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How to Plan and Prepare for Summer Travels

Planning the Perfect Summer Vacation | The Early Airway

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore the world. Time off from school combined with the beautiful warm sunshine, you’ve got yourself the winning combination for perfect summer travels.

All you need to do is decide where your travels will take you.

And, then, of course, you need to get prepared.

There is a lot of packing and planning that goes into a successful vacation.

We’ve got you covered this summer. Here is the ultimate guide to preparing for your summer travels.


5 Steps to Prepare for Summer Travels

Vacations are the best time to unwind, relax, and take a break from everyday life.

However, planning a vacation itself can become stressful and tiring.

Luckily, there are only five key steps when planning and preparing for your summer travels:

  1. Book your accommodations based on your personal preference
  2. Research the destination itself: weather, packing necessities, etc.
  3. Do a safety check
  4. Call both your cell phone carrier and your banks
  5. Prepare your home for your absence

These five steps will help you to successfully prepare for your summer travels so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.


1. Book your travel accommodations

Once you know where you are going, you will need to book your travel accommodations. Many people search for the algorithm that will provide them with the best price.

However, booking well in advance can generally ensure you are getting a good deal.

You have a choice as to how you would like to travel, whether it be by land, air, or sea. This will,of course, be determined by your destination.

Keep in mind that if you want to make the most of your vacation time at your destination, you will want to travel to and from rather quickly.

Perhaps your best choice for travel would be via a chartered private jet. These small places can get you from point A to point B rather quickly. And, they do not require rigid travel guidelines or forced TSA checkpoints.

In addition, depending on where you are traveling, these private jets can get closer to many destinations by making use of smaller, business/executive airports.

Getting there is only half the battle. Once you get there, you are going to need a place to stay.

Do your research. Read reviews, talk to well-traveled friends and family, and discover the best place for your needs.

Then, book your summer travels.



2. Plan for your destination

Where are you going? What will the weather be like? Do you need to take anything special?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

Every destination is different, so take the time to do some diligent research before you travel.

  • Learn what you should and should not bring to the destination.
  • Discover what is easier to purchase once you arrive, rather than carry with you.
  • Make an itinerary and include the things you’d like to do each day. Then, pack your clothing accordingly. This includes your shoes and accessories.

Write everything down.

Lists may seem time-consuming and wasteful but consider them to be a great safety net should you start to forget something.



3. Do a safety check

A safety check is important to do before any summer travels.

Understand the safety risks and be prepared for them.

Discover what areas to avoid, what areas are safe and any local tourist warnings, if given.

The more knowledge you have, the safer you will be on your trip.

Consider these tips:

  • Make a copy of your itinerary and other travel information and leave it with a trusted friend or relative. (Especially when traveling abroad).
  • Don’t carry all your money and credit cards in one place. If, for instance, you lose your wallet, you will still have backup funds.
  • Don’t always trust your GPS. Always have a backup map (the old paper kind) and always let someone know where you will be going.
  • Be sure to have a cell phone charger with you at all times – and a backup battery, if possible.

If you are traveling abroad:

  • Know the ins and outs of where you are going. So many acceptable things we do in the United States can be taken as repulsive abroad. The last thing you want to have to worry about when traveling is offending the locals or finding yourself in a bit of a situation with the local authorities.
  • Check with the CDC and WHO to see if you need any vaccines prior to traveling or if there are any health risks for the region.

These are basic steps that you should take while traveling to stay safe.



4. Call your cell carrier and banks

Have you ever tried to use your Visa card while traveling away from home?

If you have, you may have found yourself red-faced in the checkout line, as your card is declined.

Oftentimes, as a means of protection for their customer, banks and credit card companies will place a hold on the card used outside of the home area until they can verify the legitimate transaction.

Be proactive and call the banks of the card or cards you intend to use prior to traveling.

Let them know the dates you will be traveling and where you will be.

That way, when you go to use your card, you will not have to worry about an embarrassing declined transaction.

If you will be traveling abroad, you may also want to make a call to your cell phone company.

This will ensure you are on the best plan for usage away. Coming home to an expensive phone bill after a vacation is never desired.

In a nutshell? Be proactive and save yourself time, money, and embarrassment on your summer travels.



5. Prepare your home

Traveling is exciting.

And sometimes, we are so focused on the vacation that we forget the important steps to take in our home before we leave.

When preparing to leave, be sure to do the following at home:

  • Take out your trash.
  • Do not post on social media about your travel plans.
  • Unplug unnecessary electrical equipment.
  • Suspend your mail and newspaper delivery.
  • Move your hidden spare key, if you have one.
  • Leave a light on inside.

Consider asking a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your place while you are gone.


Summer traveling can be fun for the whole family, leading to bonding, new experiences, and great memories.

But, it will all go a bit smoother if you are prepared for it in advance.

Book your travel accommodations then start prepping for your trip.

Then, rest easy and enjoy your vacation knowing that you and your home will be safe while away.

Happy summer travels!

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