Guide To Planning A Romantic Weekend Getaway In New York City

Guide To Planning A Romantic Weekend Getaway In New York City | The Early Air Way

Whether you have been married for twenty years or are a newly formed couple, a romantic weekend away can change everything. There are some adventures that make us want to fall in love and a weekend in New York City is such an adventure. Sharing a Cognac with your sweetheart in a historic, darkly-paneled New York City bar while gazing at Central Park will certainly inspire amorous thoughts.

New York City has been the setting for nearly ten thousand romantic movies. In fact, it is one of the most romantic cities in the world. There are a variety of romantic things to do in the city, including breathtaking scenic views, iconic tourist spots and incredibly romantic restaurants. The possibilities for romantic in New York City are almost endless. When you are looking to turn the heat up in your relationship, you need an itinerary that sizzles. To set the stage for love, this guide will help you plan the perfect romantic weekend in New York City.

Where to Stay

If you are looking for romance, you want to stay in a hotel that sets the scene. Here are some of the most romantic hotels in New York City.

Library Hotel

Arguably one of New York City’s most romantic places to stay, the Library Hotel is just a block away from New York’s Bryant Park. There are only six rooms per floor. Each room is dedicated to the 10 classifications of the Dewey Decimal System. You can choose the erotic literature room or the love room. The rooms feature both traditional hotel amenities as well as romantic art and books. Deep wood furnishings add to the sexy ambiance.

Nomo Soho

The outside entryway of the Nomo Soho beckons lovers to come stay. With ivy that crawls up the entrance way and an overhead forest of greenery, the magic begins before you even step foot in this hotel. Once inside, you will find guest rooms that are reminiscent of an upscale Greek island. They are decked out in white and blue. The rooms are contemporary with crisp lines. The 10-feet floor-to-ceiling windows provide an excellent view of downtown. For couples that want to be pampered the Aire Ancient Baths are just down the street. They offer luxurious spa experiences for couples.

Night Theater District

No, this is not a theater district in New York City; rather it is an edgy hotel that sets the scene for romance. The Night Theater District hotel features sexy, monochromatic interiors, mood lighting and racy artwork. If you are looking for even more sexiness, check out the Kama Sutra books that are stashed in the nightstands.

What to Do

Here is a list of super romantic things to do in New York City. Use it to get started building your lover’s itinerary.

Empire State Building

The iconic Empire State Building is one of the city’s most romantic sites. In fact, it was the setting for one of the most romantic movie scenes ever in the 1993 movie Sleepless in Seattle. If you and your honey are not afraid of heights, check out the observatory deck located on the 86th floor, which gives you a sweeping 360-degree view of the Manhattan. The best time to visit is at sunset.

The Loeb Boathouse

The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park is a great place to spend a romantic afternoon. It is one of the most beautiful spots in New York City. You can rent row boats and enjoy the lake or just relax with a cocktail and enjoy the scenic view.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The scenic Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a wonderful place to take a romantic walk at sunset with your sweetie. It has been featured in numerous movies including Moonstruck and Annie Hall. Sunset is the perfect time to catch gorgeous views of the New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline. Best of all, this attraction is free.

Where to Eat

New York City has no shortage of romantic eateries. Here are some of the most romantic spots to dine in the city.

River Cafe

This is perhaps one of the most romantic places to dine in the city. Offering remarkable views of the New York City skyline and nightly romantic piano music, the River Cafe will set the stage for love. The food is upscale. Only the freshest ingredients are used.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Located inside a historic Greenwich Village carriage house built in the 1700s, the One If By Land, Two If By Sea restaurant has been long recognized for its beautiful decor, romantic ambiance and classic menu. In fact, it is rumored that more people have announced their engagement here than any other restaurant in Manhattan. The brick fireplace, candlelit tables and private garden all make this restaurant the perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two.

