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4 Main Reasons to Charter Flights for Business Travel

Business travel is essential, even during a global pandemic. That’s why it’s ideal to charter a private jet to not only stay safe, but for many other key reasons as well. Read about them below.

Do you travel for business?  It is sometimes fun to escape the monotony of the office. For many businesses, travel is a way of life. Salespeople may have to travel to see clients, managers and HR people may have to travel to remote locations to meet with employees, and execs may need to travel to potential expansion locations.

However, it can also be stressful. When travel is so important to your business, leaving it to the mercy of commercial airlines can cause huge problems. This is why it is important to plan your travel properly so things go smoothly. Thus, choosing private jet charters.

Here are four main reasons why.

1. More Relaxing

Chartering a jet is a great way to maximize your comfort while you travel. Most people consider it to be extremely relaxing. You will have a lot of space to move around and get comfortable while you are on the aircraft. This is ideal if you have a long flight or if you are flying overnight. Although first class does provide some perks for today’s travelers, it cannot offer this relaxing environment.

2. Less Stressful

When you have a chartered jet, flying is less stressful. You avoid long lines at the airport for check-in, security, boarding, and baggage. Delays for flights are also less likely. Without these inconveniences, travel is much more enjoyable. You will not feel stressed or overwhelmed. This is extremely beneficial when you are traveling for business. Added stress can affect your performance and health.

3. Support Professional Image

For many companies, chartered travel supports your professional image. If you are trying to present a specific image, then it might be better to avoid the airport. Instead, choose elite travel options that will allow you to present a professional and sophisticated image.

4. Satisfy Employees

Finally, chartered flights are a great perk for today’s employees. Many people are more apt to participate in business travel if they have luxurious travel perks. Employees love the idea of relaxing on a nice aircraft with amenities. It is a nice break before the work begins, and might be a good way to reward people for their efforts.

Also, you can get your employees to where they need to be much faster. Private jet charters travel to your destination on your schedule, which means your employees get to their destinations more quickly.

More About the Advantages

Business professionals will always need to travel, but they must also balance their schedules while still making productive use of their time. Although it is usually more expensive, chartering a private jet has many advantages over standard commercial flights. They put the control of valuable time back into the hands of these busy passengers.

Fight Destinations of Choice

Rather than being forced to adapt travel plans to existing flight schedules and destinations, charter air services offer customers a wider range of travel locations and dates.

Smaller jets can access regional airports that are closer to the client’s true destination. This makes it easier to create direct travel plans that put passengers exactly where they need to be without the hassle of layovers or connecting flights.

Passengers also have a greater deal of control over their time of departure. This allows traveling professionals to make better use of business hours without worrying about restrictive airline schedules.

Limited Ground Time

Time spent on the ground navigating the complicated maze of traffic, security and airport terminals is time wasted. For a one hour flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it can take up to three hours to arrive, check in and board an aircraft. For busy working professionals, this time is better spent focusing on critical business functions.

Charter jet services offer their passengers more convenient access to the actual flights by operating out of smaller airports. There are smaller crowds and wait times are decreased. Travelers quickly board and exit the aircraft, and checked luggage is immediately available upon arrival.


When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat a private jet charter. Instead of having to show up at the airport two hours early and wait in long lines to catch a flight that’s late about a quarter of the time, you can show up 30-45 minutes before your flight.

You won’t have to worry about how many bags you can have and whether they will show up where they are supposed to. You also can fly straight to your destination, even if it is a small, remote city, rather than having to connect through a larger airport, which can cost you valuable time.

Enhanced Services

With a charter jet flight, providers offer additional travel services tailored to the specific needs of their customers. Similar to traveling first class on a larger carrier, passengers typically enjoy more personal space.

Features often include inflight internet access, charging stations for portable electronics, and meal services. Many charter jet companies have special programs that allow family pets to come along for the ride, and hotel accommodations and rental vehicles can be prearranged as needed.


Though on its face a private jet charter is more expensive than even first class commercial air travel, you have to consider all the costs involved. The speed and convenience of private jets may mean your employee can make it where he or she needs to be and back in a day, negating the need for the expense of an overnight stay.

Also, if you have several employees going to one spot, the overall cost to charter the jet will be cheaper than buying just one seat.

Even with the higher hourly operating costs, it is still possible to afford a private business jet charter. For larger groups traveling to the same locations, fees can be shared making the use of a private charter ideal.


Chartering a plane is becoming more and more popular, and it is growing to be the future of travel. If you fly for business, this option is a great alternative to traditional air travel.

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Sustainable Tourism: Why and How It Will Grow Due to the Pandemic

The pandemic continues to teach us about the appreciation for people and life. This means learning more about the growth of sustainable tourism. Read more below.

In some ways, it seems like 2020 could be an avid traveler’s nightmare. For anyone used to booking a trip and heading out, COVID-19 sure has put a damper on things. Many of us have never spent so much time at home.

The good news is that things are slowly starting to change. Travel bans are starting to be lifted and communities are opening up to welcome tourists. This change is two-fold – it helps to stimulate the economy again and it lifts the spirits of those looking for a change of scenery.

As we emerge from our homes and fly off to faraway destinations, we will begin to notice that COVID-19 has changed things – besides requiring masks or social distancing. Instead, we are referring to the effects of a life-changing pandemic on humanity. Believe it or not, since lockdown, our world has been infiltrated with love, care, and concern for others. And, as a result, sustainable tourism will now flourish.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Many communities thrive off of tourism, but at what cost? With an increase in foot traffic, there is an increase in the consumption of resources, pollution, loss of sense of community and heritage, among other things. Sure, you can stimulate the economy with tourism, but the well-being of the area is at stake.

