How to Get the Best Charter Plane Prices in Summer

Vacationing this summer yet trying to stay within your travel budget? Here you’ll find tips on how to get the best charter plane prices during this busy time of year!

Summer is prime travel time for many people. Kids are off of school which means taking a vacation that is longer than a 3-day weekend can be done more easily and without being a detriment to students. Plus, depending on where you are traveling, summer weather makes certain locales much more enjoyable.

Traveling with your family, however, can mean that you have a lot of plane tickets to purchase – especially if you have a large group. Unfortunately, this can take up the bulk of your vacation savings. Instead of wasting your time searching for the cheapest commercial flights and hoping that you can get seats together with your family, why not book yourself on a private jet charter? You can keep everyone together in the comfort of a private jet.

With these tips, you will be able to find yourself the best charter plane prices for the summer.


Book the Best Charter Plane Prices in Advance

While every now and then you can find yourself a cheap flight last minute, it is not usually the case. Instead, you should consider booking in advance to get the best deal on charter plane prices.

Private jet charters set their course based on where they are traveling. If you book in advance, the pilots are able to plot out a course and clear up any empty leg issues. And, they will be right where you need them to be – and when you need them to be there.

  • If you choose to wait until the last minute, you may need a flight that is located in one city – not yours – that doesn’t have any passengers to fly to your city.
  • Essentially, this means they have to pay to come to pick you up for your flight.

It is an inconvenience all the way around and you are likely to see the cost of that inconvenience in your charter fee.

See, when it comes to private jet charters, they do not have the volume of other travelers to hold down a particular flight. And though they are more flexible, they cannot carry extra passengers. In other words, once a flight is booked, it is booked. You aren’t getting a ticket, too.


Early Booking Helps Secure Your Aircraft Choice

In addition to saving money on charter plane prices, booking early can allow you to fly on the best private jet for your needs – and your wants.

It is easy to shrug your shoulders and say that the flight will be available because there are a lot of private jet charters. But keep in mind that just as you are seeking a private jet for your summer travel, so are many others.

When it comes to chartering private jets, you will pay based on the type of jet you choose. If you are trying to maintain a budget and all the more economical options are already booked, you may find yourself with a heftier bill than anticipated.

Let’s not even mention that you may or may not find one that is capable of handling your family members, luggage, and travel distance.


Take Advantage of Empty Leg Flights

Just as we discussed above that sometimes private jets will find themselves without passengers when they need to travel to a new destination for their next booking, this is where you will find savings.

Known as empty leg flights, when pilots would otherwise be flying an empty jet, they can offer the savings to you – since you are both heading the same direction – which can save you a ton of money in your travel fare.

The problem with empty leg flights? They aren’t guaranteed.

If you have a family of six that you are taking to Orlando, Florida to see Micky Mouse in Walt Disney World, you may not want to rely on empty leg travel.

  • First, there is no guarantee that you will find an empty leg flight.
  • Second, you don’t know that it will accommodate your family.
  • And, lastly, it may or may not leave on the dates you require – especially if you are matching it with resort reservations.

Empty leg flights are a wonderful way to save money when traveling via a private jet charter. However, perhaps they are best suited for couples or those with unrestricted travel freedom.


Only Book the Size You Need

Just as you want to book early to get the private jet you want, it is a good idea that you make sure it is the right private jet for your needs.

Everyone wants the roomiest, most luxurious jets. But, do you need it? If you are trying to budget your family’s summer vacation travel, then stick to the private jets that will best fit your needs.

A few things to consider are the size of the plane, the distance it can travel, and the number of passengers it can hold.


Be Flexible with Your Airports

Part of your cost to fly is the fee assessed by the airports. And, it is important to note that these fees can vary from airport to airport. Flying into a large international airport, for example, may have a much greater price tag than, say, a smaller commercial or private airport.

Believe it or not, these savings can range from a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. And that is a significant save.

So, if you are traveling to a large city, consider the airports that surround the main, well-known airport.

While commercial aircraft can’t fit and utilize all these extra airports, smaller, private jets can. This can save you money. Of course, it may also help get you closer to your destination – and away from busy airport traffic, too.



Well, there you have it. Your tips for finding the best charter plane prices so you and your family can head out and explore the world this summer. Budgeting for your vacation is a smart idea. And, just think – with the money that you save, you can enjoy more experiences and make additional memories with your family.

Summer. Sun. Fun. And, savings on a chartered jet? Absolutely.


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