Daniel Restaurant

Daniel Restaurant has been named one of the “10 Most Romantic Restaurants” by Offering the latest French cuisine by acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud, this restaurant offers a seven-course tasting menu that features only the freshest ingredients. Striking neoclassical architecture combined with elegant modern furnishings give this eatery a refined feel. Relax in the sophisticated bar and lounge for before and after dinner drinks.

Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon

The quaint Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon is known as one of the most romantic spots in New York City. The Victorian style furnishings and architecture provide the salon with plenty of elegance and refinement. You start the night off with a five-course tea that includes of a variety of tea sandwiches, fresh-baked pastries and a huge selection of fine teas.

How to Get There

Traveling by private jet is the ultimate way to start off any romantic weekend. Private jets are no longer only for celebrity couples. Many private jet companies offer deep discounts on unused inventory. For the perfect romantic weekend, consider impressing your sweetheart and book a New York private jet charter.

Travel Tips

Airport Survival Guide: 12 Tips To Get Through LAX Quickly & Easily

Are you traveling through LAX any time soon? Then, check out these tips.

With nine different terminals, parking located far-away and security lines that seem to stretch forever, LAX, or Los Angeles International Airport, can be a nightmare for many travelers.

LAX is the 6th busiest airport in the world. More than 74 million passengers a year travel through LAX, according to the City of Los Angeles. Moreover, the number of passengers just keeps increasing as well.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the number of passengers flying through LAX is projected to increase to 100 million travelers by the year 2040.

In spite of the increasing number of passengers at LAX, the airport has not changed much in 30 years. The aging infrastructure is not really designed to accommodate the number of passengers that fly through LAX. The airport is currently undergoing $14 billion renovations to address this problem and modernize the airport.

This is great for future flights, but for now, this means big crowds and big headaches for travelers.

Fortunately, there are some secret travel tips from LAX insiders that can help you breeze through the airport with ease.

Here are 12 of the best tips for travel through LAX.


#1 Plan to Arrive Really Early

Due to the ongoing construction at LAX, plan to arrive really early for your flight.

It is best to arrive at least 90 minutes for domestic flights and 120 minutes for international.

If you are traveling between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM or 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM, plan to arrive 120 minutes early for both domestic and international flights.


#2 Pack the Right Way

Do not stuff your bag so full that you have to sit on it to get it closed. If TSA chooses to open your bag, you will waste a lot of time trying to get the zipper closed as a crowd of other passengers impatiently look on.

In addition, a bag that is stuffed full of things will make it difficult for X-ray scanners to see what is in it, likely causing more time to be wasted. So, make sure that you organize your bag really well.

Neatly fold and stack your items. Packing cubes are really helpful as they keep everything contained in your luggage and maximize packing space too.

Plus, you can keep your underwear and other intimates discreetly tucked into a packing cube. This is helpful if you are ever randomly selected for TSA inspection.

In addition, do not stack books on top of one another.

Rather, spread them out in your luggage to make it easier for x-ray scanning.

#3 Follow the 3-1-1 Rule

You are probably aware of the 3-1-1 rule unless you have not flown since 9/11. Regardless, it is easy to forget and deal with a hassle at the airport.

Basically, this rule states that all gels and liquids must be in containers of 3.4 ounces or less.

In addition, these containers must be in a single quart-size zip-loc bag.

The tricky thing is remembering that everything that is a gel must be packed in the quart bag. This includes snacks that many people carry on such as peanut butter, salsa and spreadable cheese.

To avoid having to throw out your stash of snacks, make sure that they will fit with your toiletries in the bag or consume them before you pass through security.


#4 Be Cautious about Packing These Things

Here are some things that might be surprised to learn often set off security scanners at the airport.

Avoid packing them if you must. If you have to pack them, then learn what to do about them.


Underwire Bras

Although the TSA says that this is not as issue, many women swear that the metal in their bras has triggered security.

Therefore, avoid wearing an underwire bra on your flight. Instead choose a more comfortable option, a sports-bra.