This is exactly where sustainable tourism comes in. This is the idea of reaping the benefits of tourism – while still respecting everything around you. For example, with sustainable tourism, you get:

  • Stimulation for the local. Allowing those in the community to fill jobs and meet demands rather than outsourcing the work.
  • A long-term focus, rather than a quit profit. Most communities fall apart when their economies take a hard hit. Bringing in a boost of tourism without any way to maintain it can cause devastation.
  • An invitation to introduce tourists to the local culture. Rather than traveling far and wide to see tourist attractions that can be easily forgotten, sustainable tourism brings the tourists into the local community. It helps immerse them in the local culture, dining, traditions, heritage, and more.
  • The conservation of local resources. Building and growth that takes place in the community are done so in a way that it does not deplete the area of resources and does not cost damage to the local environment.
  • A sense of giving back to the community by any means possible.

There is a way that we can all travel to amazing destinations without causing harm in any way. This is sustainable tourism.

Destinations Off the Beaten Path

As the pandemic still exists, there is still a need to be careful. You can visit popular destinations or those that are off the beaten path. Sometimes, choosing those that are different and not the most talked-about will help you create some of the most unforgettable moments of your life. These are places that may not see the tourism that other big cities see. As a result, your dollar has a mighty impact on the local economy – and can leave a lasting impact.

The best part is that private jets can access even the most remote destinations – even where commercial airliners cannot. You can travel safely and explore places you may have never knew existed. Doesn’t that sound amazing after being on lockdown for so long? We thought so, too. This is the change we will see when traveling due to the pandemic.

Private Jet Travel = Socially Distanced Travel

Let’s face it – just because you can travel does not mean you are ready to hop on a commercial jet and sit elbow to elbow with a bunch of potentially infected strangers, right? Right. Thankfully, private travel is an available option for you.

Private travel allows you to visit any amazing destination around the world while remaining socially distant and safe. Not to mention the amenities and luxurious comfort that comes with flying private, too.

As for its contribution to sustainable tourism? Well, every time you choose to fly on a private jet, you are stimulating the local economy. And, let’s be honest – the carbon footprint caused by traveling private vs. traveling commercial cannot even compare!

Traveling is a Privilege, Not a Right

For most of us, it is hard to think of a time in which travel bans were the way of life. If we want to hop on a plane and fly to some faraway place – there has never been anything to stop us (well, besides responsibility), right? That is until COVID-19 entered our lives.

That right we had to go anywhere in the world we wanted to travel was suddenly stripped away and we were grounded. All this time spent at home – on our street, in our community, in our state – has taught us that traveling is a privilege, not a right. With a few words, our government can shut down travel entirely.

What does this mean for sustainable tourism? Well, once we can finally start moving about like we used to, we will have a new appreciation for traveling – and everything that goes with it.

Time Heals

Local governments have had the opportunity to address things that have otherwise been placed on the back burner. Issues and concerns in the tourism industry are hard to handle when your community is flowing with strangers. But, while time has slowed down and tourism rates are currently low, it is the perfect time for making changes that can benefit the local area. Many government officials are taking this into considerations and making positive changes.

Remember, things are going to be different for a while so what better time to re-evaluate and make adjustments?


Sustainable tourism can benefit many destinations by investing in the local economy, safely handling resources, and allowing tourism to truly get to know the culture. After the isolation we faced for so long due to the pandemic, the emergence of positive travel experiences will be more appreciated and embraced than ever before. It’s the beautiful sun that appears after the dark clouds begin to disappear.

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6 Private Jet Travel Trends 2020 During the COVID-19 Crisis

Believe it or not, the pandemic placed a positive and beneficial impact on private flying. With that said, private jet travel trends 2020 is growing. Read below for the details.

Travel throughout the world has changed dramatically over the last few months thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. To get anywhere in a short amount of time requires flying – and most people are a bit fearful of commercial air travel at this time. And, for good reason. This virus is not to be taken lightly. But, does that mean you should be leery of all air travel?

Not at all. Here’s why.

Traveling via a private jet allows you to have all the perks of air travel – without all the health risks associated with the coronavirus. That’s primarily because social distancing is key. And, well, flying on a private jet means you are about as socially distanced as you can be. The result? You can get where you need to be while being safe.

Still not convinced? We’ve got just what you are looking for – 6 private jet travel trends 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Sanitizing and Hygiene is Taken Seriously – and on a Much Small Scale

When it comes to your health during a global pandemic, you need to be able to trust that all precautions are met. It is difficult to see this occur with large commercial aircraft, as the sheer volume of space and crew is too much to monitor.

Remember, just because safety measures are put in place by large corporations does not guarantee that every employee is going to do their best to follow them. There are a lot of flights that take off every day – and a lot of passengers to shuffle around. To maximize profit, commercial aircraft need to get in the air as quickly as possible. Sure, they may slow down a bit by adding an extra layer of protection – but just how well are those airplanes sanitized?

Private jets work on a smaller scale and they want their health to remain intact, too. Therefore, it is common for there to be extra cleaning and sanitizing of all areas aboard the aircraft as well as routine temperature checks. Masks are also to be worn by all parties at all times.

2. Reopening of Business = Necessary Business Travel

Consumers may still be fearful to fly, but businesses need to open to save our economy. As they do, business travel is going to be necessary for some individuals. With the great risk that comes when immersing oneself in a large group, flying commercial can make many business travelers hesitant.

But, business is business – it has to get done, right? Does this mean you have to risk your health and well-being for the economic security of your company? No, it doesn’t.

Businesses and corporations of all types and sizes have been utilizing private jet travel for years. After all, it has many benefits. Others, however, never really got into the swing of things. Instead, they would send important employees to handle important business dealings while flying commercial from point A to point B and back again. That is, until now.

Businesses understand that to reopen means having to make changes for the sake of keeping employees safe. This need has brought many new users to the private jet community.

3. Welcoming to New Private Jet Travelers

As new companies and individuals find ways to fulfill their needs while maintaining safety and social distancing, those in the private jet community are finding an increase in new travelers.

