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What Air Travel and Life After COVID 19 Will Look Like

Air travel and life after COVID 19 will be drastically different from pre-COVID times. Private air travel seems to be here for good. Learn more.

The big question looming over all of our heads – What will life after COVID 19 look like? When the coronavirus pandemic struck, our lives came to a screeching halt. There was little that remained the same. Many businesses, restaurants, movie theaters, and more were shut down. Schools and universities were shut down. People were asked to stay home unless they were going for necessities – which meant searching for toilet paper. We had to wear masks. Embracing friends and family suddenly seemed uncomfortable. Graduations were canceled, funerals postponed, and hospitals were working harder than ever. Air travel nearly halted.

Fast forward a year and we are finally starting to see the light. While we still need to take precautions, the world is slowly starting to open thanks to all the vaccines being distributed.

But, what about air travel? Will we ever feel comfortable sitting knee to knee with a stranger again? Will private jet charters become the new norm? Come on – let’s take a look at what air travel and life after COVID 19 may look like.

How Private Charters Have Stepped Up

When the coronavirus first appeared, there was a time when airlines were grounded. And while that is not the case now, there are still countries with restrictions, including closed, partially closed, and those who allow people to enter but require a mandatory quarantine upon entering. Then, the idea of traveling in a large commercial jet with hundreds of strangers or maneuvering through a busy airport seemed – and still seems – too risky.

Many travelers stopped traveling. That is until they discovered private charters.

During all of this, private jet charters stepped up and took over the air travel world. People who have never flown before were finding peace with private air travel. They could get to their destination without fear and with reduced risk.

Private jet charters increased their level of cleaning and sanitizing before each flight. They implemented these strict protocols right away to ensure that every passenger felt comfortable when boarding the flight. Jets with flight crews reduced their number of attendants to reduce the contact between everyone on board.

A new love for traveling was born with first-timers and a new level of respect was developed by seasoned private jet travelers. Will private jet chartering become the future of air travel and life after COVID 19? Let’s find out.

Rebound Timeframe for Commercial Travel

There have been many predictions on commercial air travel and when it will rebound to pre-COVID demand. And, well, nearly all think that won’t happen for quite a while. Many airlines have suspended a large chunk of their flights and many staff members have been furloughed. This has helped them lower their cost in hopes of staying afloat until this rebound happens. International travel has taken the biggest hit due to all the border closures and restrictions.

So, when will life after COVID 19 get back to normal? That’s the million-dollar question. The financial hit that commercial airlines have taken will make it difficult to rebuild to its pre-COVID level right away. Some experts are saying normal commercial air travel as we knew it could take 3 or 4 years to return.

Truth is, we just don’t know. With the vaccine rollout, many people have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. Many more have not. Talks of requiring proof of vaccination to board certain flights would rely heavily on everyone having the opportunity to get the vaccine. One day they will, but when?

There are many factors at play when it comes to determining the rebound timeframe for commercial air travel and getting back to a normal life after COVID 19.

A Look at Post-COVID Travel

There are lots of people trying to put together a vision for what post-COVID commercial travel will look like. From architectural standpoints to logistics to medical necessity, there will likely be changes that stick with us.

Below are a few of the things being talked about regarding air travel and life after COVID 19:

  • Adding outdoor green spaces in airports to catch some fresh air while traveling.
  • Spacious, pod-like waiting areas that are socially distanced, rather than everyone crowding at the gate to board.
  • Permanent markers to check remind travelers to remain distant.
  • In addition to the security checkpoint, offering a medical checkpoint to check temperatures and go through a checklist of symptoms. Maybe even offer/require rapid COVID tests.
  • Plexiglass between seats on the commercial aircraft.

There are a lot of really good ideas out there, but how practical or user-friendly are they? We will have to wait and see what travel and life looks like after COVID 19. One should keep in mind, though, that with all the extra precautions, it is probably safe to say that the cost of commercial plane tickets may no longer be as affordable.

Life After COVID 19: Newly Discovered Private Travel

We may not know exactly when things are going to happen, but it is safe to say that one day, commercial air travel will be back to normal and available to take passengers anywhere they want to go. Here’s the thing, though – how many people will want to travel on commercial jets? After everything we’ve been through and everything we’ve learned about the spread of germs and potentially fatal viruses, there is a good chance many people are going to be left scarred.

Those who have discovered private travel during these times have opened a whole new world of adventure for their life after COVID 19. They chose a private jet charter out of safety and concern. And it has allowed them to travel all around the world without fear. Of course, they also realized that they get to access some pretty amazing perks, such as:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Luxurious and personalized accommodations
  • No waiting in long security lines to board
  • Comfortable FBOs to relax in before your flight
  • Access to smaller, out of the way airports that can’t accommodate commercial jets so you can land closer to your destination
  • Clean, sanitized space
  • Ability to move around freely while onboard
  • Never have a layover again

Final Thoughts

Private jet charters have been used by many business executives, celebrities, government officials, and others for many, many years. Now, with charters becoming more affordable – and with the introduction of the deadly coronavirus into our lives, new travelers have discovered all these perks.

The result?

It doesn’t matter when commercial air travel makes its way back to pre-COVID levels or what it looks like, private jet charters will remain a go-to choice for many new and experienced travelers. The mindset of every person affected by the virus has changed and commercial air travel just doesn’t offer the best, safest solution to travel needs.

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