Many inhalers use an aerosol product. If you use an inhaler, inform an officer in advance that you are carrying one.

Make sure that it is properly labeled with the prescription information. This will help speed up things.



The metal in headbands often triggers the scanner.

Send your headband through security on the x-ray belt to avoid triggering the scanner when you go through it.


#5 Skip the Hassle at LAX Altogether by Booking a Los Angeles Private Jet Charter

Want to avoid dealing with all of the issues above? Would you like to skip long security lines, pack as much luggage as you want and not worry about parking?

One secret is to book a Los Angeles private jet charter.

There are lots of myths surrounding private jets, such as that you have to be as rich as Bill Gates or Brad Pitt to afford one. Although that might have once been the case, it is simply no longer true.

Many private jet charter companies offer empty leg flights at serious discounts. These unused seats on private jets can cost up to 75 percent less than a typical private flight.

Sometimes, it can be cheaper to fly via private jet when you add up all of the extra fees that commercial airlines charge.

Here are some of the other benefits of private charter flights:

  • They can often fly when other airlines have to cancel or delay flights because of weather- Private jets can land at a number of smaller, nearby airports and avoid weather issues at times.
  • With a private flight, you will not be required to go through long TSA lines. Forget about emptying your pockets or taking off your shoes and coat. There are no body scanners or metal detectors. This means that instead of arriving 120 minutes early for your flight, you can arrive just minutes before.

These are just a few of the benefits of a Los Angeles private jet charter. There are many other advantages to traveling via a private jet.

Travel Tips

How To Make Business Travel A Getaway

The life of a business traveler can be exhausting. Days and weeks away from home, family, and friends combined with the tiring realities of travel can leave you feeling drained. One idea to make this lifestyle easier is to combine work and pleasure. It can be a simple matter to extend that business trip to allow for sightseeing and vacation time.

There are a few simple things to keep in mind when adding a few extra days of holiday onto a business trip. Although not every city might seem ripe for personal exploration, you may be surprised to find that nearly every town has something to see, whether it be a small, local museum, a gorgeous covered bridge, or a unique gastronomic treat. Next time you have a work trip coming up, perhaps it’s time to consider extending your trip to add on some fun.

Check with Your Employer

The first point should be obvious make sure extending your business trip works out for your employer and vacation time. If short on time, many employers will even make exceptions to allow for a day or two unpaid.  It is important to keep in mind any tax issues that could arise. The IRS has plenty of rules and regulations, of course, for what qualifies as a business expense, so caution is the word of the day.

The Best in Business Class

One perk for many business class travelers is the ability to fly business class. When extending that business trip for a day or two of holiday, one consideration is the flight to or from your destination with your travel companion. For that very special occasion, maybe the entire family can fly business class, or even splurge on something as special as a private charter jet!

Stay at Your Business Hotel or Change Locations?

Business hotels have a lot going for them. They are generally well-located, offer many amenities, and come with the name of a big chain hotel. In some cities, such as New Orleans, such a hotel may work out perfectly for extending your trip. The New Orleans convention center and the hotels surrounding it happen to be located within walking distance to the French Quarter, street musicians, and gourmet food the city is known for, and many offer views of the mighty Mississippi. However, in case your business trip is to a city such as Cedar Rapids, moving into a quaint bed and breakfast or independent hotel could make your stay a bit more memorable.

What to Do?

Luckily for the business traveler looking to add on a few days of holiday, many work trips happen in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Portland or Denver. There is no challenge in finding museums, parks, shopping, and dining options. Things may require a bit more research, however, if work brings you to a less cosmopolitan location. The major cities of the United States are undeniably fascinating, but the true charm and heart of the country lies in the small towns.

The South

Search out the best fried chicken or local gumbo, wander former plantations, and walk through civil war history, all with that famous southern hospitality.

The Northeast

Clam chowder, antiques, and the best fall foliage in the country, along with short travel distances make it is easy to visit several states in one day.