The introduction of COVID-19 into our lives has changed things up a bit. Travelers who have previously never seen a need or had a specific desire to fly via a private jet charter are now viewing it as their safest option. Think about it – air travel doesn’t have to occur, but it sure makes traveling in general a lot faster and easier.

With the option of private jet travel, you have a safe option to get where you need to be when you need to be there. And, it seems many more travelers are taking advantage of this during 2020’s global pandemic.

4. Reaching Second Homes, Colleges Safely

We discussed above that sometimes we need to travel. Maybe it is to get back home or maybe it is to get to your university. Wherever you need to go, you don’t need to put yourself at risk.

Typically, those in the private jet industry will tell you that it is often business executives or well-known individuals who opt for private jet travel. However, with the introduction of the novel coronavirus into the lives of every community in the United States, this has changed. While the regulars are still traveling, there has also been an influx of family travelers trying to get to where they need to go – and help keep life as close to normal as possible.

5. Protecting the Health of Loved Ones

Speaking of family traveling – protecting the health of loved ones is crucial during this time. And, despite the precautions taken by the commercial airline industry, many people are simply choosing to avoid it and opt for a smaller, more secluded experience.

Perhaps it could be a child with asthma or a well-seasoned grandparent. Or, maybe you have underlying conditions that you just don’t want the risk. Whatever your reason, choosing a private jet for travel needs seems to be the go-to, safer option.

6. Decreased Cost in Private Travel

It is safe to say that nearly every business in every industry has taken a hard hit due to COVID-19. And, guess who is no exception to this statement? That’s right – the private jet charter industry. When the virus invaded our lives, people panicked. Locked tightly – and safely – inside our homes, the thought of actually traveling never came up.

But, we can only stay stuck inside for so long. Eventually, we begin to crave normalcy. As a result of the lack of business, the cost of private travel plummeted. The virus made the newly affordable travel option even more affordable.


What are your travel plans for the rest of 2020? Getting the itch to get out and explore? If you want to maintain safety for yourself and your loved ones, consider joining the trend and choose private jet travel for all your traveling needs.

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Why Becoming a Corporate Pilot is Invaluable

What is a corporate pilot and why has it become a top career choice? Read about what the job entails and the little known benefits that come with it.

In life, we are faced with decisions every day. These choices we have to make can either bring good to our lives or they can leave us dealing with trivial times. No matter what decision you choose to make, however, there is no doubt that it will impact your life in some way. And, this is especially true when it comes to choosing a career path. Whether it’s for your first go-round or for a career change – making the decision to do something that proves to be invaluable can add to your life.

Of course, there are many career choices that offer some sort of value to life. But, if you want one that is going to help you soar above all the others (pun intended), then you may want to consider becoming a corporate pilot.

What a Corporate Pilot Does

Corporate pilots, as their name suggests, are those which fly for businesses, corporations, and private jet charters. For years, many assumed that those in this business were waiting to get a big break with the major airline carriers. In other words, corporate pilots were thought to be in a temporary spot until something bigger – and better – came along. However, can you guess what happened?

That’s right – times have changed and more people are seeking private travel. And, corporate pilots have come to the realization that this is exactly where all the benefits are to be found. Sure, you may not fly hundreds of people at one time, but you will have a lot more perks than those in the commercial airline industry.

How You Become a Corporate Pilot

Becoming a corporate pilot is like becoming a member of a secret club. Although, it’s really not that secret. Here’s the thing – not everyone can just walk right in and find their way into flying someone’s investment. It doesn’t really work that way. Instead, you want to network your way in the door. Know someone who knows someone, so-to-speak. Be present, get your name out there, and rub elbows with the top execs any time you can. Getting a job within your local FBO first is a great way to get yourself known.

And, then, of course, you will have to go through your training. Anyone can do the basic – so go above and beyond. In the corporate world, knowing a pilot is one thing. But, knowing a pilot who is highly skilled with greater experience than most? That’s invaluable to them.

You Will Gain a New Set of Knowledge

When you become a pilot, you gain a new set of knowledge. You will learn how to fly, yes. But, flying is so much more involved than just that. You will learn about things you didn’t even realize was that necessary. For instance, becoming a pilot requires you to develop planning skills. As a pilot, you would have to learn how to make decisions quickly and solve life or death problems. Pilots also have to understand the weather as a meteorologist would.

There is a certain way in which pilots move. They understand the need for patience, but they also understand the need for urgency. Most of all, pilots know that they must move in a calculated manner in which lives are protected at all times. And, yes, this means doing a lot of quick mathematical calculations.

As you advance through your training, you will become better and better at these new skills.

Meet – and Network – with Important People

Take a moment to consider all of the individuals you would assume travel via a private jet. Sure, celebrities and politicians. But, it doesn’t stop there, does it? You also have top corporate executives from around the world, religious leaders, musicians, and all sorts of important people that – with time – can become part of your network.

Some of these individuals may get to know you and request you, ask you to be an exclusive pilot, or introduce you to others that can take you places you never imagined. And, it all starts with the decision to become a corporate pilot.

You Can Fly Anytime

While there are rules that must be followed for all pilots and airlines set forth by organizations such as the FAA, those who are pilots for private jets have much more say in where they travel and when. For example, commercial pilots often travel from one place and back again. Over and over – and over. Most of these pilots learn the route like the back of their hand. They have to leave at a certain time, arrive at a certain time, etc.

Corporate pilots may fly frequently to one location, but there is a greater chance of variety in travel plans. In addition, there is often more flexibility in travel times. The monotony found with commercial pilots is not seen with corporate pilots.

Fly Some of the World’s Most Luxurious Jets

So, flying commercial airlines may be bigger, but that doesn’t necessarily make them better, right? Corporate pilots have a chance to fly some of the most elite jets in the world. And, some of these are so incredibly luxurious and top of the line, that they are out of this world.

This is an opportunity that doesn’t surface for commercial pilots.

