An Overview of Large Private Jets: Which One Is Your Pick?

Over the last three years, private jet travel has grown significantly in popularity. There are those who have always had private travel as their go-to method for reaching their destination – and then there are those who have recently discovered how incredible it can be due to the global pandemic and commercial air travel crises. 

As a result, more and more private jets are being used to meet the demand, including large private jets. 

Business travel, group travel, families, and so forth are finding that the benefits outweigh the cost and decide to book a private jet to get them to their destination. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which one to pick? 

Whether you are new to private travel in general, new to traveling with a group, or just have a curiosity about large private jets, here is an overview of what they have to offer. 

How Many Passengers Can Travel? 

If you are booking a private jet, there are many factors you consider, such as how far you are traveling and what amenities you are looking for. Though one of the most important is knowing how many passengers can travel safely on board. 

It is important to remember that private jets can be customized and remodeled which means that two of the same jets may have different interiors – and this includes seating. One could have two sofas whereas another could have club seating or any combination of the two. As a result, one could have seating for 15 while another may only have seating for 10. Keep this in mind when booking your charter on a large private jet. 

To give you an idea of what to expect, below are a few popular large jets – and the number of passengers, on average, that they can accommodate. 

  • A Bombardier Global 5000 can hold up to 14 passengers on average. 
  • A Gulfstream G550 can also hold up to 14 passengers on average. 
  • A Dassault Falcon 900 is slightly smaller and can accommodate up to 13 passengers.
  • A Challenger 601 is the smallest of these four large private jets, with the ability to safely hold up to 10 passengers. 

The Size of Large Private Jets

One thing that you will find standard amongst all large private jets is the amount of space that they have. There is usually plenty of space to get about and move about comfortably – even with 10 to 15 people on board. In fact, many have space for seating, tables, a lavatory (or two), a galley, and more while still providing you space to move around. 

Let’s look at the interior space provided by these large jets: 

The Bombardier Global 5000 is 6.25ft in height, 8.17ft in width, and 48.4ft in length. The total cubic feet of space found inside this jet is 1,889.

The Gulfstream G550 is another large jet with plenty of space. It is 6.20ft in height, 7.30ft in width, and 50.10ft in length for a total of 1,812 cubic feet of interior space. 

The Dassault Falcon 900 is a bit smaller than the previous two, but it also offers space within its cabin to move around, such as 6.20ft in height, 7.70ft in width, and 33.20ft in length for a total of 1,270 cubic feet inside. 

The Challenger 601 also provides space to move about. Though don’t let its smaller size deter you from taking advantage of what it has to offer. This space inside is 6.10ft in height, 8.20ft in width, and 28.30ft in length, for a total space of 1,146 cubic feet.

What’s So Great About a Large Private Jet? 

Every large private jet varies from the next, but they all are sure to offer an amazing experience to those who spend time aboard them. After all, these are some of the best and most exclusive jets in the sky. So, what can you expect? 

Travel Nonstop. When you travel via a large private jet, you can travel nonstop. You won’t have to worry about layovers, changing flights, or even stopping to refuel. These jets are designed to go the distance so that you can reach your destination in the most efficient time possible. 

Of the jets we have discussed, here is a general idea of the distance they can travel before needing to refuel: 

  • Bombardier Global 5000: 6,700 nautical miles
  • Gulfstream G550: 6,700 nautical miles (and it can get there in record time)
  • Dassault Falcon 900: 4,000 nautical miles
  • Challenger 601: 3,910 nautical miles

Personalized Treatment. Most large jets will have a flight attendant onboard as well as a pilot and co-pilot. This means you will have access to personalized treatment for the duration of the flight. In-flight refreshments, catered foods, and more will be addressed by the flight attendant so that you can relax.

Be sure to make any special requests when you book. 

Full Galleys. Do you know what a full galley means? You can have a real meal while on a large private jet. They often have coffee and/or espresso machines, refrigerators, ovens, food prep areas, and even food trolleys. This allows travelers to enjoy a meal while traveling to and from their destination – and is something that is not found on smaller private jets.

Privacy. Traveling with other passengers on a private jet is much more enjoyable than trying to do so on a commercial airliner. You will have the freedom to talk openly without care. Your conversations will remain confidential and you won’t be disrupting those around you. 

Large Private Jet Charters at The Early Airway

Which one is your pick? 

We’ve talked about four commonly traveled large private jets, but The Early Airway has many others to offer travelers, too. So, before you head out on your next getaway, consider investing in the ultimate comfort on board one of these incredibly comfortable and luxurious jets. 

Contact us today to determine the best large private jet to meet your travel needs. 

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