The Midwest

Traditional main streets, covered bridges, country fairs, rolling farmland, and a “down home” feel.

The Rockies and Southwest

Mountain scenery, former gold mines, New Mexico chilies, and dramatic landscape combine to take your breath away.

The Pacific

World class wine villages, dramatic coastlines, mountain lakes, and fantastic seafood.

Throughout the country, each month brings a variety of festivals, street fairs, and traditional local events that will be unlike anything you may find elsewhere. Search out local community boards, ask the locals, and check in with the local café or bar staff, who always seem to be in the know.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Perhaps the most essential tool in creating a magical vacation holiday attached to your business trip is to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. In a town which seemingly has nothing going on? Head to the local bar for open mic night or karaoke. Not your style? That doesn’t mean it can’t create a memory to last a lifetime. During harvest time in a small town, join the locals for wine stomping or participate in the pumpkin festival, complete with hayrides, cotton candy, and adorable kids running wild in jean overalls.  Each region of the country has their very own food specialties. A little nervous about deep fried pickles or geoduck? You will never know until you try it!

Make the Most of Your Time

Although you don’t want a couple of extra days for holiday to be overloaded, with just a day or two added on to a business trip it only makes sense to go in with a plan. Do some research, know your options, and have a general idea for trip. Combine entertainment and dinner with a trip to a dinner theater. In areas with no public transportation, perhaps figure in a car rental to get out into the countryside for a picnic. Often times, local tour companies can provide wonderful trips for local sightseeing to places you may have a hard time discovering on your own.

….Or Don’t

Perhaps what you really need is a holiday “in”. Perhaps you find yourself booked into a hotel featuring a pool, satellite TV, room service, and spa services. Sometimes, what the harried business traveler really needs is simply a day or two to decompress. Take this time to sleep in, to eat breakfast in bed, and partake in a massage or facial. Most of all, time to simply relax and enjoy some down time.

Regardless of where your work may take you, by extending for a day or two not only will you be able to take advantage of some time off, but you may also discover a tiny piece of magic where you least expected it.


Tropical Vacations On A Budget: Best, Most Affordable Cruises From Miami For Winter 2016

Now is the perfect time to book a winter tropical holiday so that you can get a break from the chilly winter months. Why not trade the cold and snow for a week in the Caribbean? A cruise is a great way to enjoy the tropics in the winter. The variety of entertainment and activities available on cruise ships make them a great option for almost any traveler. Instead of visiting just one tropical locale, why not visit several bustling ports and pristine beaches this winter? The best cruises travel to a variety of tropical destinations in the Caribbean. In addition, cruises are an affordable way to enjoy a tropical vacation on a budget.

Whatever your idea of fun, there is a cruise ship that offers it. There is something for everyone, whether your idea of fun is a thrilling water slide or Broadway caliber entertainment. Not only do cruise ships offer a variety of entertainment options, but the choices for dining are numerous, as well. Most ships have enough to please Millennials and grandparents alike.

Miami is a great departure port for cruises as it provides a tropical vacation experience like no other port in the world. In fact, the port is known as the “Cruise Capital of the World”, welcoming millions of passengers through its terminal each year. The port of Miami offers sweeping views of downtown Miami and the Biscayne Bay and is the global headquarters for the five largest cruise lines in the world. Miami is also a great city to explore either before or after your cruise. With unrivaled nightlife, world-renowned beaches and unique Latin flavor, this is one city that you will want to check out.

