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Plan Specification
Passenger Capacity: Lavatory Style:
8 Enclosed
Airspeed (mph): Range:
434 1500
Cabin Width: Cabin Height:
4.9 4.8
Cabin Length: Baggage Capacity:
15.5 56

In 1993, Raytheon purchased the Hawker line of business jets. As a result of this, the Beechjet 400A was later renamed the Hawker 400XP. Many charter companies out there will refer to every Beechjet 400A as a Hawker 400XP, however truly only those manufactured after around 2003 are real Hawker 400XP's. The Hawker 400XP does come with a few [though not many] modifications over the Beechjet 400A that come from the larger Hawker 800XP.