only dream about a Hawaiian vacation. If you want to live it, then you have your choice of islands that all offer you a little something different.

Lanai is where you want to go if you truly want to experience the best of both worlds with your Hawaiian destination.

Lanai is about 9 miles from its closest neighbor, Maui. But, it seems like it is in a world all its own.

This island is broken into three very different regions: the north, the south, and the central.

The north region offers you beautiful beaches and a rugged landscape that will make you feel like you are walking on the moon. This will definitely require four-wheel drive to get around.

The southern region of the island is where you will find the resort areas and relaxing beach atmosphere.

And, finally, the central region offers you wilderness, with valleys and forests to explore on horseback.

Because Lanai is an island all to itself, it requires you to find your way there on a private jet. What a perfect topping for your Hawaiian vacation.


Faroe Islands

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? This spectacular light show in the sky can provide you with jaw-dropping beauty. And, one of the destinations that can give you this opportunity is the Faroe Islands.

Located between Norway and Iceland, these islands are part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands is comprised of 18 islands and form an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.

While here, you can see so much more than the lights in the sky. You can enjoy fishing, birdwatching, sailing, biking, shopping, hiking, and more.

Not to mention that the mountainous terrain you will find will be beautiful enough to take your breath away.

Each of the islands is connected through roads, tunnels, ferries, etc. But, to get there initially, you will want to charter a private jet.


Agra, India

Are you up for another remarkable view? Imagine the Taj Mahal first thing in the morning as the sun rises. You can see it – all you have to do is plan your trip to Agra.

After you have checked out the Taj Mahal, there are many other things you will want to see and experience while here. For instance, visit the Agra Fort, enjoy a bike tour, visit the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, shop at Kinari Bazaar, and more.

To get here, you could, of course, book your flight into New Delhi and then travel for a couple hours on down to Agra. Or, you could just go ahead and fly a private jet right into Agra.



There is a world full of destinations just waiting for you to experience them. Whether beaches, the outdoors, beautiful sky views, or a look back at history – decide where you want to go.

Then, book your private jet charter, pack your bags, then head on out on your adventure of a lifetime.



5 Benefits of Flying on Gulfstream Charters

Gulfstream charters provide a luxurious and efficient way to travel, offering exceptional comfort, speed, and range. These private jets are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, spacious cabins, and personalized services. Ideal for both business and leisure, Gulfstream charters ensure a premium travel experience tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Looking for the best possible flying experience? Look no further than Gulfstream charters.

When it comes to flying high, you have many choices. Will you fly commercial airliners? Or will you choose the private aircraft experience? If the latter, are you looking for comfort and luxury or convenience and efficiency?

See, all aircraft’s are not created equal.

Private jets are designed to carry a specific number of passengers, fly at a specific altitude and speed, and all for a specific distance. So, when it comes to choosing the one that fits your needs best, you will need to take these details into consideration.

What if we told you that there is a model of private jets that has been designed over the years to meet a variety of these needs? Some small, some mid-size, and some large jets with varying specs to offer – all manufactured by Gulfstream.



What Are Gulfstream Charters?

Gulfstream is known in the industry and flying in one of their aircraft means that you are backed by a powerful force in the private jet industry.

And, undoubtedly, you will find a perfect fit for your needs amongst available Gulfstream aircraft.

So, the next time you take to the skies, here are 5 reasons why you will want to make sure you are climbing into Gulfstream charters.


1. An Iconic Name

Gulfstream has been in the aircraft industry for years. People know their name – even those who have never flown in one. And, it is widely known that individuals who seek to impress others and are reaching for a high level of status, should seek out a Gulfstream.

Because let’s face it, anyone can own a private jet, but those who know the meaning of power and reward own a Gulfstream.

Gulfstream charters has proven to be a popular travel choice among many celebrities and well-known individuals. It is quite common for bystanders to pick out these iconic jets as they land due to their display of the oval windows.

These windows are a symbol that is characteristic only of Gulfstream jets.



2. The Room You Need

Everyone in the aircraft industry has at least one trait they strive for. For Gulfstream, this is their spacious cabins.

They provide a cabin-area that offers comfort and the ability to relax in a high-end environment. You can play games, catch up on some work, take advantage of in-flight entertainment capabilities, or take a nap.

