Private Aircraft Interiors: What Makes it Stand Out From Commercial?

If you close your eyes for a moment and picture the inside of an airplane there is a good chance that you will envision a space that is crowded, with rows of seats for as far as you can see and a narrow walkway that allows you to move down the middle. This is a very broad overview of how most people will experience air travel. 

Private aircraft interiors stand out greatly from those of commercial airliners. You won’t find the rows of seats, tiny tray tables, and complete lack of legroom. So, what will you find? 

Here is what makes private aircraft interiors stand out from commercial.

A Greater Use of Space

One of the first things you will notice when you step into a private jet for the first time is how the interior space differs from that of a commercial aircraft. You will not see the squished seats attempting to fit as many passengers as possible. Instead, you will see a spacious interior full of various types of seating, including individual seats and sofas, strategically placed throughout. Club-style seating is one of the most common design styles in which four seats are turned to face one other. 

The idea here is that less is more. With fewer seats, you can ensure that the passengers have a greater sense of comfort for the duration of their trip. The seating will be more luxurious and the entire surroundings will be more accommodating than commercial airliners. 

Everything within a private jet is intentional to provide the best overall experience, from the seating and tables to the galley and the lavatory. 

An Increased Level of Comfort

Something else that makes private aircraft interiors stand out from commercial is the level of comfort. Not only is there more space, but the seating is more comfortable, too. You will find that the amount of increased foam within the cushions is superior to flying on other aircraft. As a result, you are able to relax and enjoy your flight unlike ever before. 

What’s more, for long-haul aircraft, the chairs can often come together to create a bed. While it is not likely to be as big or roomy as your bed at home, it will still be comfortable enough for you to rejuvenate yourself mid-flight. 

Trustworthy InFlight Connectivity

Commercial flights may boast about having inflight connectivity. They may either offer it for free — or convince you to pay for it. Do not be surprised by your own disappointment when the connectivity is spotty at best.  

The difference you will experience when traveling on a private jet is that you will encounter trustworthy inflight connectivity. The Wi-Fi service will allow you to connect your own devices so that you can browse the internet, check your email, scroll social media, stream movies, and the like. It also allows you to take advantage of the entertainment systems you will find onboard to occupy your time as you travel. 

Stay More Productive

Have you ever tried to get work done so that you could remain productive even while flying above the clouds? Sure, staying connected is important —- but so is space. Using the tray table in front of you on a commercial flight just doesn’t cut it. Aside from privacy issues, the tray holds only the laptop and it doesn’t provide you with a very comfortable setup. 

Why do you think they call private jets business jets? They allow you to get work done with ease. You will have a table in front of you where you can spread out your work, including your laptop. If you are traveling with others, more than one person can comfortably use the space. You will even find that the interior of private jets will provide you with convenient charging stations so you may continue to power your devices. 

There is no doubt that you will be able to stay much more productive when you charter a private jet. 

The Use of High-Quality Materials 

Unlike the universal appearance of commercial jet interiors, private jets can be designed to meet the preferences of the owner. From the biggest aspects of a jet to the tiniest details, everything is intentionally created to provide the most luxurious surroundings. 

Of course, this does not come without the use of materials made of the highest quality. These are a must-have, as well as the investment in high-end craftsmanship. This will bring longevity to the interior of the jet, as well as give it a premium look. 

Two identical jets can be remodeled to have exclusive interiors that meet the needs of travelers in all ways – functionality, aesthetics, and luxuriousness. Investing in anything else just isn’t the same. 

There is No Limit On Private Jet Interiors

Speaking of designing the interior of a private jet interior, there is no limit on what can be done. 

Commercial airliners have to have a certain number of seats, a certain amount of storage space, areas for flight attendants, more than one lavatory, and so forth. They need to be able to successfully accommodate a large number of people from one location to the next. 

Private jets are different. While their goal is also to transport travelers between locations, they don’t have to necessarily meet certain standards on seating, storage, etc. Instead, they are able to design the interior of the aircraft in any way they see fit. 

Sure, they will always have to meet safety standards, but if they want to install a bar, a bedroom, extra television monitors, or even deck out the space in bright purple carpeting, they can do so. 

You never know which luxuries you may be privy to when you book your private jet charter. 

Experience Private Aircraft Interiors

We have shared some of the primary ways in which private aircraft interiors are much different than commercial aircraft. But why not experience it for yourself? At The Early Air Way, we offer private jet charters throughout the world — giving you ample opportunity to see what is lurking inside a private jet. 

Next time you need to travel, enhance your experience with private aircraft interiors with a private jet charter from The Early Air Way

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