Avoid the Hassle of Major Airports

Here’s where the convenience factor comes in. Maneuvering the way through major commercial airports are often a headache for so many travelers. It’s one of those things you just do because you have to if you want to get from point A to point B. Commercial pilots, though, have to show up to these busy airports every day.

Corporate pilots? They can avoid these airports and find themselves enjoying the luxuries that come from an FBO.


Like you read at the beginning of this article – you have a choice in life. Now that you know of all the benefits you will encounter if you decide that a corporate pilot is something you want to do, there is no better time than right now to turn that dream into a reality.

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The Importance of Emergency Flights During a Pandemic

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had to adapt to our new way of living. But essential travel is still very much needed in order to deliver essential supplies and more. Read below about the importance of emergency flights.

We have learned a lot in 2020 thus far, haven’t we? Just last year, we would have never imagined the world to look like it does right now. The mere idea businesses shutting down, travel coming to a screeching halt, and unemployment rates reaching record highs was just something we’d imagine seeing on a movie screen.

But, it’s real life. And, it caught nearly all of us by surprise.

When the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, started becoming more and more prevalent in our country – and around the world – guidelines, requirements, laws, and so forth were put into place to slow down the spread of the virus. Or, as we have come to refer to it, flatten the curve. These new restrictions had a huge impact on the travel industry.

Here’s the thing – shutting down the travel industry has an impact of its own. As a country, for one important reason or another, we rely on the ability to use air travel to reach one coast to the next in a matter a few hours. When we can’t, people suffer.

Let’s say COVID-19 was our warm-up round. What happens during the next pandemic we face? Would we still make the same rules? Would air travel come to a halt? If we have learned anything, it is the importance of emergency flights during a pandemic.

Dangers of Commercial Travel

Yes, enacting travel bans has an impact. For commercial flights, it makes sense. Loading an aircraft with hundreds of individuals just trying to get to their destination can cause a great increase in the number of cases. With an airborne illness, these close quarters can harbor the germs and spread them – quickly.

In short? Stepping onto a commercial flight during a global pandemic is taking a risk by putting yourself in a very dangerous situation.

But, what about private travel? This method removes the need for squeezing strangers together and allows individuals to travel without being exposed to exposing others to a potentially deadly virus, right? Private jet travel definitely fits within the CDC recommended social gatherings of 10 or less – even 5 or less!

By using private jets, emergency flights can happen. We can reap the benefits and keep exposure to the virus at a minimum.

Delivery of Supplies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, tractor-trailer drivers worked hard to do what they could to keep stores stocked with supplies and the like. But, with certain items – such as those needed urgently by hospitals – waiting for trucks to travel across the country is not necessarily possible. And it certainly isn’t convenient.

How many times has the media – and social media – relayed stories of doctors and nurses trying to treat those with the virus without having the proper equipment to do so?

Personal protection equipment, such as masks, face shields, protective clothing, goggles, and so forth are necessary to keep our healthcare workers safe. It allows them to stay healthy so that they may continue to fight the battle against coronavirus. When they don’t have these needed supplies, they are placed in a very vulnerable situation.

Allowing private jets the ability to perform emergency flights during a pandemic means that, while tractor-trailers keep grocery stores and retail chains stocked, the focus can be placed solely on getting much-needed supplies exactly where they need to be.

Functions of Essential Business

Hospitals are essential and we’ve discussed the importance of them having their equipment. But, what about all of the other businesses deemed essential? How about grocery stores, auto repair workers, private practice doctors’ offices, drug stores, and more? What are they able to do to protect themselves? How are they finding things like masks and plexiglass counter protection when nobody else can find them?

After all, one quick search online during the initial phases of the pandemic will prove to you that these supplies were nowhere to be found.

During a pandemic, it is crucial to get necessary protective items to essential businesses to keep the workers safe. Private jets can make emergency trips all over the world gathering the much-needed safety equipment so that the essential businesses can be open and ready to serve their community.

Medical Emergencies

A pandemic is going to bring medical emergencies. We saw this a lot with COVID-19. And also saw many overcrowded hospitals. We heard many news reports and governmental briefing concerns about ventilators – or the lack thereof.

Individuals coming down with the virus were finding breathing to be difficult. Going to the hospital often resulted in being placed on a ventilator in ICU as the body worked to heal itself. Unfortunately, though, without enough ventilators to go around, this became another big problem.

So, then, what do you do with ill patients in need of care and a hospital that can’t accommodate?

Emergency flights can transport individuals to an area with a hospital open and ready to handle new patients. This would reduce the chance of overcrowding and keep hospitals able to work in a healthy manner. And, of course, it would reduce the chance that someone would be left without a ventilator.

Reuniting Families

When pandemics strike, they don’t often give a warning. Nobody ever really believes that something is going to be as big or impactful as they are until it happens. Families can be all over the world when a pandemic strikes.

Consider COVID-19. When the President of the United States halted flights from Europe and specific areas to slow the spread, he also caused a travel nightmare for those citizens in foreign countries.

Private jets were able to come together quickly to get these individuals reunited with their families.

And, those with compromised immune systems who need to get home, but without the risk of a commercial airline – private jets can help.


As a country, we have learned a lot over the last few months. When we move forward with a plan for the next pandemic, halting travel doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Private jets can play a large role in fulfilling needs around the country and around the world.

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Why Getting a Private Pilot License is Beneficial Right Now

Have you ever thought about getting a private pilot license? With the COVID-19 impact, now is the time it’s most beneficial. Read below for more details.

Do you love flying as a passenger? There is something so breathtaking about flying high above the world below. Seeing the sunrise and sunset, passing through thick white clouds – flying can carry you away. In fact, flying can get you from one place to another faster than any other type of transportation available. That is definitely a bonus.

