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Looking For Last Minute Travel Ideas? Try Flying Private.

Last Minute Travel Ideas | The Early Airway

Traveling brings fun times. You get to visit fresh places, gain new experiences, and make memories that can last a lifetime. And, while some people will plan their vacation for months – or even years – in advance, others are more spontaneous, opting to travel at the last minute. But, is it more difficult to find last minute travel ideas?

There is no right or wrong way to travel – as long as you do it. After all, there is a ton of research to prove to you that taking a vacation can benefit your mind and body in more ways than you can count.

But, let’s be honest – there are some additional perks you get from last minute travel.

First, it keeps you a bit spunky since you never know where you are going or what you will encounter. It can also help you score some great deals on accommodations.

Of course, it can also lead to some mishaps that can later become a chance for laughter.

No matter where you choose to go, these last minute travel ideas can leave you shaking your head at the commercial airlines.

When choosing to fly last minute, you may find yourself looking at a much larger-than-expected travel fare. And, that is even assuming there is a seat available for you.

So, what can you do to reap the excitement of a last-minute trip and get there at a reasonable cost? Book a private jet charter.



Flying a private jet can get you to many destinations more easily

When you arrive at the airport or you look for a ticket online, you’ve got a lot of options.

Unfortunately, when you are late to the game, you may find that your options are not very, well, convenient.

For instance, if you want to fly south, why would you want to spend nine hours of your life (including a layover) flying in the opposite direction just to catch a connecting flight that will take you to your destination bypassing where you started from? It makes no sense.

Choosing to charter a private jet, however, can help you avoid all the commercial airliner scheduling nonsense.

Get to where you are going to in the most efficient way. Plus, private jets have the ability to land in many smaller, municipal or executive airports.

This can get you closer to your destination.



Flying a private jet can give you the bonus luxury to your getaway

Once you decide on your last minute travel ideas, you are ready to get it started as soon as possible.

Well, you can do that if you choose to fly private.

This means that you can sit back and relax while on board – and enjoy all the luxurious amenities private air travel brings.

Don’t worry about being stuck in the middle seat or being surrounded by a Scrooge and a crying baby.

Instead, enjoy your surroundings and spending time doing the things you want to do – comfortably – in a private jet.

If you think about it, it is like starting your vacation as soon as your feet leave the ground.

No need to even wait until you arrive at your destination.



Flying a private jet can help you find time to plan for your destination

While on board your private jet, you will have the perfect opportunity to plan for your destination.

Normally, planning a vacation in advance gives you time to check out the location and make a list of the things to do (and the places to stay away from).

Learn about the destination before you arrive so you can make the most of your time while you are there.

If you are able to, you can even purchase attraction or event tickets in advance, so you can save time and money.



Flying a private jet can accommodate your whole crew

Sometimes your last minute travel ideas may only include yourself, but it is likely that your family is going to travel, too.

Finding comfortable travel accommodations for your whole family may prove to be very challenging – and incredibly expensive.

Good news is that you don’t have to worry about any of that if you choose to fly a private jet charter.

Instead, you will find the jet that works best for your family – based on size, number of travelers, amenities preferred, distance to destination, and so forth.

Then, you and your crew can hop on board and enjoy the flight.



Last minute travel ideas can become reality with a private jet

Utilizing these last minute travel ideas for more than one can lead to chaos and stress.

Not only do you have to worry about purchasing reasonable airline tickets and packing for multiple people (especially kids), but you also have to ensure that everyone is ready and out the door in time to get to the airport.

Then, you’ve got to fight crowds and lines to get through security and to your gate.

Because of the late (and expensive) ticket purchase, you may have to sit apart from each other on your flights.

Who in the world wants to start a vacation in that manner? That doesn’t at all sound relaxing.


Benefits of a private jet

Instead, make a simple call to book a chartered private jet to your destination of choice.

It’s a simple transaction that will leave you plenty of time to pack, get the kids and family members ready to walk out the door.

Then, drive leisurely to the airport.

After all, when you are flying private, your flight will not take off without you.

And, since you go through a different entrance, you will avoid the crowds – and the long TSA security lines.

Grab your seat on the private jet and exhale.

Now that sounds like the perfect way to start a trip.

It is important to take a vacation – whether you plan in advance or prefer these last minute travel ideas.

Life is too short to not enjoy the travels and the destination.

So, book yourself a private jet charter, grab your family and a suitcase, and head off to discover a place you have never been before.

Easy. Simple. And, perfect.

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Hidden Travel Destinations: The New Travel Trend to Know

Travel trends are always evolving – which is likely due to the way the individuals in our society are changing. As trends continue to change the newest travel trend has emerged: hidden travel destinations.

Vacations used to be viewed as a chance to get away from normal day-to-day monotony and be pampered while relaxing.

Now, however, vacations are becoming more and more about the experience and the adventure, rather than the relaxation and same, over-crowded touristy destinations.

It used to be that many travelers weren’t looking to do anything. Instead, they would flock to the most popular, tourist-packed destinations, and become just that – a tourist.

Now, with adventure tourism and last chance tourism on the rise, we also see the introduction of hidden travel destinations.

It is exuberating to see and try something new, isn’t it? For some, this could mean heading out on a solo vacation.

For others, it could mean taking a wellness vacation to feel rejuvenated in every sense of the word without ever even leaving a distant retreat.

And, for another group of travelers, the newest trend is emerging: getting off the beaten path and traveling to unchartered travel destinations.

Are you ready to take hold of this trend and find your own hidden travel destinations to explore?



About the Newest Trend

How many times can you visit the same location over and over again? Places such as amusement parks, popular coastal areas, and ski resorts can bring great fun and great memories.

But, don’t you want more out of your vacation that just walking amongst thousands of other tourists doing the same exact thing?

Waiting in long lines and fighting crowds is exhausting. How is that even considered a vacation?

Many people are starting to feel this way and that is, perhaps, why this trend has emerged.

It is time to explore new hidden travel destinations before they are discovered by others and become yet another beaten path.

Learn about new places, discover unknown territory, and be able to tell your friends and co-workers about an experience they have never had – that is the idea.