No matter what you choose to do to pass the time on your flight, you are sure to find plenty of room on board Gulfstream charters. And, should you get hungry, many of these private jets come equipped with a small kitchen for you to grab a cold beverage or a snack to eat.

In fact, it is safe to say that the Gulfstream cabins is one of the things that sets them apart – and helps them soar above others – in the market.


3. Quality and Quantity

When you are looking for a private jet that offers you a quality flight, including exceedingly sufficient speed, altitude, and long-distance, you may find your choices are quite extensive.

However, if you are finding yourself looking for a private aircraft with these quality characteristics and you want to make sure it can fit all the partners in your firm on one jet, you may seem out of luck.

Thankfully, Gulfstream knows the importance of creating a private jet that can offer both – space without compromising the quality of the flight or the ability of the jet.

For instance, the Gulfstream G550 is a highly recognized aircraft in the industry because of this reason.

The Gulfstream G550 can…

  • Travel extra-long distances.
  • At record speeds.
  • Reach destinations all around the world.
  • Exceed the capabilities of many other aircraft.
  • Provide a comfortable, high-end cabin experience.
  • Seat up to 14-19 people.

In other words, with Gulfstream charters, you don’t have to give up one for the other when it comes to travel choices.



4. Safety

When you make the decision to travel via an aircraft, you are putting your life in the hands of this machine.

Do you just trust anyone in the airline industry? If so, that is a huge risk.

Gulfstream comes from a long line of aircraft that has proven itself time and time again to be a safe and reliable means of transportation.

One such aircraft is the Gulfstream G150. This midsize jet is one of the best you will find.

In fact, they have such great characteristics and ratings that they went out of production in 2005; yet they are still heavily sought after.

Fly safely – and in luxury – from coast to coast in this incredible aircraft.


5. Affordability

Sure, some private jets can be rather costly. And, depending on what you are looking for in your private jet experience, you may find some to be way too costly.

Leave those flights to the individuals seeking glamour and status. If you are looking for a flight that will get you, safely and reliably, from point A to point B, then you will want to check out the Gulfstream G200.

First, it is imperative that you know that just because you give up the high price tag, you are not giving up comfort and style.

The Gulfstream G200 is a well-known, super mid-size business jet. This aircraft can hold up to 9 passengers and a crew of 2. It boasts a very comfortable and sleek interior cabin.

Business travel backed by a name like Gulfstream will make for a great flight experience – and allow you to arrive at your destination in class.



Choosing the perfect aircraft for your travels can have an incredible impact on your overall experience. And, knowing some insider details can help with your selection.

Next time your journey takes you into the air, be sure to consider all that Gulfstream charters have to offer. Combining luxury, convenience, and efficiency can leave you with an enjoyable – and memorable – travel experience.




What Type Of Private Charter Jet Is Best For Your Trip?


Every private charter jet is  not created equally. This is important to know – especially since each charter booking has its own set of needs. For instance, an individual traveling solo for business purposes may prefer a smaller jet that still allows for a bit of work space. On the other hand, a group of college students pitching together to charter a jet for spring break are going to want more space and different amenities.

Depending on what your needs are and how long (or short) of a distance the travel to your destination is, you can determine the perfect private charter jet for you. And, because there are so many to choose from, we’ve decided to make your travel planning easier by breaking down the details of some of the most popular jets used for charters.


Which Size of Private Charter Jet Should You Choose?

Depending on your reasons for traveling, and the number of people you are traveling with, you will have to choose a general size of private charter. These range from light jets, to midsize jets, to heavy aircraft.

Majority of private airplanes will fall into the following categories:

  • Light Jets
  • Midsize Jets
  • Turbo-Props
  • Heavy Jets
  • Jumbo Jets

Once you determine the amount of people traveling, you can then find the perfect charter jet for you and your group.



Midsize Jets

Midsize jets typically hold approximately 7-8 passengers and are generally very comfortable. They do well for flights that are up to 4 to 5 hours in length.

