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Bombardier CL-601

Plan Specification
Passenger Capacity: Lavatory Style:
10 Full
Airspeed (mph): Range:
484 3910
Cabin Width: Cabin Height:
8.2 6.1
Cabin Length: Baggage Capacity:
28.3 115

An update to the original Challenger 600, the Challenger 601-3A first flew in 1987. The updated Challenger has newer turbofan engines, as well as a new EFIS glass flightdeck. The aircraft features a low/swept wing with recognizable winglets, and dual, rear fuselage mounted turbofan engines. Each side of the fuselage has 6 cabin windows. The 601-3A has a swept T-tail with swept horizontal stabilizer and typically seats 10 passengers plus a two man crew. It has a cruise speed of 484 knots and a range of 3910 nautical miles.