Thanks to the world of social media, we have had the opportunity to discover many new ideas, new adventures, and new travel destinations.

We see pictures and videos of places we have never heard of – and their beauty travels fast.

We’ve now heard of places that we didn’t know existed. Why not explore them?


Flame Towers, The Republic of Azerbaijan


The 3 Best Hidden Travel Destinations

1. The Republic of Azerbaijan

This destination, located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, has a lot of unchartered, and breathtaking, beauty to be discovered.

In one direction, you will find the Caspian Sea. In the other? The Caucasus Mountains.

If you are looking for an outdoor escape, this is it.

Go hiking and mountain biking – just be sure to bring your camera!


2. Ethiopia

While it has had a rough history with its internal struggles, Ethiopia is finally stepping into the tourist game, albeit slowly.

That makes it the perfect time to visit.

You will find yourself in an area that appears desolate but has so much to offer.

Visit the Gheralta Escarpment (and even stay here). Discover lava lakes. See the Blue Nile and Lake Tana. And, lose count of how many churches, stones, and cathedrals you come across here.

Ethiopia won’t be undiscovered for long – they are preparing to be a top tourist destination one day soon.

So, don’t miss this opportunity.


3. Paraguay

Considering travel to South America?

Paraguay is located between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil – and is land-locked.

With most tourists seeking the coast, Paraguay is often overlooked. Yet, this land is wide-open and waiting to be explored.

There is nothing keeping you still. So, check out the waterfalls, the environment, and dig into the local culture.


Semien Mountains, Lalibela, Ethiopia


A Private Jet to Get There

Because you have decided to try someplace new for your vacationing adventures, you may find getting there to be a bit like putting together a difficult puzzle.

After all, most commercial forms of transportation spend their time and money focused on areas that have the heaviest traffic in order to keep their profits up.

If you choose to visit a location that isn’t well-known, you could discover that commercial airliners do not travel often to the destination or at a reasonable price.

Besides, what remote area has a major airport? The two do not go hand-in-hand.

For this very reason, you will want to kick off your vacation by setting foot on a private jet charter.

Not only is this an exciting way to begin your travels – by flying comfortably and safely in your private jet, but it is also the perfect way to get as close to your destination as possible.

Believe it or not, private jets can reach many far-away destinations.

And, they are likely the only ones able to get close to where you want to be.

So, be sure to book your private charter when you book your accommodations.



All the Benefits of Hidden Travel Destinations

Although some may be fairly obvious, there are many benefits to spending your vacation in the remote, unchartered territories of these hidden travel destinations.

  • You get to discover a land that hasn’t been transformed to meet tourist demands. Its kept in its natural and beautiful state.
  • You don’t have to fight crowds of people.
  • As you discover the new land, you may also find a bit of self-discovery along the way, too.
  • Because these areas don’t often get tourists, you will find that they may be more financially accessible.



What You Should Know About Remote Destinations

Before traveling anywhere – especially to a remote destination – you will want to do some research.

Learn about the area and any safety concerns that may be present.

In addition, be sure to check with your doctor that you have all your shots and are medically protected.

And, of course, be sure to learn of U.S. Embassy information and the travel documents necessary to arrive and leave the country.




Traveling on your next vacation doesn’t have to be the same old vacation you take every year.

You are seeking a break from monotony, so why would you want to make your vacation monotonous?

Give your senses something to squeal over with new experiences and adventures in hidden travel destinations.

This trend doesn’t show signs of stopping which means those quiet places may soon be bustling – so check them out before it is too late!


The Best Places to Travel in August To Stay Cool

They say that July is the most popular month for summer vacations, but that doesn’t mean that all travel ceases come August 1st. There are actually many places that thrive on August tourism. Luckily, we know the best places to travel in August for good weather.

Many individuals and families can still be found traveling throughout the United States, as well as internationally, throughout the month of August.

But, let’s face it – August is hot.

Not to mention that it is also monsoon season in Asia, hurricane season in the Caribbean, desert conditions in Africa, and fire season in the western half of the U.S.

So, then, where do you go if you are looking to get in that last-minute vacation in August?

Where will you find the best weather?



The Best Places to Travel in August for the Best Weather

Thankfully, there are many amazing places to visit in August that provide beautiful weather that the whole family will enjoy.

Our list of the best places to travel in August includes:

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Athens, Greece
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Anchorage, Alaska

These are the best places to travel in August to keep you cool, and give you the opportunity to relax before summer is officially over.



Dublin, Ireland.

Temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s – on average – in August.

Can you imagine?

If you are ready to dip into fall early, head to Ireland. Besides, there is a lot to do here and many places to explore.

While in Dublin, there are a few things that you will not want to miss.

And, though many do involve adult beverages, not everything does.

  • Visit the Guinness Storehouse Factory or the Old Jameson Distillery.
  • Explore the beauty of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.
  • Wander the Wicklow Mountains and get lost among the greenery and wildflowers.
  • Go shopping, dine on some real Irish comfort food, and spend time at the Dublin Zoo.

It’s no wonder Dublin takes this spot on the best places to travel in August!



Bali, Indonesia.

Looking for a more glamorously tropical destination? Bali may just be it.

And, with mild temps in the 80’s, it is perfect to enjoy the outdoors.

Bali is breathtakingly beautiful. It is one of those destinations that many people only dream about going to.

However, in August, it is the perfect time because most travelers aren’t considering an ocean destination in the summer.

In fact, they long for it winter.

Not only does it make it a great time to visit Bali, but the weather is perfect, too.

While here you can enjoy an array of water sports and activities, as well as excursions throughout the area.

Shop, dine, listen to the waves – you are sure to be rejuvenated.



Athens, Greece.

The beautiful blue sea, the white stone buildings can take your breath away. And, it won’t be because of the weather.

August in Greece see the start to a cool-off from its hottest month, July.

In fact, the temperature averages from the low 70’s to the low 80’s. And, the rain chance is fairly slim, too.

If you are interested in Ancient Greek architecture, then you will love this area.