Here are a few types of private charter jets you may consider choosing for your trip:

  • Bombardier/Learjet LR-55. This is one of the most popular midsize jets and was manufactured between 1981 and 1991. This business jet was designed to transport up to 7 passengers, with a lavatory and adequate baggage storage.
  • Gulfstream G-200. Manufactured between 1999 and 2011, this private charter jet is equipped to hold up to 9 passengers. It offers a full lavatory, too.
  • Cessna CE-650-VII. This midsize jet was manufactured between 1991 and 2000. It has room for 8 passengers and offers a full lavatory. They are known to have good baggage capacities.



Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are used when you have a greater number of passengers flying.They are incredibly comfortable flying jets that allow for room to easily move about the cabin.

It is common to have a flight attendant when chartering a heavy private charter jet. It is important to note that these are the jets used for longer travel – including transcontinental.

A few popular heavy jets are:

  • Bombardier/Challenger CL-604. Seven windows line each side of the aircraft andit has a full lavatory. These jets can typically hold 10 to 12 passengers, though, a few more in some instances.
  • Bombardier BD-700-1A10. This heavy jet was designed as a long-range business jet. It can go great distances at great speeds. And, it is capable of comfortably carrying 14 passengers.
  • Gulfstream G550. If you are looking for the top of the line in chartered business jets, the high-performance, Gulfstream G550 is it. This heavy jet is recognized as the safest, most comfortable and most reliable heavy jet in the air. Its range in distance is greater than others, too.



Light Jets

Light jets were designed for short distances and do not offer as much comfort or mobility as some other choice charters. However, if you are looking to keep your costs down, you may find that a light jet is a perfect fit.

Consider these private charter jet options:

  • Cessna CE-525B. This is a favorite jet by many who frequently charter. They are decently fast, comfortable, and newer on the market. The Cessna CE-525B holds up to 6 passengers and provides an enclosed lavatory.
  • Cessna CE-560-E. The Cessna Encore aircraft can hold up to 8 passengers. It is a late-model jet that offers more headroom than many others in its class. However, it comes at the cost of the width. This light jet looks nice and has upgraded fixtures and seating.
  • Bombardier/Learjet LR-40. This is another late-model jet that offers room for up to 6 passengers. It offers very little in the way of headroom, but it does have an enclosed lavatory. This just usually comes at a premium cost.




Are you looking for a smaller private charter jet to take you a shorter distance? Sometimes you want to luxury and comfort of a chartered private jet when traveling a shorter distance, rather than having to waste more time in the airport and with security checkpoints than it could take you to drive to your destination! In this instance, you would likely want to seek out a turbo-prop.

Turbo-props are perfect for short trips, such as those that range from 100-600 miles in distance. While they can sometimes carry up to 9 passengers, this will vary with the jet.

However, they generally always have decent baggage space. Unfortunately, though, you will not likely find a lavatory.

  • Cessna CE-208B. This turbo-prop can hold up to 8 passengers. This popular jet has a good track record and provides a great level of comfort for an aircraft of its size.
  • Beechcraft BE-350. This jet is one of the larger models of turbo-props. In fact, it has a passenger capacity of 10. And, you will even find a lavatory on board.
  • British Aerospace BAE-4100. You will be surprised to learn that this jet can seat up to 15 passengers. This is perfect for those looking to transport larger groups to short-distance destinations. However, if you are looking for comfort and luxury amenities, you will not often find them here.



Jumbo Jets

Lastly, for those who have large parties to transport and are looking to charter, rather than fly commercially, then you will need a jumbo jet. Check these out:

  • Boeing757 200. This aircraft can go long-distance and hold up to 70 passengers. It is comfortable and welcoming, allowing passengers to freely move about.
  • Airbus A320. Another long-distance jumbo jet, this one holds up to 60 passengers. This aircraft is an easy way to travel with large groups.
  • Boeing Business Jet. If you are looking for the ultimate in private charter jet, then you have found it. This jumbo jet holds up to 20 passengers, but that is not because it is small. It has a bedroom, a dining area, a living room, and so forth.

As you can see, every private charter jet just isn’t created equal. That means you have many options when planning your next travel adventure.

Choose the private jet that is the perfect size and comfort for your needs – then relax and enjoy your flight.


The Advantages of Booking a Private Charter Flight for Your Next Trip

Commercial airliners are undoubtedly important in today’s mass transportation industry. However, these flights may not suit your needs when you want an option that is convenient, secure, private, and more luxurious. When you have an important business trip in your near future, you can find these accommodations and more by booking a private charter flight to take you to and from your destination.

