Luxury Journeys for 2016

Luxury Journeys for 2016 | The Early Air Way's Blog

Planning your vacation for next year is exciting and a lot of fun. If you need some luxury destination ideas, here are the top picks by travel specialists.

  1. Kyushu is  Japan’s southern island and boasts luxury inns, hot springs, and a wide variety of cultural activities.
  2. Central Asia’s former Silk Road has turned into a hot spot for tourists stretching from China to Turkey.
  3. Sabah, Borneo is perfect for travelers who want to be near nature. Sabah is surrounded by jungle and many animals.
  4. The Republic of Georgia is known for the Caucasus Mountains and it’s vast production of wine.
  5. Colombia was previously known for being a dangerous country to travel to but it has recently become a safe and top country to visit. It has access to two oceans and has jungles to be explored.
  6. Kenya is known for it’s Masai Mara Nature Reserve which was seen on the movie “Out of Africa” which was released 30 years ago. Some travel companies are even giving deals to visit Kenya for the 30th anniversary.
  7. Peru is known for it’s mountain, Machu Picchu. But you should visit this country for it’s amazing cuisine. Lima, Peru has 3 of the top 50 best restaurants in the world.
  8. Cuba has reopened it’s borders and tourists are rushing to visit this island that has been untouched by modern companies for many years.
  9. The Artic usually brings to mind images of ice and polar bears and is usually disregarded as a vacation destination. However travel companies are taking advantage of frozen tundra as a place to get away from the modern world.
  10. If you don’t want to travel too far, you should visit 1 or several of the 59 U.S. National Parks are spread out across the country.

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