Check out the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, Herod Atticus Odeon, Ancient Agora, and many others.

In addition, there are also museums that you will not want to miss, such as the Benaki Museum and the National Archeological Museum.



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Brazil, located in the Southern Hemisphere, becomes very dry (non-humid) with mild temperatures in August.

That makes it one of the best places to travel in August, and a perfect destination to add to your itinerary.

Rio is a very happening destination spot. You will surely find something for everyone in your party to do here.

  • Take a trip to the infamous Copacabana Beach.
  • See the city skyline with a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain.
  • Spend time in downtown Rio de Janeiro. You will find many shops, cafés, and winding streets that will feel like a maze.
  • Visit the Museum of Tomorrow.
  • Enjoy the architecture and detail of all the churches and cathedrals located here.
  • Indulge in Brazilian barbecue food.



Ottawa, Canada.

The weather is just right in Ottawa during this time, making it one of the best places to travel in August.

In fact, you will enjoy some very mild temperatures in the mid 70’s.

Not sure what you’d do in Ottawa? Don’t fret.

There is much to see and do here. And, with the right temperature, you will be sure to enjoy the whole experience.

  • It may be used for skating in the winter, but by visiting in August, you will get to canoe along the UNESCO Rideau Canal.
  • Have an adventure on the Ottawa River and go white water rafting or bungee jumping.
  • Visit the National Gallery of Canada Museum, the Canadian War Museum, or the Canada Air and Space Museum. Gather a learning experience while vacationing.
  • Wine, dine, and shop in the ByWard Market This is a great opportunity to mix with the locals in a social setting.



Anchorage, Alaska.

Daytime temperatures in Alaska average somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in August – during the day.

Of course, at night it will likely dip into the 40’s or 50’s. However, it is still the best time of year to take in this awesome city.

Ready to visit? Anchorage is full of wildlife and preserved areas. To make the most of your time here, you will definitely want to check out some of the parks.

These include Earthquake Park, Chugach National Forest, Eagle River Nature Center, Kinkaid Park, and Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Make it more fun by trying to spot things such as a moose, a bear, a glacier, or even just an Alaska Native.

If you are more adventurous, you may want to bike the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Otherwise, just do some gold panning, go whale watching, or take a ride on a local fishing boat.

The best part about visit Anchorage in August? They have the longest days during the summer months which means you have a chance of seeing the sun still shining at midnight.

Of course, to see the magnificent northern lights, you are going to have to stay up a bit later than that. But, it’s sure to be worth the lack of sleep.




These are the best places to travel in August to end your summer on a sweet note.

It does not matter what you are looking for in your destination – you will find it.

Start your vacation from the moment you leave the airport.

Choose to fly a private jet charter for a bit of luxury in the sky before you get to your destination.

Talk about a great way to start – and end – a beautiful end-of-summer vacation.

Safe travels!

Travel Tips

How to Plan and Prepare for Summer Travels

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore the world. Time off from school combined with the beautiful warm sunshine, you’ve got yourself the winning combination for perfect summer travels.

All you need to do is decide where your travels will take you.

And, then, of course, you need to get prepared.

There is a lot of packing and planning that goes into a successful vacation.

We’ve got you covered this summer. Here is the ultimate guide to preparing for your summer travels.


5 Steps to Prepare for Summer Travels

Vacations are the best time to unwind, relax, and take a break from everyday life.

However, planning a vacation itself can become stressful and tiring.

Luckily, there are only five key steps when planning and preparing for your summer travels:

  1. Book your accommodations based on your personal preference
  2. Research the destination itself: weather, packing necessities, etc.
  3. Do a safety check
  4. Call both your cell phone carrier and your banks
  5. Prepare your home for your absence

These five steps will help you to successfully prepare for your summer travels so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.


1. Book your travel accommodations

Once you know where you are going, you will need to book your travel accommodations. Many people search for the algorithm that will provide them with the best price.

However, booking well in advance can generally ensure you are getting a good deal.

You have a choice as to how you would like to travel, whether it be by land, air, or sea. This will,of course, be determined by your destination.

Keep in mind that if you want to make the most of your vacation time at your destination, you will want to travel to and from rather quickly.

Perhaps your best choice for travel would be via a chartered private jet. These small places can get you from point A to point B rather quickly. And, they do not require rigid travel guidelines or forced TSA checkpoints.

In addition, depending on where you are traveling, these private jets can get closer to many destinations by making use of smaller, business/executive airports.

Getting there is only half the battle. Once you get there, you are going to need a place to stay.

Do your research. Read reviews, talk to well-traveled friends and family, and discover the best place for your needs.

Then, book your summer travels.



2. Plan for your destination

Where are you going? What will the weather be like? Do you need to take anything special?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

Every destination is different, so take the time to do some diligent research before you travel.

  • Learn what you should and should not bring to the destination.
  • Discover what is easier to purchase once you arrive, rather than carry with you.
  • Make an itinerary and include the things you’d like to do each day. Then, pack your clothing accordingly. This includes your shoes and accessories.

Write everything down.

Lists may seem time-consuming and wasteful but consider them to be a great safety net should you start to forget something.



3. Do a safety check

A safety check is important to do before any summer travels.

Understand the safety risks and be prepared for them.

Discover what areas to avoid, what areas are safe and any local tourist warnings, if given.

The more knowledge you have, the safer you will be on your trip.

Consider these tips:

  • Make a copy of your itinerary and other travel information and leave it with a trusted friend or relative. (Especially when traveling abroad).
  • Don’t carry all your money and credit cards in one place. If, for instance, you lose your wallet, you will still have backup funds.
  • Don’t always trust your GPS. Always have a backup map (the old paper kind) and always let someone know where you will be going.
  • Be sure to have a cell phone charger with you at all times – and a backup battery, if possible.

If you are traveling abroad:

  • Know the ins and outs of where you are going. So many acceptable things we do in the United States can be taken as repulsive abroad. The last thing you want to have to worry about when traveling is offending the locals or finding yourself in a bit of a situation with the local authorities.
  • Check with the CDC and WHO to see if you need any vaccines prior to traveling or if there are any health risks for the region.