If you enjoy flying so much, have you ever given any thought to actually being the one piloting the plane? Sure, it may have been a passing thought – some folks act upon it, others don’t. You should know, though, that there are many benefits to have a pilot’s license. This is especially true right now.

Why now? Well, in the world of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, there is a lot happening that differs from our normal way of life. Changes are occurring at every angle – from the way we do our grocery shopping and school to the way we travel and interact with strangers.

Private jets can play a big part in all of this. And, if you get your private pilot license, you may just be one of the heroes.

Commercial vs. Private

First of all, you may be wondering why we are referring to a private pilot license rather than a commercial pilot license, right? You are, of course, more than welcome to get any type of pilot license you prefer. But, during the time of our current situation, a private pilot license may provide you with more benefits.

Not only is a private pilot license faster to obtain (due to few flight hours and such being required), but it also means you can get the ball rolling on helping the world around you much, much faster. Besides, private jets:

  • Allow for much less contact with others.
  • Can access smaller airports and get closer to direct communities in need.
  • May still able to fly when commercial flights are grounded, depending on the situation.

Think about it this way – to get your commercial pilot license, you have to have a private pilot license first. So, even if that is your preferred choice, getting your private pilot license now can help out in the situation the world is presently in – and you can work towards your commercial license later. How does that sound for a plan?

Ok, let’s dig a bit deeper into the benefits of obtaining this private pilot license.

Germs: To Be, Or Not To Be

Germs are something we are all running from these days. In an attempt to spare ourselves from the power of COVID-19, the CDC, medical professionals, and the government have recommended that we practice social distancing ourselves from others. Places where people tend to congregate, such as restaurants, bars, amusement parks, parks, malls, and the like have been shut down in an effort to control the spread.

Do you know what else has taken a hit? Commercial airlines.

See, everyone knows that commercial planes are a great place to spread germs. After all, you have a couple of hundred people shoulder to shoulder in an enclosed space for an extended amount of time – how wouldn’t the germs spread? When it comes to the potentially deadly coronavirus, no one wants to take that chance.

More and more people are turning to private air travel in an effort to still meet their travel needs while reducing their risk of contracting the virus. By choosing to be a private pilot, you are opening up the ability for these individuals to get from Point A to Point B without having to fly on a commercial airline.

What’s more is that by helping those who want to fly keep flying, you are also helping the economy and the airline industry. And, that’s a huge benefit in itself.

Emergency Restrictions

Now, do you remember when COVID-19 first made its way into our world? When it did, the federal government shut down all commercial air travel to and from certain countries. States tried to halt travel from certain hot spots, too – even from other states within the United States!

Emergency restrictions handed down by the government aren’t meant to be overlooked. But, for those who are flying private, you have a lot more leeway when it comes to travel to certain places.

By being a private pilot, you will be able to assist those in need to continue their travel. The idea is to keep business moving, right? Therefore, top execs and their business dealings must still go on. New recruits must still attend corporate training. And, stranded families must still get home.

If flying commercial is too risky, private pilots can pick up the slack and keep people moving. You can be a part of this.

Assist in Relief Efforts

Relief efforts are intensifying throughout the world. Transporting medical supplies, food, and patients in need of care are incredibly important.

Private jets can have a hand in all of this. They can get items where they need to be and get individuals the help they need. If you choose to be a private pilot, you can be the one helping to make this happen.

The best part is that relief efforts won’t end when COVID-19 is under control. There are earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters that occur everywhere in our world. And, the relief efforts are needed each and every time.

This means you.

The Steps Needed

Ready to get your private pilot license? According to the FAA, you must:

  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English.
  • Have a sport, student, or recreational pilot license.
  • Be at least 17 years old.
  • Have at least a third-class medical certificate.
  • Receive proper ground instruction, flight training, and logbook endorsements.
  • Pass aeronautical knowledge and practical tests.

Of course, to be sure you have everything you need, consult with the Federal Aviation Administration.


When the world around us changes, we can either fight against it or take steps to make it better. By choosing to obtain your private pilot license, you are opening yourself to a great opportunity with many benefits while also helping those in your community – and all around the world!

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How Are Private Flight Routes Determined?

There are many aspects involved to make sure your flight gets from point A to point B efficiently and safely. How do private jet flight routes affect your flight?

When you think of catching a flight, you are likely more concerned about getting to your destination than you are about how you will get there.

After all, you aren’t flying the plane, so who cares which direction you go as long as you get there, right?

That’s what the pilot is for!

But, think about it – have you ever wondered why some flights will take you past your destination, with a 180-degree turn to go back to the airport you just flew over? Or why you fly a bit north when you are traveling south. Or, maybe why you fly in the direction that seems longer, rather than just taking the shortest route?

Believe it or not, there is a lot of work that goes into determining flight routes, for a reason. So, come with us as we discover how pilots determine private flight patterns.


The Simple Answer of Flight Routes

When it comes to creating a new flight plan, the pilot (or Captain) will put together a route. This is based on the most efficient flight method. More specifically, it’s a combination of:

  • The shortest flight time
  • The best weather
  • Non-restricted airspace

Once a general flight pattern is developed, it is given to air traffic control. These individuals will review and make changes, if necessary, so they can maintain a healthy flow of traffic in the sky.


Flying from One Spot to Another

Air traffic does not fly any way it wishes. You may think that because there are no physical roads or traffic lights in the air that it is all free reign for any and every one. But, that is simply not the case.

When it comes to air travel, geo-positioning coordinates is how flight routes are created. The coordinates are five letter combinations of Latin consonants and vowels that are put together so that they can be read and memorized. These points may either be random names or resemble a large city nearby.

When creating flight routes, the path will go from one of these points to the next.

But, how do they do this without colliding?

The system designed by air traffic controllers keeps planes flying at various altitudes – called flight levels – depending on direction.

  1. For instance, those flying westbound will use even-numbered flight levels – FL300, 320, and 340 for example.
  2. On the other hand, those flights heading eastbound will travel on odd-numbered flight levels, such as FL310, 330, and 350.