Flexible Flight Times

Unlike commercial airliners, a private charter flight will await your time table when determining what time to take off and where to land. You call the proverbial shots in stipulating what time you need to leave and at what time you must arrive to your destination. The flexible flight times reduce stress levels while traveling.

When your next trip has a tight schedule by which you must abide, you may not have time to wait at the airport for departure or waste time during a layover. Rather than get delayed on a commercial flight, you can keep your busy schedule with a private jet charter.

No Crowds to Deal With

Take a moment and think of what happens when you arrive at the airport to catch a commercial flight. There’s thousands of people, the standing in line, all that paperwork to fill out, and the matter of checking your luggage. Even if the airline you use has kiosks that allow you to do a lot of the checking in on your own, you still end up having to cool your heels in line.

With a private charter flight, you can forget about the waiting. When you arrive at the airport, you can go straight to the boarding gate and settle in before takeoff. Whether you are flying alone or bringing along several people, there’s no waiting.

Business Accommodations

During your flight, you may need to hold an important meeting or work on projects that must be finished by the time you land. A private charter flight provides the space and accommodations that you need to hold an in-flight conference with your coworkers. You can also conduct a virtual meeting with Skype or another form of messaging.

You can access the on-board WiFi and set up a temporary office. Utilize the spacious tables, comfortable lounge chairs, and other fixtures provided by the charter jet.


Private charter flight staff value your privacy. They will safeguard the details of your trip and meeting. They will guarantee that information about you, your fellow passengers, or the nature of your business trip will not be discussed with unauthorized parties.

Commercial airliners cannot guarantee this level of privacy. When you need every detail of your flight kept out of the public’s knowledge, you can get this level of security by booking a private charter flight.


Most commercial airliners are clean and provide basic amenities. However, you still may feel cramped and inconvenienced even if you buy a ticket in business class. Further, many airliners today provide minimal in-flight snacks and beverages. When you want to stretch out, relax, and have a more satisfying snack on-board, you can get the space and amenities you prefer by traveling by private charter flight.

The private charter flight may provide you with snacks, beverages, or in-flight dining, depending on the length of your trip. You also will have comfortable reclining chairs in which to sit as well as ample leg room. You do not have to squeeze into your seat to accommodate others traveling with you.

Personalized Service

Private charter flight services offer amenities that are tailored to clients’ specific needs. Before you depart, you may also get to meet the charter pilot. The pilot will take you to and from your destination. You can tell the pilot of anything you might want or need during the flight to make your trip more successful.

The foundation of any successful business trip starts with the transportation that gets you to and from your destination. When you want or need accommodations that go beyond what is available through commercial airliners, you can enjoy personalized services with a Dallas charter jet.

Fly When You Are Ready

Planning any type of business or recreational trip means spending time going over flight schedules and figuring out which one would work best. With a private charter flight, you have a flexible schedule. It’s easy to reserve whatever time you need in order to get to your destination when you want.

For example, a situation arises and you need to be in front of a client first thing in the morning. The only problem is that the client happens to be several hundred miles away. It’s going to be hard to find a commercial flight that’s not already booked solid. Even if you find one, forget about getting to the destination in time to get enough sleep to look your best at that meeting.

By renting a private jet, you can leave this afternoon and get to your destination in a matter of hours. That provides time to check into a hotel, prepare for the meeting the following morning, and be ready to provide whatever help the client needs. Once the task is complete, it’s simple enough to board the jet and get home in plenty of time to have dinner with the family.

An Affordable Option

Many people think that traveling by a rented jet is too expensive. In fact, the cost has never been more affordable. Depending on where the client needs to go, this approach can compare favorably with trying to get a ticket on a commercial flight at the last minute.

Indirectly, a jet rental could save you money. If getting to your destination sooner instead of later allows you to overcome a customer issue or beat out the competition and lock in that new contract, the investment in the rental will provide benefits for years to come.

Take a moment and learn more about the options for booking a private charter flight. Look closely at the pricing and compare it to other travel options. You may find that utilizing this mode of travel for your next trip is practical and cost-effective.


Which is Better First Class or Private Jet Charter?