These are basic steps that you should take while traveling to stay safe.



4. Call your cell carrier and banks

Have you ever tried to use your Visa card while traveling away from home?

If you have, you may have found yourself red-faced in the checkout line, as your card is declined.

Oftentimes, as a means of protection for their customer, banks and credit card companies will place a hold on the card used outside of the home area until they can verify the legitimate transaction.

Be proactive and call the banks of the card or cards you intend to use prior to traveling.

Let them know the dates you will be traveling and where you will be.

That way, when you go to use your card, you will not have to worry about an embarrassing declined transaction.

If you will be traveling abroad, you may also want to make a call to your cell phone company.

This will ensure you are on the best plan for usage away. Coming home to an expensive phone bill after a vacation is never desired.

In a nutshell? Be proactive and save yourself time, money, and embarrassment on your summer travels.



5. Prepare your home

Traveling is exciting.

And sometimes, we are so focused on the vacation that we forget the important steps to take in our home before we leave.

When preparing to leave, be sure to do the following at home:

  • Take out your trash.
  • Do not post on social media about your travel plans.
  • Unplug unnecessary electrical equipment.
  • Suspend your mail and newspaper delivery.
  • Move your hidden spare key, if you have one.
  • Leave a light on inside.

Consider asking a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your place while you are gone.


Summer traveling can be fun for the whole family, leading to bonding, new experiences, and great memories.

But, it will all go a bit smoother if you are prepared for it in advance.

Book your travel accommodations then start prepping for your trip.

Then, rest easy and enjoy your vacation knowing that you and your home will be safe while away.

Happy summer travels!

Industry & News

8 Common Myths About Private Jet Rentals: Debunked

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of private jet rentals?

If you are like many others, you likely think of fortune, fame, the elite class – and a diamond dollar sign.

In years gone by, that would be about right. Musicians, movie stars, the CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies – those were the individuals who flew in private jets.

Not anymore.

The truth about private jet rentals has been hidden for way too long.

And – before you can talk negatively about their cost, safety, security, hassle, and so forth – check out these myths.

We are putting these misconceptions away, once and for all.



Myth #1: You have to be wealthy to afford to fly in a private jet.

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest myths when it comes to private jets.

There has always been an elite status associated with those who travel in this manner.

Whether it refers to celebrities or top business executives, the idea that you have to be wealthy to afford them means that regular, everyday people wouldn’t even consider trying.

Today, you’d be surprised at just how affordable private jet rentals are – so you don’t have to be famous to fly one. With affordable charters, just about anyone can travel in style.



Myth #2: Small planes don’t travel as fast as commercial airliners.

Think that size doesn’t matter? The engines may be smaller in private jets, but it doesn’t take as much energy to power them as it does large, commercial airliners.

Many fly at speeds just as fast – or faster – than commercial airliners.

Have you ever been seated in a window seat on board a commercial flight and watched something small in the distance fly right by you? Perhaps you thought it was a bird.

Chances are, it was a private jet.


Myth #3: Private jet rentals are not very safe.

We hear it all the time: are private jets safe?

Private jet rentals have safety inspections, rules, and regulations that they must follow to fly, too.

By law, private jets (especially those who are flying chartered flights) must pass a rigorous inspection.

Once approved, they receive a certificate that will be displayed in the aircraft letting you know that it is safe to fly you to your destination.

Keep in mind, too, that private jets are not on tight schedules like commercial airliners.

Their maintenance can be performed at a slower, more thorough, rate – ensuring that the job is done right.



Myth #4: Booking a private jet charter is a complicated process.

If you are not familiar with chartering a private jet, the idea of the process could seem confusing and complicated. Thankfully, that is not the case.

It has been designed to be as simplistic as possible, with someone always ready to answer any question you have and walk you through the process, step by step.

Using a broker will ensure you are landing the perfect aircraft for your needs (depending on size and distance).

Don’t shy away from choosing a private jet based on the process.

You will be surprised. 


Myth #5: If you fly a lot, you should just own your own private jet.

Oh, no.

Flying a lot and owning your own jet do not go hand-in-hand.

Jets are expensive to own and maintain. They require maintenance and a crew, a pilot, a storage facility, and so much more.

Even if you travel quite often, the costs of chartering your flight are much less than having your own private jet.

This is especially true when considering monetary and opportunity costs.



Myth #6: You still have to go through TSA security checkpoints.

When traveling via a private jet rentals, you can, in some airports, drive your car straight to the jet on the tarmac.

Others may send you through a small office area.

However, no matter how you get to your aircraft, you do not have to go anywhere near a TSA checkpoint.

So, with private jet travel you can rest assured that you will not stand in a long security line.


Myth #7: You can’t travel to as many destinations as you can with commercial air travel.

Would you believe that you can actually travel to more destinations?

Not only can private jet rentals fly into any major airport, but they can also fly into the many smaller airports around the world.

These are usually business or executive airports and they are not designed to accommodate commercial aircraft.

Depending on where you are traveling, you may find that you can get even closer to your destination when choosing to charter a private jet.

In addition, you will encounter some other perks, such as not having to deal with the hassles that come with large airports.

This includes being more easily accessible and having less traffic – foot and auto.



Myth #8: You cannot rely on private jet rentals.

If you are heading to your flight and you encounter a traffic accident that has shut down your route, you may begin to panic.

After all, what will do if you miss your flight or you will be late?

If you are flying commercial and you contact the airline to let them know you are stuck in traffic and to hold the plane, you may hear chuckling on the other end.

However, if you are flying a private jet, you can just give them a call and ask the pilot to relax for a few extra minutes as you make your way there.

Easily done.

Private jet rentals don’t have thousands and thousands of passengers demanding their attention.

They have you. That means they can be flexible when you need them to be.

While they do have often have schedules to keep, they have more wiggle room than the big guy. So that means you can rely on them no matter what the circumstance.


Thinking private jet rentals are out of reach is a thing of the past.

These machines are affordable, safe, accessible, and can take you to more destinations than you could ever imagine.

Next time you are traveling, check out how easy chartering truly is.