The Two Most Important Factors of Flight Routes

When determining flight routes, there is a lot to consider. However, there are two factors that tend to stand out above the rest. Perhaps it is because they are rather important factors. So, what are they?

Air traffic controllers work hard to monitor the traffic in the sky. They see what is coming and going through the airspace and work to keep things running smoothly and free from collision (thanks to pre-determined airways found in controlled airspace).

Since fuel is what is necessary to get from Point A to Point B, then it is only natural that you would be concerned about the amount available and the amount used for a flight.

If fuel is so important, what factors go into choosing a flight route – even-numbered where fuel is concerned?


Other Factors: The Winds

The wind is an incredibly important trait to keep in mind when creating flight routes. Just as with anything you do outdoors, the strength of the wind is a factor.

For instance, cross country runners know that they will have better times when running with the wind rather than against it. And, NFL quarterbacks and kickers know that moving a ball against the wind will require more force to get it where you want it to go.

All of this holds true for flying, also. When traveling long distances against the wind, you will find that the travel time required will be longer than if you are traveling the same distance with the wind. In addition, traveling against the wind requires more power – and more fuel.


Other Factors: The Weight

While it may not be as big of a factor with larger or commercial aircraft, the on-board weight can indirectly impact the efficiency of a private jet. Pilots consider the following:

  • The weight of the jet itself
  • The weight of the fuel
  • The weight of the passengers (if at full capacity or not)
  • The weight of the baggage or cargo

While the heavier weight will not affect the jets flying ability, it can make it run less efficient. In other words, the amount of fuel required to fly 2,000 nautical miles may only carry the jet 1,500 nautical miles if the weight load is at full capacity.



Other Factors: The Weather

Just as the winds and the weight can impact flight routes, so can weather. Pilots (or Captains) will fly around bad weather if needed to avoid turbulence and keep the utmost safety of the aircraft, crew, and passengers in mind. The weather is closely monitored so that changes in flight patterns can occur as needed – even when the flight is currently in progress.

Creating a flight pattern – or amending a flight pattern – around the weather means that you may fly further distances in an attempt to avoid the rough weather. Or, it could mean that you can stay on target, but you will need to fly at a higher or lower flight level (altitude).


Commonly Asked Questions

How Are General Flight Patterns Created?

The simple answer is that patterns are created for the shortest flight time, the best weather, and non-restricted airspace; but it’s more complicated than that.

How Do Planes Avoid Collision In-Air?

A system created by air traffic controllers keeps planes flying on different altitudes based on geo-positioning coordinates that consist of five letter combinations of Latin consonants and vowels.

What Factors Must Be Considered During Flight Routes?

Fuel calculation and compliance of air traffic control requirements are the most important. However, the wind patterns, the weight of the aircraft and on-board weight, and the weather must also be considered.


The Bottom Line

Our roadways on the ground are intricately designed to run smoothly. And, while accidents may happen, they are rarely the result of a roadway. Why? Because they are well-thought-out plans.

The same happens for flight routes. Just because you cannot see roadways in the sky doesn’t mean they don’t exist in their own way.

Flying on them – and taking all the special points into consideration – can ensure that you have a safe flight to your destination.



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Are Guided Vacations The Best Way to Travel as a Family?

Traveling with family is so much fun, yet it can be stressful as well. How can you make sure that each family member has fun and gets to participate in activities they enjoy? Guided vacations may be the answer.

So you are looking to get away on a nice vacation with your family, but you are not interested in all the legwork that it requires. And we aren’t talking about hitting up the gym.

If you have ever planned a vacation – from start to finish – then you know just how time-consuming and mind-boggling the whole procedure can be. But, imagine doing the same thing, but involving your family.

You no longer just have to worry about keeping yourself busy, happy, and safe, but you also have to worry about your significant other and your kids. And, if your kids vary greatly in age, that can be even more challenging.


What Are Guided Vacations?

Before you spend hours of your time planning or decide to forego the wonderful summer family vacation altogether, you should know about a new, trendy travel method that could just ignite a spark in your family’s travel desires. Are you ready?

Guided vacations.

Yep. It’s true. Those two words can save the day when it comes to family travel this summer. We’re going to show you how.

But first, what are guided vacations?

This new trend of travel lets you sit back and enjoy the ride, without all the stress. It includes planned accommodations and itineraries, arranged transportation, set tours, and local knowledge of the area. This may be the perfect way for your family to travel this summer, and for good reason:


1. Keep It Safe

If you have watched any sort of news these days, safety seems to be on everyone’s mind. When it comes to traveling with your family, you want to make sure that everyone will be safe.

Unfortunately, when you travel to areas you are not familiar with, you are simply a stranger relying on reviews from websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

When it involves the whole family, you want to make sure everyone is safe and out of harm’s way. By investing in a guided vacation, you have the benefit of insider knowledge.

The local guides know the ways to stay safe and the areas to avoid. They will get you where you need to go in the safest manner. And, are there to answer any questions you may have about the area.


2. Keep Everyone Happy

There are few things worse than dragging the entire family halfway around the world for a magnificent experience and have to hear the complaints of your two grumpy teenagers.

Guided vacations are planned to keep everyone happy – even those you haven’t seen smile in a while. They have age-appropriate interests that are sure to be a blast. And, the choices available are all going to be dependent on where you travel.

The idea is to get everyone involved and finding enjoyment together while doing things you may not have otherwise selected.

When it comes to booking guided vacations with kids, you will see that the experiences are often more hands-on and include physical involvement, rather than sitting still. In fact, they are designed for families with children.


3. Save Your Money

Rather than independent travel, guided vacations are absolutely able to help save you money. Just as with many purchases, choosing several items al la carte can end up costing you more than if you invest in a package deal.

When booking your guided vacation, you may even find that you can enjoy even more experiences and still pay less than booking them individually.

