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Bombardier/Learjet LR-60

Plan Specification
Passenger Capacity: Lavatory Style:
8 Full
Airspeed (mph): Range:
465 2675
Cabin Width: Cabin Height:
5.9 5.7
Cabin Length: Baggage Capacity:
17.7 59

The Lear 60 is the current mainstream midsize aircraft manufactured by Bombardier under the "Learjet" marquee. The Lear 60 is Bombardier's replacement to the Lear 55, and it went into service in January of 1993. The Lear 60 is a very marginally larger, upgraded version of the discontinued Lear 55. In terms of size, you really won't be able to notice a difference between it and the Lear 55 unless you were comparing the two side-by-side (from the cabin). Additional improvements to the Lear 55 aside from added length include more powerful engines, more advanced avionics, and a better wing design that allows for improved performance during takeoff and landing. The Lear 60s braking capability was further enhanced in the later model 60s, allowing newer Lear 60s to be able to operated in and out of shorter landing strips.

The cabin of the Lear 60 is quite comfortable, offering "stand up" height. The standard Lear 60 cabin configuration consists of 5 captains chairs and a non-reclining, side-facing couch for 2. Likewise, all Lear 60s have an enclosed lavatory, and one that is more spacious that its older Lear 55 sibling as well.

The Lear 60 is fast, and is known for its quick rate of climb. Lear 60 captains will often boast about the plane's rocket ship-like performance at takeoff to enthusiastic passengers. The Lear 60 has competitive midsize jet range, generally able to make it non-stop coast to coast in the eastbound direction but not the westbound direction. The Lear 60s range is at its best when the cabin is occupied by four or fewer passengers.

The Lear 60 is a great plane which The Early Air Way passengers enjoy time and time again.