Travel Tips

What Is A Private Jet Broker? Do You Need One?

Maybe you have heard of a private jet broker or maybe not. Either way, they are real people offering a real service – finding you the best private jet charter for your needs.

Maneuvering your way through the world of private jets and charters can be overwhelming.

After all, there are thousands upon thousands of private jets that work their way from city to city across the globe.

Planning a way to get from point A to point B can prove to be a trying event – especially for those who are not familiar with the private jet arena.

What if you pick up a phone or shoot an email over to someone with information regarding what you are looking for in a jet, where you want to go, and when – and someone else handles the dirty work for you?

You get your perfect flight without having to work for it.

That is what a private jet broker does.

And exactly the reason why you need one.


A private jet broker to answer your questions

You likely have many questions when it comes to private jet charters – especially if you are new to chartered flights.

There are so many options for traveling private and it all depends on how many passengers will be traveling with you and where your destination is taking you.

Private jets do not have the seating capacity or the fuel capacity of larger, commercial aircraft which is what makes knowing the details of these things so much more important.

When you have questions, you need someone you can trust.

Someone who knows the industry, knows the private jets, and has experience with what to look for and what to avoid.

A private jet broker is someone who generally has concierge experience – and has a great history of knowledge about the industry.

They can answer your questions quickly and precisely – and you can trust you are getting accurate information.



A private jet broker to ensure your safety

With news of private jet crashes and the like, it is scary to put your life in the hands of a charter without knowing the details regarding their safety.

Anyone can tell you it is safe or that the jet has passed inspections or even tell you that the pilot has thousands of hours in-flight.

But, how do you know if you can believe it? If you don’t know what you are looking for, then you can easily find yourself in a terrible situation.

Jet brokers know industry standards and they know safety inspections and certificates.

They have access to this information regarding each aircraft.

They can pull FAA records and confirm that the private jet has passed inspections and is certified for air travel.

In addition, brokers also have access regarding pilots. They can ensure your pilot is experienced and has a safe history before you put your life at risk.

Safety is extremely important when it comes to traveling on a private jet.

Don’t take someone’s word without doing some background search.

To know what you are looking for, you need someone who is experienced and knowledgeable.

A broker is someone who can give you the safety answer you are looking for and provide you with a level of comfort you would not otherwise have.


A private jet broker to find you the best deal

There are many charters are available for your use.

How do you know, though, if you are getting a good deal?

How do you know if the price you receive sounds right or if it seems too steep? If you aren’t an experienced private jet traveler, then you may not.

A private jet broker can give you the information you need.

They can find you the best deal for what you need – and where you are heading.

You can sit back and relax, knowing that you have someone thoughtfully looking out for your best interest when you travel.



A private jet broker to be your backup

What happens when you find yourself ready to head back home from your destination – and your scheduled charter is having mechanical issues and is unable to fly?

Spending time finding another way home can be very frustrating, especially when you are already struggling to maintain your calm due to the changing itinerary.

If you have a jet broker, you can simply pick up the phone and make a call. Before you know it, your broker will have new arrangements made for you and you can get back home peacefully.

When traveling, it is always good to have someone on your side for backup just in case something doesn’t go as planned.


A private jet broker to give you peace of mind

Peace of mind is worth every penny.

Knowing that you don’t have to worry should an issue arise or worry about whether you made the right choice in your travel can lead to an overall better travel experience.

Don’t waste your time worrying about safety issues with a jet or whether your pilot is safe to fly with.

All of this will be checked out beforehand, thanks to your broker.

Know that when you arrive at the airport, you will find yourself with the perfect-sized jet for you and your guests with all the amenities you desire, you will fly safely to your destination, and you will return just as easy.

Your itinerary and cost will be designed just for your needs, too.

And, of course, should you have any concerns at all, you’ve got a direct link to your broker.

Peace of mind– you want it.


7 Reasons You Should Visit Tokyo This Summer

Are you looking for a unique destination? One that takes you into a methodically urbanized area that has streets of people by the thousands, electronic stores resembling an adventure land, and teen fashion that is out of this world? If so, you should visit Tokyo, Japan.

Did you know that Tokyo is home to nearly 38 million people in its collective metropolis area? It’s hot, its trendy, and its booming with things to do.

Many tourists tend to avoid Tokyo during its hot and humid summer season – the high temperatures with the millions of people can easily prove to be too much.

If you are up for an adventure (and can appreciate all types of weather), then this should be your summer destination.

After all, with fewer tourists, everything is just more accessible to you.

Don’t miss these reasons to visit  Tokyo this summer. You won’t regret this trip.


1. Summer festivals.

Tokyo in the summer means lots of fun, traditional festivals. You will find all sorts of parades – even dancing parades – and a ton of street vendors and street food to enjoy.

Locals dress in traditional Japanese attire and the history, culture, and traditions that make this country are celebrated with these festivals throughout the summer months.

As a bonus, many festivals include some of the most spectacular fireworks shows you will ever see.

After all, when have you ever witness a fireworks celebration that lasted for a non-stop one hour?

Exactly! That is why you cannot miss this.



2. The food.

Most people just chow down on their food.

To those in Tokyo, food is art.

They make just about anything beautiful, from fruits and veggies, to sushi and sashimi. Eating small portions more often means that you have the chance to savor more dishes.

Whether you are a fan of Japanese food or you are not an experienced lover of it, you will appreciate the food and dining when you visit Tokyo.

Enjoy some of the most beautiful and unique sushi and sashimi rolls, eat some soba (a popular Japanese noodle), or some yakitori (meat on skewers) street food. And, even though food can be a bit pricey here, you will be able to find some great deals.

Don’t forget to check out the Japanese food vending machines, too. Nothing like a hot meal on the go, rather than the candy bar and bag of chips you find here in the U.S.



3. The Tokyo Skytree.

The Tokyo Skytree was a record-holder of the Tallest Building in the World in 2010 and 2011 – at 634 meters high.

Unfortunately, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai has knocked it into second place, but that doesn’t make the tower any shorter.

You will not want to miss feeling so high in the sky.