Getting to Miami is easy. Just make sure that you arrive in port the day before the cruise leaves if at all possible. If you cannot take time off work the day before or if you want a more convenient way of traveling, consider taking a private jet to Miami. Often, commercial flights are delayed, especially in the winter. Although you might be able to be rescheduled for free if you miss your flight, you will not receive any compensation from the airline for the cruise if you miss the ship. Due to important port schedules, ships cannot wait for passengers that do not arrive on time. Therefore, if you are late because of a flight delay, you will likely be out all of the money that you paid for the cruise as most cruise lines will not allow cancellations past a certain point and that is usually at least 30 days before the cruise departs. In addition, if you fly commercial, you might have to wait in the airport for a long time before your flight. Although cruise ships usually arrive back to port very early in the morning, such as at 7 or 8 AM, it can be anywhere from one hour to several hours before you are let off the ship depending on customs. Therefore, most people book flights late in the afternoon. The problem is that you could be waiting in the airport for hours if you have to debark the ship early.

For these reasons, it is a great idea to book a private jet to Miami if you are going on a cruise. There are no delays so you do not have to worry about missing the ship. In addition, when you leave the ship, you will either immediately board your flight or relax in a comfortable executive lounge until your flight arrives. There is no need to wait for hours in a busy airport with nothing to do. What’s more is that you can carry on as much luggage as you want when you fly via a private charter. This can come in handy for a cruise as there is often a need to change multiple times a day due to all the activities on board. You can carry snorkel or other sports gear with you unlike on a commercial flight, where there are extra charges for everything. Because of the all of the extra charges associated with commercial flights, it can be more cost-effective to book a private jet charter. Most of the time, you can find great deals on unused seats.

So, if you are ready to trade in your winter scarf and coat for sunglasses, flip- flops and a pair of shorts, there are several world-class cruises departing from Miami this winter. Check out these tropical cruises for 2016.

Norwegian Escape

Get whisked away to a tropical paradise this winter on the Norwegian Escape. Sail to the Eastern Caribbean on board the Escape this winter and visit several exotic tropical islands including Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and the Bahamas. With rates from only $379 a person this winter, the Escape is a great deal. The Escape is one of the most innovative ships ever built. With more than 21 bars and lounges, 12 pools and hot tubs and a party scene to rival any of the hottest clubs in Miami, there is something for everyone onboard the Escape.

You can explore exotic flavors from Iron Chef Jose Garces at one of the two new restaurants. Jimmy Buffett fans will love the new Margaritaville at Sea. Kids and teens will delight in the water park that includes four thrilling water traveslides, including a freefall slide where the bottom drops out of the slide. The kid’s only Aqua Park is perfect for the little ones. Thrill seekers will love getting strapped into a harness three stories above the ocean and dangling on rails, bridges and rope ladders. Those that prefer even more heart-stopping excitement can walk a plank that extends over the side of the ship, more than 100 feet high above the sea. If walking a plank is not your thing, you can enjoy world-class entertainment, such as the hit show After Midnight, a musical that won the 2014 Tony Award.

Celebrity Reflection

The Celebrity Reflection is a premium ship that offers 7-night cruises to the U.S. Virgin Islands, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles. Starting at $549, the rates are hard to beat. The Reflection, only four years old, is a stunning ship. She offers an array of dining, entertainment and learning opportunities. Enjoy outdoor grilling at the new Lawn Club Grill. Or, unwind in the private cabana-style retreat on The Lawn Club. Offering breathtaking ocean views during the day and romantic views of the stars at night, The Alcoves is perfect for couples. These are just a few highlights of the Reflection in a long list of many.

Either of these two cruises would provide a great escape this winter. So, get your sunglasses ready and get started on booking your tropical vacation today.

Travel Tips

The Curse of Jet Lag and How to Overcome It


Your holiday has finally arrived. You have spent months dreaming of lying on that white sand beach, margarita in hand, gazing out over the turquoise waters. Or maybe your daydreams have revolved around sunrise safari drives, roaming the bush in search of Africa’s amazing wildlife. Or is it the idea of wandering the streets of SE Asia in search of the best street noodle stall has been on your mind.

You arrive at your dream destination, excited to hit the ground running and embrace every second of your vacation, but instead you feel dazed and confused. In the best case scenario, you feel exhausted and your dreams turn to simply retreating to your room for a much needed nap. In the worst case scenario, the simple act of retrieving your luggage and escaping through customs and immigration seems truly unbearable. Wherever your vacation has led you, the last thing you want to have to deal with is the dreaded, the seemingly inevitable, jet lag.