Let’s say, for example, that you choose to book your experiences on your own prior to or when you arrive at your destination. Now, you may think that you are prepared with museum tickets and other event tickets.

However, when you get there, you quickly learn that there is:

  • A transportation fee
  • A gate fee,
  • Required food fees, and more

These end up costing you more than expected – and may even dip into money that you didn’t have.

With a guided vacation, you would not have to worry about extra costs – everything is included in the price.



4. Enjoy Cultural Experiences

In order to get up close and personal with a different culture, you must immerse yourself in that culture. But, this is not always easy when you don’t know anyone.

With a guided vacation, you are guided by the locals – the experts. They will teach you the way of the local culture and give you as close of an experience as possible.

Remember travel brochures can’t give you the whole picture. For example, the brochure or infographic can show you a popular local meal, but a guided vacation can allow you to smell it, taste it, and enjoy it. And, that is a big difference.


5. Reduce the Stress – Enjoy the True Definition of Vacation

As we have already discussed, planning a family vacation can be so stressful. Traveling alone or with a significant other does not always require a planned-out itinerary.

But, when you are traveling with kids, it is important to know exactly what you are doing and what will be involved. This way you can make sure your kids are prepared – and that you have it together.

So, before leaving for vacation, you must make sure you – and the kids – are packed and ready to go.

  • You must also make sure you have an appropriate itinerary that is going to allow your family to see everything the destination has to offer without going over budget.
  • Making sure the kids are happy with your choices along the way is important, too.

Forget all this stress and go with a guided vacation. Let this remind you what a true vacation is supposed to feel like. You just have to pack your bags and show up. Stress-free and full of relaxation.


6. Leave it to the Travel Experts

Let’s face it. You may be very good at what you do, but when it comes to planning things to do for a week in a place you have never been – you may as well pass the torch on to someone better equipped: a travel expert.

This person is getting paid to plan your guided vacation – so sit back and let it happen.



Are you ready to take a family vacation to kick off the end of summer and impending new school year? D

o so with some fun and great memory-making – with a guided vacation. And, you may as well get it all started by booking a private jet charter.

Guided vacation with a private jet is the best way to travel as a family this summer.


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What You Should Know About National Aviation Day

August 19th is National Aviation Day, and this day is quite important for everyone in the field of aviation, here’s why.

There are so many holidays – or designated calendar days – for various things that we can look forward to and make life a bit more fun. For instance…

  • January 15th is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
  • March 1st is World Compliment Day
  • May 3rd is No Pants Day
  • May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • July 20th is Space Exploration Day
  • September 28th is Good Neighbor Day
  • December 10th is Dewey Decimal System Day

So, if we can celebrate all of these fun things, it only makes sense that we’d have a National Aviation Day on August 19th, right? After all, there are many who have found joy in the field of aviation, whether in the cockpit, the cabin, on the ground, or in the control room.

Let’s take a moment to explore National Aviation Day and discover what it is all about.


What Is National Aviation Day – and Where Did It Come From?

National Aviation Day is a time of celebrating everything aviation. And, you better believe there is a lot that goes into every aspect of aviation.

You’ve got the technology and manufacturing areas of aviation. There is the maintenance crew, the ticketing and scheduling crew, the back office team, and, of course, the pilots and flight crew members.

Every single one of these individuals plays a part in aviation as it is known today. We must not, however, forget where it came from.

There were two brothers, the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who are seen as the founding fathers of aviation, so-to-speak. The Wright brothers are known for engineering the first airplane and taking the first successful powered flight.

National Aviation Day was set on August 19th by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. It has remained in effect since.


The Facts

The aviation industry sure has grown since its inception, hasn’t it? We’ve got some fun facts about it that are worth knowing. Some may even astonish you!

  • Aviophobia is the fear of flying. It is rumored that one in three people suffer from this to some degree.
  • The FAA handles over 44,000 flights daily.
  • The United States has over 5.3 million square miles of air space to monitor.
  • Pilots and co-pilots are not allowed to eat the same meals before – or during – flight. This is a safety measure to avoid instances of food poisoning.
  • Switching from paper flight manuals to iPads (or other tablets) has allowed fuel costs to greatly decline.
  • Flying can dry you out, causing you to lose around two cups of water for every hour in the sky.
  • There are 5,092 public airports and 14,530 private airports in the U.S.
  • American Airlines chose to remove one olive from each salad served in first class in 1987. They saved $40,000.
  • Cabin pressure while in flight affects your taste buds. In fact, it weakens them.
  • In aviation, English is the de facto language.
  • Nearly 11 million jobs in the U.S. fall under the wing of the aviation industry.


Why Does National Aviation Day Matter?

With the first flight that the Wright brothers successfully completed, interest was sparked across the country. Aviation was soon to be an incredibly popular field. Perhaps that is why there have been so many changes and growth within the industry.

National Aviation Day matters because there is always room for improvement. As new technology emerges, there are safer aircraft, fast aircraft, more fuel-efficient aircraft, and so forth.

The art of flying has been perfected, but it is surely still evolving.

This national day of recognition is a reminder to everyone that the aviation field is much alive. It’s a time to remember how it started – and see how far we have come. And, it is a time to learn about all the advancements taking place and the things we can look forward to.


How You Can Celebrate It

There are so many ways in which you can celebrate National Aviation Day. You may think that you would have to know someone or be closely involved to actually participate in any events. But, the truth is, this day is for everyone. It is for those who are involved in the industry and for those either with an interest in it – or seeking to learn more.