While visiting, you will find a café, a restaurant, a photo service, an observation deck, and so much more. When you visit Tokyo, you will see the Skytree – and you will know that you must go inside.



4. Baseball in Tokyo.

You thought baseball was just an American sport?

Think again. It is very popular in Japan – and Tokyo boasts two teams that can leave fans in an uproar.

To put it simply, the Japanese are serious about their baseball.

While visiting in the summer, you will have an opportunity to witness this great sport. Choose from 5 pro teams in the area, each with their own persona.

  • DeNA Yokohama BayStars– While perhaps not the best team, they can still bring a good time. They have been known to offer a very entertaining show to keep fans supporting their team.
  • Saitama Seibu LionsThe Lions are a team that likes to go all the way. They are the star team and usually bring out many fans.
  • Yomiuri Giants – Known as a bandwagon team, the Giants have a huge following. You either like them or you don’t, but you can be sure to see their stadium seats fill up.
  • Tokyo Yakult SwallowsMost popular team, most historic stadium. Enough said.
  • Chiba Lotte Marines – The Marines have hardcore fans that get a bit obnoxious. If you want a rowdy baseball game, here’s where you’ll find it.



5. The parks.

The parks in Tokyo are also somewhat of an art exhibit.

They are beautiful and are overflowing with sculpted gardens.

During your visit, you will want to take some time to step back from the busy Tokyo life and slip into these peaceful parks:



6. Comics café.

Do you love comics? Believe it or not, in Tokyo, comics are huge.

They actually have Comics Cafés where you can sit back and be bombarded with endless comics.

Imagine that? Enjoy some peace and quiet while you read through some awesome action scenes.

These cafés are unlike any other – they are a must-see while visiting Tokyo.



7. The fashion.

You will encounter fashion of all sorts while in Tokyo, especially youth fashion.

It is home to many global indie fashion chains. And, the amount of youth fashion boutiques is out of this world. You will find some eclectic things to don while here.

Any major designer brand in the world can be found in Tokyo. So, happy shopping.


Well, there you have it – great perks of a Tokyo summer in a nutshell.

If you want to start your Japanese adventure off right, charter a private jet and arrive in Tokyo  in style. Dine on some of the world’s most beautiful food creations, shop for some of the trendiest fashions, take in a ballgame, relax among delicate Japanese gardens, and ride to the top of the Skytree.

Tokyo, Japan can give you memories to last a lifetime.

This hustling and bustling city will indulge every single one of your senses. Visit in the summertime and you’ll get to experience even more.

Be sure to visit Tokyo this summer.


You’ll be glad you did.


Airplane Safety: How Safe Are Private Jets?

Airplane safety is of the utmost importance for jet owners, pilots, and charter companies. In fact, many of the pilots you will encounter flying these private jets are former 747 aircraft pilots with spotless records.

However, if you have never – or rarely – flown charter, you may still be hesitant about private airplane safety.

You may not be able to know everything, but by following these 6 tips, you should be able to get a good idea about the jet and its safety.

Too many caution flags? You may want to seek alternate travel arrangements.


6 Airplane Safety Considerations

When determining private airplane safety, there are a couple of considerations to look out for.

  1. Security checkpoints
  2. Certifications and qualifications
  3. Network Alliance for safety
  4. Poor reviews or news articles
  5. Repairs that are too quick
  6. Pilot qualifications

These are six ways to determine the safety of your private aircraft.


1. Security checkpoints

One of the biggest airplane safety considerations actually occurs at the airport — security.

With private jets, the passengers are typically only the ones you invited, which helps to improve the safety of your travels.

Depending on the airport, you may or may not encounter a security checkpoint.

While TSA likes to secure everyone traveling, some smaller airports may tend to be very relaxed when it comes to this.

Pilots often will require to see ID from those traveling to ensure that the correct passengers are onboard the jet.

If you are concerned about security checkpoints and personal airplane safety measures, you may want to consult the particular airports you will be utilizing.

Keep in mind that private jets typically fly only those in your party, reducing the concern of flying with unknown passengers.



2. Check the qualifications

There are certain certifications that private jets are to provide.

Four, to be exact.

First, you should locate the Certificate of Airworthiness. This certificate is a permit required by the FAA and is to be displayed openly within the cabin of the jet. If it appears tampered with or is outdated, this should signal a problem.

Second, the Air Operators Certificate (AOC), issued by the FAA is proof that the aircraft is allowed to be operated for commercial use. It requires that there be a protocol in place to secure everyone’s safety.

Next, the charter company or private jet office should be able to provide you with proof of insurance. Any reputable charter will easily be able to provide you with this information.

Lastly, you will want to check out the pilot’s credentials. You will want to see his background and his qualifications for manning your flight.

This is all basic information that should be easily accessible.

Allow a little extra time before boarding to view these documents.



3. Network Alliance

Another way to determine airplane safety is if they are involved in any networks.

Many private jets belong to a network. They receive perks by joining and forming an alliance with these networks, but it also means an increase in safety for you.

In order to become a member, many groups require jets to go through a rigorous audit first.

If you ask about your jet’s network alliance, you may feel a bit more comforted upon hearing there is one.



4. Do your research

The internet is full of information these days. No longer do you need to ask questions and hope that you get an honest answer.

Instead, you can jump online and see a plethora of topics.

Search the aircraft you intend to fly – view things such as its safety record and its history.

If you know your pilot, a quick search can give you some background information there. And, of course, reviews of the charter company.

Keep in mind that reviews are not always accurate, as someone could simply be having a bad day when posted something negative. But, by reading through them and making your own determination, you are able to get a fairly good eye on the airplane safety situation.

Be diligent – and remember that you cannot necessarily believe everything that you read.



5. Quick repairs

Some repairs that need to occur on a plane are rather quick.

A break of 15 to 20 minutes can have you back in the air in no time. However, most repairs take a bit longer.

If you find yourself stuck on a private jet that fixes a repair in record time, you may want to start asking questions about the airplane safety.

Consult with the pilot to see if the time-frame seemed logical. After all, the pilot is at risk, too, if he or she flies the jet with a faulty repair.