Jet lag affects each individual differently, and comes in many different variances depending on everything from which direction you are flying, whether or not you are crossing the equator, and length of travel. But regardless of the level of jet lag you experience, two facts are uncontested; one, jet lag is caused by the biorhythmic confusion and, two, no one likes to deal with it.

Here are several suggested options for reducing the affect time change has on your body.

Don’t Start Your Trip Tired

Inevitably, the days before a trip are packed with checking off lists of things to do, and getting all aspects of your life in order. If you are leaving behind pets to be cared for, work projects to be re-assigned, or simply trying to decide what to pack, the 24-48 hours before your trip can be madness. Plan accordingly. Have your affairs in order a week ahead. Do a pre-pack several days in advance to balance what fits in the suitcase with what you feel you will need. Place all of your documents; passport, airline confirmation, money, etc. together in a safe place so you know everything is accounted for. Since many flights, especially to Europe and points south, depart in the very early a.m., instead of celebrating your holiday by staying up late, try to head to bed a little earlier than normal to account for that early alarm clock.

Use Your Flight Time Wisely

It happens to the best of us. The excitement of holiday calls for drinks on the plane, perhaps followed by more drinks. The in-flight movie is one you’ve wanted to see for months, but hadn’t taken the time. On long, international flights, the individual entertainment console is calling your name. Just say no. Alcohol, combined with the stagnant airplane air and time change, has an even greater effect on the system. You can catch the movie another day.  A few hours of sleep, instead, will be a much needed commodity when your feet touch foreign soil.

Change Your Mind, Along with Your Watch

One of the most effective ways to combat jet lag is to use your mind. The minute the cabin crew announces the local time at your destination, change your watch, but also change your mindset. You have no longer just left your home airport, but instead you are on Europe time. Easier said than done, but with practice, this mental switch will prove to be one of your most valuable assets in beating jet lag.

Stay Awake Upon Arrival

One of the very worst things you can do for jet lag is to stagger to your hotel room for a nap. Fresh air and sunlight is the enemy of jet lag, and succumbing to a nap for several hours will only make it worse. Check in to your hotel and go for a walk, have a light meal, or simply sit in the park and people watch. Force yourself to hang in there until you have reached an early local bedtime. Know you will, most likely, be wide awake quite early the next morning, but adjusting as quickly as possible to the local time is key.

The Last Resort

Some people experience very little jet lag. Whether their body’s natural rhythms or an ironclad mindset is the key, they are able to quickly acclimate to different time zones in short order. Others, often frequent business travelers, have developed a routine that works for them, and they simply plan accordingly by considering arrival day a bit of a bust, until their body clock adjusts. For some, however, the stresses of travel and time zones is simply too much, and to lessen the challenges they resort to some additional assistance. One, oft-used, possibility is melatonin. This hormone helps readjust your internal clock, and many travelers swear by it. Keep in mind that, while available over the counter in the United States, it is considered illegal in some parts of the world. For a heavier pharmaceutical strength fix, Ambien seems to be the most popular choice.

To ease in your transition, it does help to consider travel direction. Studies have shown that traveling west to east is harder on the system due to the advancement of time, which proves more challenging for the natural biorhythms to adjust to. Taking the direction of travel into account, you can manage your first days in a new time zone more efficiently with the knowledge, for instance, to not plan an action packed day when you first arrive in Europe from the United States. While the opposite is true heading east, so do not be surprised to find yourself more than ready for that 6am floating market visit on your first day in Bangkok.

Some travelers swear that private jet travel and flying business class reduce jet lag, which may very well simply be due to their more comfortable mode of travel, but it is certainly worth a try if your budget allows! Whichever class of service your travel includes, follow the ideas above and enjoy a, relatively easy transition to the holiday of your dreams.

