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How to Find Empty Seats on Private Jets

You could contact your charter company and book a flight to take you to your destination —- and pay full price. Or, if you are flexible in your travel, then you can find empty seats on private jets and save yourself some money without giving up all the perks of flying private

But how do you do it? Where do you find these seats? The secret is just knowing where to look and having the right charter company on your side. 

Can You Really Find Empty Seats on Private Jets? 

Empty seats on private jets are available for you, most commonly though empty leg flights. However, now and then, some travelers are looking to cut the cost of their trip so they look for others heading in the same direction — offering a ride on their shared jet. This can happen at any time but is highly popular when big events are taking place, such as the Super Bowl. 

As their name suggests, empty-leg flights are those jets that have to travel a leg with an empty cabin — meaning there are no passengers. This can cost the jet since it has to pay for the fuel and the flight crew without having any paying passengers to help offset these fees. 

How do they find themselves without passengers?

Well, not everyone who books a charter flight wants a return flight right away, if ever. That means if a private jet reaches a destination to drop passengers, it may need to fly back to where it came from without anyone on board. Also, sometimes jets have to relocate to pick up passengers. For instance, if they dropped someone in the past who now wants their return flight, the jet will need to go pick up the passenger — potentially heading there empty. 

The Benefits of Finding Empty Seats 

Although you may not get the level of personalization that you would typically find when chartering, there are benefits to finding empty seats on private jets. Let’s take a look at a few of the perks that are must-haves. 

Arriving for your flight. You don’t have to arrive hours in advance for your private charter. You only need to be here about 15 to 20 minutes before it is scheduled to depart. Empty-leg flights may have a little flexibility in time should you find yourself stuck in traffic, but they usually have a schedule they need to keep. 

FBOs and Private Airports. When you find an empty seat, you will likely be flying into and out of private airports or FBOs. You will avoid busy major airports and simply enjoy the amenities and comforts that come with traveling without long waits to check in, long security lines, and so forth. 

Luxurious comfort. Once you do finally make it on the jet, you will find overstuffed, comfortable chairs with retractable tables, and maybe even a couch or two throughout the cabin. There is plenty of legroom and space — and every opportunity to move around as you wish. 

Inflight entertainment. Once on board, you can stay connected with those on the ground thanks to the strong wireless connection. Depending on the aircraft, you may have monitors, entertainment systems, DVD players, charging stations, and more. 

The galley and refreshments. Again, it depends on the jet, but you can expect to have some sort of refreshments while onboard a private jet and you are always more than welcome to bring your food with you. 

Relaxed baggage. Unlike commercial flights, you will not have to worry about baggage restrictions. You will almost always have access to the full baggage capacity allowed on your aircraft. 

Find Empty Seats When You Find the Right Charter Company

A quick Google search will confirm that there are many charter companies out there. There are a lot of broker services too — which means you are dealing with a middle person rather than the charter company itself. 

To find empty seats on private jets, you have to find the right charter company. This means finding the company that offers you a few key factors, including: 

  • Having a charter fleet with a wide selection of aircraft. 
  • Capable of traveling to a great number of destinations throughout the United States and the world. 
  • Offering consistent rates that are equivalent to others in the industry — or better. 

What’s more, finding a charter company near you will give you access to the largest number of convenient available flights

You should feel comfortable reaching out to this charter company to determine what flights are available for a discount, as well as obtaining quotes for regular travel. Engage with them and build a rapport that can make your private travel experience even more personable and enjoyable. 

Sign Up For Alerts

If you have all the time in the world, you can spend your days looking up empty-leg flights. You can try to find something that will give you what you are looking for — between the two locations you want to travel. Of course, you will have to do this all the time so you don’t miss out. 

Let’s be real. Monitoring charter companies for potential empty-leg flights is not always a feasible option. It should be mentioned, too, that not all charter companies will list their empty-leg flights online. 

So, what can you do? 

When you find the right charter company, they will have an easy way of alerting you of newly available empty-leg flights — such as sending them via email to you the moment a flight becomes available. This is even greater if you can narrow down your search terms so you only get notified on flights you may be interested in. 

Looking For Empty Seats on Private Jets? 

At The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys, you will find empty seats on private jets just waiting for you. Find yours today, listed easily for you on our website! While you are there, don’t forget to sign up for alerts on all the upcoming empty leg specials available to you — even narrowing it down to the route you are looking for!

We make finding empty seats easy! 

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Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Are you heading out of town for the holidays? 

Many travelers take to the roads and the skies this time of year, taking advantage of the time off of work and school. Some visit family they don’t see throughout the year. Others like to visit places they have never seen — or spend time in those places they hold dear. 

Regardless of your reason for traveling, there is no doubt that millions of others will be joining you as they make their plans, too. 

During such a busy season, you want to stay safe as you get to and from your destination. Below are a few holiday travel safety tips to ensure you can fill your days with holiday cheer — without fear.