August 19th brings with it many events and ways to celebrate the aviation industry. Here are a few examples:

  • Take a flying lesson. National Aviation Day seems like the perfect day to learn to pilot, don’t you think?
  • If you already have your pilot’s license, why not celebrate from the sky? Go flying.
  • Visit your local aviation museum. These are spread out throughout the United States. And, most – if not all – will host special activities on this day.
  • Build a model airplane. This is a great family activity, too.
  • Take a trip to NASA. This may be more or less feasible, depending on where you are located. But, it is a good idea to remember that NASA is a huge part of the aviation industry – and much of their technology is used in aircraft.
  • Spend a couple of hours at or around your local airport. Watch planes take off and land. Pack a picnic and take the family.
  • Plan a trip to a local air show and watch the performers during their daring flight routines.


How Will You Celebrate this August 19th?  

Well, now that you know all about National Aviation Day, how will you spend it?

Here’s our last idea: How about a flight to someplace you’ve always wanted to go? Or maybe just a short flight over a long weekend?

It’s as simple as booking a private jet charter and hopping on board. Then, take the time to discuss with your friends and loved ones what aviation means to you.

How would your life be impacted without it? What would you like to see when it comes to the future of aviation?

The aviation industry continues to make strides by those who show an interest. With the introduction of STEM programs in schools, more and more people across the country are able to grasp a new love for this industry.

Embrace it and celebrate it!


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6 Things That Will Shape Experiential Travel This Year

Travel goes through trends, year after year – so far this year, it is experiential travel. Yet it is changing. These 6 things are currently shaping this latest travel trend.

Years ago, families would trek across the country in their station wagon. Then, it became popular to travel abroad to popular tourist destinations.

More recently, travelers have been seeking to avoid the tourist areas and get to the heart of beautiful destinations all around the world.

Experiential travel; traveling like a local and spending money on experiences, rather than fancy tourist traps, has continued to grow and shape travel as we know it.


Is Experiential Travel the Latest Trend?

As we move into 2019, there are a few things that will continue to move our travel vibes in the direction of experiences.

This type of travel focuses on an authentic trip based on cultural exploration, culinary indulgences, and action-based activities.

We’ve got the 6 latest trends that will shape experiential travel – and what you will find waiting for you wherever you choose to go.


1. Food, Glorious Food!

Thanks to blogging social media – especially Instagram – people love sharing pictures of food and writing about food.

They love to discover new eats all around the world. And, well, they love to take pictures of these meals, which entices their followers everywhere.

Where will your next great meal be from?

There is no shortage of places to visit and meals to try with popular hashtags, such as:

  • #EatingfortheInsta
  • #OnMyTable
  • #Instagood
  • #foodeats
  • #goodeats
  • and coined terms such as foodie and food porn

People everywhere are gobbling up their next great meal – and they want it to be your next meal.

In fact, people are traveling all around the globe to get the best picture of the best food has become almost normal.

But pictures are not all that food does for the travel experience. To get most of these anticipated meals, travelers must get to the local level of their destinations.

They must visit the places the locals eat and get the best of the best of local cuisine.

This part of experiential travel is becoming more and more sought after as travelers give up the tourist destinations and safe chain restaurants and, instead, delight their senses with the local culture.


2. Fun off the Big Screen

We watch a lot of movie and television. We get to see places all around the world through a screen.

For some, seeing it on the screen is not enough.

Perhaps that is why there is an emerging trend of taking what we see in pop culture and turning it into our own travel experience.

  • For example, movies about girls or guys getting together to have a trip with friends can easily spur excitement in friends everywhere. It has them screaming, we need that!
  • Or, movies that are filmed in remote locations or faraway lands that emphasize the scenery can entice others to come to experience it firsthand.

Standing where our favorite stars have stood or re-creating for ourselves the experiences they had can lead to fun and unforgettable experiences.



3. See Through the Lens of Virtual Reality – and Other Fantastic Technology

Vacations can be very expensive. Before you spend the money, how do you know you are even going to enjoy the place? How do you know what it truly looks like?

A growing trend that will only increase in 2019 uses the technology of Virtual Reality or VR.

With VR, you can see your destination with your own eyes – as if you are there – without even leaving your hometown.

For those who are nervous about traveling to the destination, novice travelers, or those who just want more information before they book their trip, seeing it through the VR lens provides a sense of comfort.

But VR is not the only technology to assist travelers these days.

Smartphones allow travelers – especially those traveling abroad – instant access to what they need:

  • Reviews of hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Attractions
  • Language translations
  • Insider details of the destination
  • Exchange rates

Not to mention the ability to book travel or itinerary changes, as well as book experiences.

Technology makes traveling to unknown places doable – with less apprehension.

That means you get to experience more now than ever!


4. Experience Life as a Local – with a Little Help

Have you ever traveled anywhere, and you were not sure where to find a good meal or what neighborhoods to avoid?

With one of the latest trends in travel, you don’t have to worry – you can have a local guide.

If you truly want to get to know your destination during your experiential travel, you have to experience it as a local.

Discover where they eat, where they hang out, and what is worth visiting – and what is a waste of money.

With a local insider, you are privy to all of this and more.

This is what truly experiencing your destination is all about.


5. Is It Business or Pleasure? Both!

We’ve seen a trend of adding on some leisure time while traveling for business for quite a while now. And, this trend doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon.

After all, what fun is it to travel to different places around the country – or the world – if you can’t actually enjoy them?

Extending a business trip to include some leisure time is exactly what you should be doing.

New destinations are just waiting for you to explore them off the clock. And, since your travel arrangements are already taken care of, there is no excuse.

Dip out of the boardroom and into the local culture.

Discover new places everywhere you go.



6. Traveling via Private Jet

Travel doesn’t just involve your arrival at a destination – it also includes getting there. And, recently, traveling via a private jet charter seems to be the way to go.

This is a great way to indulge in an experience that will kick off your travels the right way.

With private jet travel more affordable than ever, you can enjoy:

  • More flexibility
  • A wider range of travel destinations
  • More comfort and privacy on board



Travel is never going to go out of style. And paying for experiences is something that can never be replaced by physical things.

Combine the two and discover how so many are enjoying the benefits of experiential travel time and time again.