Travel Tips

Always Travel Coach? Take A Second Look At Flying Private

When you need to travel, the first thing that comes to mind is booking a reservation with an airline. You try to find the best seat on the plane and hope that the person sitting next to you turns out to be someone who doesn’t make you want to jump out of the plane. For your next trip, consider a different approach to flying. There’s a lot to be said for booking a private jet charter and winging your way to the intended destination. Here are some of the more important points you should keep in mind.

Flying on Your Time Table

With commercial flights, you are limited in terms of when you can leave and when you can return home. If you’re lucky, it’s possible to book a flight that doesn’t involve multiple layovers and frequent connections that leave you with little time to catch your breath. You also hope and pray that one of your connections isn’t delayed long enough that you miss the next connection and end up spending several hours waiting for the next flight out.

All of the guesswork goes out the window when you choose to charter a private jet. The flight will leave at whatever time you choose. Checking in is not any big deal, and you can board the jet quickly and begin to settle in. Depending on the distance you need to travel, there will be no need to change planes along the way. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

More Room 

Many private jets are designed to accommodate a limited number of clients at a time. Perhaps you are taking the family for a vacation. All told, there will be eight people on the flight. The jet you choose accommodates ten, so there is some extra room to relax.

That additional room involves more than a couple of extra seats. The layout could include tables that make it easy to do some work, play games on a laptop, or enjoy board or card games during the flight. Taller members of the family will love the ability to stretch out and take a nap in one of the reclining seats. Try doing any of these activities on a typical airline flight.

Food That’s to Your Taste

Airline food has been fodder for jokes over the years and with some justification. At best, the odds of ending up with something you really like are not that high. With a private jet charter, you get to choose the food that’s stocked in the galley ahead of time.

The fact that you have control of the menu is more than a convenience. Perhaps you or a member of your family has certain food allergies or needs to follow a particular type of diet in order to manage a chronic condition. With a little planning, you can ensure the meals are low in carbohydrates, ideal for people watching their cholesterol levels, or happy to be gluten free.

Landing Closer to Your Destination

You may not realize it, but there are a number of airports that can only accommodate smaller planes. That means taking a commercial flight could mean having to debark and switch to a puddle jumper in order to get where you want to go. Those smaller airports are often prime landing places for private jets, especially the ones that are designed to carry less than fifty passengers. If your destination happens to be Sarasota, FL, the closest you will get with a larger flight is Tampa. With a private jet, you get to sit back and fly directly into Sarasota.

Traveling Just for Two

Did you know there are private jet charters that will accommodate two people as easily as a dozen? Think of what that could mean when you want to plan a trip for you and that special someone. It’s easy enough to arrange for long-stem roses to be arranged to perfection in the cabin. The galley can include something chilled for the two of you to enjoy, and the crew will make sure they are discreetly out of sight and out of mind. This type of setting is ideal for a romantic getaway whether it involves flying to a destination that has significance to you and your beloved, or going to dinner at a restaurant located on the other side of the country.

More Cost Effective Than You Think

The cost of flying on a private jet is more affordable than many people realize. When the overall cost is broken down per person, it is often competitive with the expense of purchasing a ticket from a commercial airline.

Above and beyond the flight cost, there is the time savings you enjoy as a result of being able to get where you are going sooner rather than later. Private charter companies do their best to be flexible when it comes to scheduling outbound flights. That means you can call them around lunchtime and leave for your destination right after work.

When the plan is to be in a customer’s office first thing in the morning, you don’t want to run the risk of being late. A commercial flight may or may not have you in town soon enough to freshen up and be ready to talk about whatever is on the customer’s mind. By choosing to fly out on a private jet today, you have time to get to the hotel, prepare for the upcoming meeting, get plenty of sleep, and be at your best when you sit down with the client. The fact that you are prepared and on time will go a long way toward maintaining the relationship and keeping the company cash flow healthy.