Your life is in the hands of that repairman – don’t feel as though you don’t have time or authority to speak up.



6. Get to know the pilot

In the sky, your pilot has your life in his hands. One ill move and it can all be over.

Scary, right?

Get to know your charter pilot.

Start small talk and ask don’t hesitate to ask some questions about his or her qualifications and history.

There are a few things, however, that you will want to take into consideration while you are conversing:

  • Pay attention to the pilot’s demeanor. If at all possible, you want a pilot who bounces onto the jet, fully dressed with a smile.
  • Red flags should fly up if your pilot begins to discuss things that indicate a less-than-ideal personal life. For example, referring to a divorce, child custody battle, unhappiness at work, etc. should signal that your pilot may not be in the right frame of mind to handle your needs.
  • Elevation can affect moods – especially if alcohol is consumed. If you suspect that your pilot has been drinking (even if he or she seems fine), then let this be a warning to you.
  • If the pilot appears to be in a hurry, keeps looking at his or watch, and the like, this is cause for concern. You never want a pilot who is going to value time more greatly than safety.



Private jets are only as safe as their crew – the pilots, the owners, and the maintenance crew.

A private jet with a great airplane safety rating could have poor care or a less-than-perfect pilot. Safety when flying privately relies on many different factors.

Before climbing on board, do a thorough research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Check for certificates and qualifications, have a long conversation with your pilot, and listen to your gut.

If everything checks out, then great.

But, if it doesn’t, you may want to switch jets or dig a bit deeper before getting into the air.

At The Early Airway, we are committed to your safety on every flight. Our qualified pilots, maintenance crew, and team are dedicated in making your flight perfect – and that starts with airplane safety.


How Do You Know What Charter Jet Size Is Best for You?

You’ve made the wise decision to charter a private jet for your next trip. That means you will find yourself enjoying some of the many perks that come with chartering, but how do you know what charter jet size to choose?

There are many benefits of a charter jet, including:

  • Greater flexibility in departure times.
  • More destination options, accessing private and business airports.
  • Shorter security lines.

And that’s only naming a few.

Chartered flights are more comfortable, laid back, and void of airport chaos. So, again, congratulations on your decision.

Now, here comes the tricky part – what charter jet size do you need to rent?

You can find the answer to this question by considering these key travel factors.


How to Find the Right Charter Jet Size

When determining to charter a jet for your next trip, there are many considerations when finding the perfect charter jet size.

Keep in mind the following questions:

  • How many people are traveling on the jet?
  • Where are you traveling to?
  • What will you do aboard the aircraft?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you more focused on social or economic benefits?

After answering these questions, and reviewing the different classes of jets, you’ll be able to find the perfect charter jet size for you and your fellow travelers.



The low down on private jet charters

Next to them being a wonderful choice for travel, private jets come in all sizes with all different types of amenities. Perhaps this is why you have been left with so many questions.

However, once you understand the different types of aircraft, you can more easily make your decision.

Private jet charters are generally broken into categories or classes.

  • Turbo-props (including, the Beechcraft BE-350, the Cessna CE-208B, and the British Aerospace BAE-4100.)
  • Light jets (such asthe Bombardier/Learjet LR-40, the Cessna CE-525B, and the Cessna CE-560-E.)
  • Mid-size jets (including the Cessna CE-650-VII and the Gulfstream G200)
  • Super mids (such as the Citation X, the Falcon 50EX, and the Hawker 1000)
  • Heavy jets (such asthe Bombardier BD-700-1A10 and the Gulfstream G550)
  • Jumbo jets (including the Airbus A320, theBoeing757 200, and the Boeing Business Jet.)

Each of these has its own set of qualities that can help guide you to the perfect charter jet size for your needs.



How many people are traveling with you?

The number of people traveling with you is going to be an important part of deciding what charter jet size you will choose.

After all, if you are traveling with nine passengers, you cannot charter a jet that has seating for four.

Light jets generally offer space for 6 to 8 passengers, though some may hold more. Mid-side and Super Mids can carry 8 to 12 passengers (sometimes more), while heavy jets and jumbo jets can hold approximately 10 to 15 passengers and 20 to 70 passengers, respectively.

While you don’t have to fill all the seats on your charter, each passenger will have to have a seat.

So, you will need to plan accordingly.



Where are you traveling to?

Your destination plays a huge role in which charters you consider.

Because these jets are smaller than commercial aircraft, they may travel at slower speeds and hold less fuel.

The length of your travel will affect the aircraft you should choose – unless, of course, you don’t mind stopping midway to re-fuel.

Although it varies greatly between the type of aircraft you choose, this can give you an idea on what class of charter may be the best fit for your needs.

  • Turbo-props generally can carry you between 100 and 600 miles.
  • Light jets offer a greater distance of 1,500 to 2,000 miles.
  • Mid-size and Super-mids often travel between 2,700 and 4,000 miles.
  • Heavy jets and jumbo jets can offer travel to destinations that reach more than 7,000 miles. These private jets are fully sufficient to use for transcontinental travel.

Your destination will determine how many miles your charter needs to go.



What do you intend to do while on board the aircraft?

You may not think that it matters what you plan to do while on board the aircraft. You may even think that it is a silly question.

However, it is important in determining which charter jet size is right for you.

Some private jets offer more accommodations than others, which is what makes this so crucial.

If you are just traveling with your family, simply trying to get from point A to point B, then your options are widespread.

On the other hand, if you are intending on conducting business meetings while on board, working on a project, intending to get some superior quality sleep, or want to be able to move around freely and comfortably, then you will want to find the jet that fits your needs.

Take the answer to this question into consideration as you book your charter.



What is the budget for your charter? Are you more focused on social status or economics?

As you can imagine, the budget has a lot of influence on which private jet you decide to charter.

In fact, you can charter a bare-boned aircraft that will get you to and from your destination without any frills. If your budget is tightly fixed, this may be the option for you.

For those with a larger budget, you will find some of the most comfortable, luxurious aircraft available for you to charter. These provide fully reclining seats, ability to easily move about, dining and bar area, business station, and even a bedroom.