Private jet charters have one main thing in common with flying first class, they are both viewed as a form of luxury. Private jet charters provide a completely different experience from flying first class.

Private jet charters save you so much time. Many private jet charters leave from smaller airports. This means you won’t have to worry about getting there early because you wont have to wait in the long lines and go through the security that larger airports require. You arrive by yourself, or with your group, fasten your seat belts and then take off to your desired destination.

Even though Private jet charters cost more than a first class ticket, if you are in a group it can actually be cheaper, according to Tim Parker’s article on He further explains that when you fly by private jet charter you are renting out the entire aircraft. Therefore if you invite a group of people you will all split that one price. On the other hand, if you fly first class, each additional person will have to pay for their own first class ticket.

Click here to read the full article by Tim Parker at, and to learn more about the different between flying first class or by private jet charter.


The Advantages of Hiring a Texas Personalized Aviation Service

Time is definitely money in the business world, which is why you cannot trust your busy schedule to public transportation. When you need reliable and personalized air service to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you should consider the numerous advantages that come with hiring a Dallas private jet charter.

Timely Departures and Arrivals

Commercial airliners often experience delays or cancellations. Their departure and arrival times are dependent on factors like how quickly passengers board, how much luggage must be loaded by the ground crew, and the landing conditions at the destination airport.

A private jet charter, however, relies on your schedule when it comes to departures and arrivals. When you reserve one of these flights, you can stipulate what time you must leave and by what time you must arrive to your destination. You get off the ground faster because you do not have to wait for dozens of other passengers to board or for hundreds of pieces of luggage to be packed in the plane.


Trying to discuss business on a crowded airliner can be difficult and also put your company’s private information at risk. When you need to talk about important business matters before landing, you can hold your conference in private by choosing a private jet charter.

A private jet charter in Dallas can accommodate up to a dozen or more of your staff members while providing the close quarters that you need to hold a private discussion about business matters. You do not have to worry about others overhearing what you are talking about or putting your business’s privacy at risk.

High-Quality In-Flight Snacks and Beverages

You probably have heard all of the jokes about airliner food. However, you do not have to worry about unpalatable fare or skimped beverages when you choose a private jet charter to take you to your next business destination. This service makes available the best of Texas hospitality with its delicious snacks and dinners and generous beverages.

Clients who choose private jet charters typically enjoy gourmet fare not found on commercial airliners. You will be treated to satisfying meals so that you do not arrive to your location hungry and thirsty.


The time you spend in the air may be the only time that you have to stretch out, relax, and even take a nap. Trying to nap in a crowded commercial airliner can be impossible. You rarely have enough leg room to stretch out; your seat likewise may be hard and uncomfortable.

A private jet makes available comfortable and cozy accommodations so that you can lie back in your seat and stretch out your legs easily. You can snooze, listen to music, read the newspaper, or relax however you choose without having to deal with other passengers making noise or getting in your way.


Private jet charter companies hire the most highly trained pilots in the market. Your safety and comfort will be utmost priorities. Your pilot may even meet with you before you depart the airport to guarantee the highest level of professional and courteous air service.

Doing business today requires that you get to your destinations on time. You can get the personalized service you want by hiring a professional Dallas private jet charter for your business’s transportation.


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Flying the Maldives Right

The Maldives are a wonderful retreat that almost seems effortlessly perfect. But it can be difficult to pick the right island to visit on your trip. A solution to this quandary is to visit them all via seaplane, and bask in the glorious aerial view while doing so.

VELAA provides an island resort with luxury amenities, including island-hopping seaplane trips. Many of the destinations for these trips have wonderful spas placed over the sea in their own luxurious huts, or fitness and yoga classes with beautiful views of the tropical paradise.


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Industry & News

Air Travel Legislation

The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, has announced new legislation in hopes of improving air travel. The FAA and congress have settled on a compromise that satisfies both airline companies and passengers.

Provisions included in the reauthorization bill will demand that passengers under 13 will be booked in seats next to family members for no additional cost, baggage fees for luggage lost longer than 12 hours will be promptly refunded, and requires the TSA to deploy measures to shorten screening times and security lines.

‘‘This is an amazing win for consumers,’’ said Charles Leocha, president of Travelers United, “It is far more than consumers would have gotten with a straight extension.’’


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