Private jets are not just for business use. Couples, families, or even friends who are going on a group vacation should consider this travel option seriously. After learning more about the expense and comparing the cost with the perks, it won’t be hard to make the right decision.


Planning a Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Las Vegas is ground zero when it comes to hosting the world’s best parties. Millions of people come to this city each year to celebrate festive occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and engagements.

When you are in charge of planning a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, you may wonder what steps you should take to ensure its success. These party planning tips will help you create a celebration that the bride and guests will remember forever.

Make Transportation Easy

A bachelorette party is not truly a party without all of the bride’s closest friends there to celebrate with her. When you want everyone to get to Vegas as quickly and easily as possible, take the logistics guesswork out of the transportation by hiring a private jet. This option eliminates the guests’ need to drive to Las Vegas. They also do not have to buy a bus ticket or hitch a ride with someone else to get there.

A private jet has all of the accommodations you need to get the bride’s friends there and back easily. The flight also takes less time than if you were to fly commercial. Take up to a dozen or more friends to the bachelorette party when you hire a private jet for the occasion.

Invite the Nearest and Dearest

Most brides are a bundle of nerves in the days leading up to their weddings. Eliminate drama and guarantee that the bride will have fun at her own party by inviting those friends who are nearest and dearest to her.

Leave out friends who may secretly be resentful of the bride or people who may disagree with her choice of groom. Also eliminate guests who do not get along with each other. The party should evolve into a night of fun rather than a cat fight.

Choose the Venue Carefully

Vegas is indeed the party city that never sleeps. However, despite being famous for its loud and colorful casinos and over-the-top hotels, it also has other venues that you can choose for the party if the bride is not the wild, gambling type.

Some of the world’s most upscale and elegant restaurants, hotels, tea rooms, and clubs are located in Las Vegas. Choose a venue that matches the bride’s taste and personality while planning the party.

Don’t Forget the Gratuities

Las Vegas is a place where you must tip if you want consistent and great service. When planning the party, you should discreetly and tastefully remind guests that they will need to tip the wait staff, porter, valets, hotel maids, and others who will make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

The bride, however, should not be expected to tip since the party is in her honor. You can cover her gratuity yourself or ask other guests to contribute to cover her share of tipping.

Las Vegas has it all when you want to celebrate your friend’s upcoming marriage. With careful planning, you can pull off a bachelorette party that will be one for the ages. As you are planning out the details, you should keep these suggestions in mind. They will help the party be more fun and also ensure that everyone invited gets to and from the party easily.


Travel Tips

International Traveling Tips

When traveling internationally there are important things that you have to remember to do and bring. For example you have to have a passport in order to leave the country as well as enter a new country.

That is why it is so important to make copies of your passport. Photo copy your passport in case it gets lost or stolen. If you do not have a copy of your passport, and someone steels it, than you will not have any proof of your citizenship. Not having proof of citizenship will make your journey home extremely difficult.

Just as you needed a passport to leave, you also need your passport to come back home. Making sure that you have your passports, as well as copies, will ensure your ability to get to and from your destination.

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Travel Tips

Holiday Traveling: How to Survive

The holidays are the most hectic time of year to travel. Long lines, delayed flights, lost luggage, there are a lot of things to get stressed out about.

One way to make your holiday travels stress free is hiring a private jet charter. By doing so, you will skip the lines and fly straight to your destination with your luggage.

If you do decide to fly commercially, packing light can save you a ton of hassle. An article on explains how much time you can save by not having to check a bag. In addition, by packing all your belongings into a carry on size bag, you won’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost or stolen.

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Best Destinations to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is a major holiday in the United States. Every place celebrates it in their own way. An article on lists the 10 best Halloween celebrations in the U.S.

The first celebration mentioned in the article is located in New York. It is called the Village Halloween Parade and is held in lower Manhattan. At this parade people create pageant puppets made out of papier-mache. Everyone is welcome to join in on the parade as long as they are in costume.

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