Of course, there is everything in between these two extremes, as well.

Ask yourself – depending on your budget, are you more focused on social status and remaining budget-friendly?

For many individuals, private jets have a certain social class that comes with them. If you are intending to impress a potential client or business partner, then you will not be disappointed.

Depending on your charter jet size, your flight can come equipped with much elegance and many amenities. These will allow you to conduct business, hold meetings, stay in contact with those on the ground, or just have some social excitement.

Perhaps you are more concerned about sticking to a budget and are just looking to travel to and from your destination without all the mess of dealing with an airport.

If so, you won’t be disappointed in your selection for aircraft, either. There is much to choose from that will meet your needs, no matter what your budget is.




Private jet charters are the perfect way to travel.

With your destination awaiting your arrival, you have made a wise decision.

Once you know the number of passengers traveling with you, what amenities you are looking for, and what your budget is, you will be sure to find exactly what charter jet size you need for your travel.


6 Awesome Father's Day Travel Ideas for Every Dad

This Father’s Day, do something special for your dad. Take him on a trip of a life time. Here are our top 6 Father’s Day travel ideas to show him how much you care.

Can you believe that it is already June? The kids are out of school, the weather is warming up, the days are longer, and Father’s DayFather’s Day is right around the corner. Have you given any thought to what you’ll do for your dad this year?

You could do the same old tie or t-shirt gift. Maybe a new set of golf clubs or take him to a baseball game. Maybe you will just take him out for a drink and bear hug.

But, he is your dad.

He is the one who has taught you so much in life that you don’t know where you’d be without him.

Isn’t he worth more than a tie or another golf club? Sure, he is your dad – and he’d appreciate anything you give him. That is what makes him so special.

Here’s an idea: why don’t you surprise your dad with a chartered private jet to a destination he will enjoy?

Bet you haven’t thought of traveling for Father’s Day – and you don’t have to tell him we told you.

How about some Father’s Day travel ideas to get you started?


Top Father’s Day travel destination ideas

Is your dad a sports fanatic? Maybe he’s a movie expert or fisherman?

Regardless of what type of interests your dad has, these Father’s Day travel ideas will blow him away.

Some of our favorite Father’s Day travel includes:

  • Golf destinations
  • Sporting Hall of Fame
  • Fishing destinations
  • Car-lover destinations
  • Hollywood and movie set locations
  • Outdoor destinations

These Father’s Day travel destinations offer the trip of a life time, and gives you the opportunity to show your dad just how special he is.



The golf lover

If your dad loves golf, why not let him explore some new greens? There are many areas that are known for having some of the best golfing spots around.

Visiting them may very well be on your dad’s bucket list.

This Father’s Day, give him the opportunity to golf until his heart is content at one of these golf courses:



The sports fanatic

Is your dad a lover of sports? Does he hold power over the television remote, keeping an eye on the latest game?

It your dad would love a getaway to be surrounded by all things sports, then give it to him.

Whether it is taking him to a see a game with his team – away from home or visiting the Hall of Fame or sports museum.

Here are some go-to destinations he may enjoy.

  • Upstate New York– Don’t miss the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum, Olympic Sports Complex, and others.
  • New England road trip – Visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Fenway Park, and more.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin for vintage baseball games played by 19th-century rules and in period attire, Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field, and more.
  • Dallas, Texas. See the home of the Dallas Cowboys, visit the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, and Cowboys Golf Club.



The fisherman

If your dad is one to trade life’s hustle and bustle for a nice, quiet day out on the water waiting for a fish to bite, then take him to some of the best fishing spots in the country.

You won’t want to miss these places.



Classic cars and fast ones, too

Dads love cars.

Whether they are fast cars or classic cars, they love them.

Is this a passion of your dad? Take him on the getaway of a lifetime to experience all sorts of automobile fun.

Check out these destinations.

  • Speedway, Indiana. Visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Home of the Indy-500, this city is now known as the Racing Capital of the World.
  • Tooele, Utah. See the Bonneville Salt Flats. Races on these salt flats get to speeds unheard of in regular street racing. Your dad could even have the opportunity to drive.
  • Havana, Cuba. This means leaving the country, but if your dad loves classic cars, this is the best place to find them. It will be like stepping back in time.
  • Fremont, California. Visit the Tesla factory and discover these marvelous machines.
  • Dearborn, Michigan. Check out the Henry Ford museum.



Mr. Hollywood – the movie buff

If your dad loves movies and can rattle off one-liners from movies throughout the decades as if he is playing his own part, then you’ve got to let him get in on the Hollywood action.

It may be his only shot at coming face-to-face with a celebrity.

Of course, visiting Los Angeles, California will give your dad a chance to check out the museums and even take a picture with his favorite stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But, what about visiting the real-life destination where filming took place for some of his favorite movies?

  • Ghost Busters Hook & Ladder 8 fire station in New York City. Do some research and find some other hot spots within this city.
  • Blues Brothers fan? Visit Chicago.
  • The Amityville Horror house in Toms River, New Jersey.
  • Mount Hood, Oregon has the lodge in The Shining.
  • Kauai, Hawaii is where you will find the set of Jurassic Park.



The Adventurer

Lastly, if your dad doesn’t fit a category, but he is just an adventurer at heart, then book him an adventurous getaway.

Take your dad on a hiking adventure, go white water rafting, mountain biking, scuba diving, or any other type of adventure that would spark your dad’s interest.

If you do a little research, you will learn that there are many adventure trips in the United States and abroad that can quench the spirit of the biggest adventurer.

Many of these trips may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Don’t let your dad miss out.


These are just a few ideas for you and your dad for Father’s Day.

Besides surprising your dad with an awesome getaway doing something he loves, the private jet you charter will get him there in style.

He will feel special and treated – being able to enjoy a wonderful getaway without having to deal with a boring car ride or the hassle of commercial air travel.

You can sit back, relax, spend some quality time with your dad on board, and enjoy your Father’s Day travel together.

Warning: This Father’s Day idea may be hard to top in the future. Why not make a getaway on a chartered jet a tradition?

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