Your Guide to the Different Types of Luxury Private Jets

Don’t allow the different types of luxury private jets to confuse you the next time you’re deciding on your travel getaway. Read this helpful guide.

Many people have always thought about flying private, but never really sought it out. Instead, they would just opt for the cramped, miserable commercial airliner experience. But, thanks to COVID-19, things are different now, aren’t they? Those same people are now seeking private jets since they can get to their destination with minimal exposure to others. Not to mention that they also get to experience all the amenities and luxuries that come with that decision.

Let’s be honest, though. If you are new to the private jet charter arena, you may be scratching your head a bit. Have you asked yourself any of the following?

  • Why are there so many types of jets?
  • What do they all mean?
  • What would I use?
  • How do I choose?

It is always difficult when you are venturing out into new territory. This guide is meant to make your switch much smoother as you learn about all the different types of luxury private jets available to you.

Why Different Types?

If you need to rent a car, you have to decide the type that will fit your need. Essentially all rental cars do the same thing – they get you from one point to another and allow you to sightsee while visiting a new destination. Consider this: If your family of five travels to Alberta, Canada during the heaviest winter months, it would not be feasible to rent a convertible mustang, would it? If you are traveling alone, would you find it necessary to spend extra money on an extra-large SUV? Probably not.

This is sort of how things work with private jets. Some hold only a couple of passengers while others have room for a whole crew. Some can travel short distances without needing to stop for fuel while others can travel across continents. Some may have room to play games or sleep while onboard while others do not. Some may come at a heftier cost than others.

The idea is to know what is available to you, who is traveling, where you are going, what you intend to do, and what your budget is. From there, you can choose the right jet next time you decide to travel. Let’s take care of that first part for you – by showing you what is available to you.

1. Very Light Jets

When it comes to size, very light jets are small. Perhaps this is why they are often referred to as microjets or personal jets. This may have you believing it only holds a passenger or two, but that’s just not the case. Many jets in this category have seating for four to six passengers. Some even have room for eight!

Though the distance will vary with each specific jet, very light jets are generally intended to be used when traveling short distances, such as trips that are within the 500-mile range. For this reason, they also do not usually have a lavatory on board.

Jets such as the Eclipse 500, the Embraer, and the Cessna Citation Mustang fall into this category – and are all great options for a comfortable private travel experience.

2. Light Jets

Comparable in size to very light jets, light jets often have a little extra space onboard – including extra space for luggage. These jets have seating, on average, for five to six passengers. And, they almost always have a lavatory on board.

When it comes to distances, most light jets can travel around 1,500 miles without additional fueling. Many travelers find these jets – the Citation II, Citation Encore, Falcon 10, Lear 40 – to be the perfect option for their travel plans.

3. Midsize Jets

Still growing in size, we now have midsize jets. These are the jets you’d use if you are looking for travel from the east coast to the west without stopping. They are roomy, allow for more amenities and luxuries, and are often referred to as being very comfortable.

On average, midsize jets can hold five to ten passengers who can fly comfortably together for extending periods. Plus, the private lavatory keeps everyone at ease and happy. So, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you may want to consider midsize jets such as Astra SPX, Lear 55, Citation VII, Hawker 800, and the Gulfstream G150.

4. Super Jets

Super jets are super! They are the largest of the jets we’ve discussed thus far – and they have the most luxurious comfort and amenities, too. You can get up and move about freely, get business done, nap quietly, and so on.

With super jets like Hawker 1000, Challenger 300, Citation X, Falcon 50, and Gulfstream 200, you will find air travel a smooth experience. With seating for about ten people, you can easily travel far distances without having to stop for fuel.

5. Heavy Jets

If a larger jet is what you are seeking, then a heavy jet will probably fit the bill. Aircraft such as the Challenger 601, Gulfstream III, Falcon 900, Gulfstream V, and Global Express have seating for about 18 people. Plus, they can travel great distances – like 6,000 miles. That means heavy jets can allow you to travel luxuriously throughout the world.

With lots of amenities and lots of space, you can count on these heavy jets to give you a top-of-the-line travel experience.

6. Jumbo Jets

Jumbo jets are the biggest class of private jets. They hold 60 passengers on average and may feel like traveling in a comfortable and glamorous commercial aircraft. Yes, they feel that big. Aircraft like the Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing Business Jet, and the BAC111 give you a flight experience unlike anything else.

When you have a lot of people to move from one destination to another – and you want to do it with a lot of amenities and technology – consider a jumbo jet.

So Which Luxury Private Jet is For You?

Well, there you have it – your guide to the different luxury private jets available to you. As long as you know who is traveling and where you are headed, you should be able to determine the best class of private jets to meet your needs. Whether a very light jet or a jumbo jet, you are sure to have an incredible travel experience.

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