Choose Safe Places to Travel

Our world is constantly changing, including where you should and should not travel. It is always a good idea to look into your destination before you book your flight. This is most important for those who are traveling to international destinations

The  U.S. Department of State has a list that is constantly updated to keep you safe. Be sure to check this before you book your travel and again before you head out. It can give you location-specific information and also give you time to review the threats so that you stay informed. 

Take Notice of the Weather 

Winter weather always interferes with travel plans. Whether traveling to a frosty destination or leaving one, snow, ice, and winter winds can lead to delays and cancellations. 

Weather can change in an instant so it is always a good idea to stay on top of it. Not only will this help you to know what to expect, but it can also help you pack appropriately and maintain your safety along the way, too. 

Be Prepared for the Delays and Cancellations

If you are traveling on a commercial flight, be prepared for the aforementioned delays and cancellations. While it’s possible to make it through your entire holiday trip without ever having an issue with your flight, this would be the exception more so than the rule. 

You can never be entirely prepared for disruptions, but there are a few things you can do to make it a bit more manageable. 

  • Make sure you have everything booked in advance
  • Avoid the busiest airports
  • Bring things with you to keep you occupied – especially if you are traveling with kids
  • Keep all necessities in your carryon
  • Be sure to have some snacks as airport food isn’t always the healthiest
  • Have a backup plan

Watch Your Belongings

Keep your luggage and other personal items under a watchful eye at all times. Being around large crowds is a great place for things to go missing. 

As an added measure of safety, it is always a good idea to not put all your valuables – including money and credit cards — in one location. Instead, consider splitting these up in more than one spot, preferably on your person. 

Taking pictures of your driver’s license, credit cards, passport, and the like is always a good idea just in case they do go missing. And, if traveling internationally, always make sure someone back home has a copy of your passport and ID, as well as your travel itinerary just in case. 

Stay Connected

Staying connected may look different from one person to the next based on the type of traveling you are doing and who you are traveling with. For instance, turning on your location sharing can allow others to see where you are at any given time. This can be helpful to see whether you made it to your destination safely or are en route. It can also be helpful in case something happens and you need help. 

Group chats with those you are traveling with or with friends and family is an easy way to update everyone on your travel status without having to send a bunch of repeat texts to individual people. 

Never post your travel information or communicate with others about your travels on social media. 

Keep Your Health In Check

When you travel, you encounter large crowds and come in contact with a long list of illnesses. While you are always at risk of catching something, dealing with stress and a weakened immune system will increase your chance of getting more than just a getaway for the holidays. 

Take steps to keep yourself healthy. Below are a few ways you can do this: 

  • Take your vitamins, including Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D
  • Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently
  • Eat well, bringing nutritious snacks with you
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Stay hydrated
  • Reduce your stress as much as possible

And, if you want to significantly reduce your risk of airborne illnesses, wear a mask when in large groups. 

Travel Via a Private Jet Charter

Many holiday movies depict the stress and frustration of commercial air travel through the holiday season. And as exaggerated as many of these scenes may seem, they are quite accurate. 

Commercial air travel during the holidays can be a nightmare. Reduce your stress and give yourself a much more positive, safe experience with private travel. You can reduce your chance of having to deal with many of the above when you choose to book a charter flight instead. 

  • Comfortable, luxurious flight accommodations
  • Fly out of and into smaller private airports — and avoid the crowds
  • No long security lines
  • Straight-through flights with no connections
  • More flexibility when choosing flight times
  • No wasted time waiting around airports and losing out on your vacation fun
  • Reduced risk of coming in contact with germs and illness

What’s more, private jets can often travel when commercial airliners are grounded. That means you have a decreased chance of having your flight delayed or canceled. 


Kepp this helpful holiday travel safety tips in mind. And in all, private jet charters are the best way — and most stress-free way — to travel during the holiday season. 

Want to give it a try? The Early Air Way can help you find the right flight to meet your travel needs. Contact us today to get started!


What’s the Smallest Business Jet?

In the fast-paced world of business and corporate travel, time is of the essence. Business executives, entrepreneurs, and high-profile individuals often find themselves needing to cover vast distances efficiently. While commercial flights have been the norm, a rising trend in the business aviation sector is the utilization of small business jets.

In this article, we will delve into the world of compact luxury and explore the smallest business jet available, shedding light on its benefits, the process of chartering one, and why it’s worth considering for your next business or corporate trip.

The Quest for Compact Elegance

A few notable contenders in the realm of small business jets are the Eclipse 500, Cessna Citation Mustang, and Embraer. These marvels of engineering combines sleek design with cutting-edge technology to create compact yet powerful aircrafts.

These jets are designed to meet the needs of those who require swift, flexible, and private air travel without compromising on style and comfort. 

Benefits of Opting for a Small Business Jet

  • Time Efficiency: The primary advantage of utilizing a small business jet is the time saved. By avoiding the long queues, security checks, and delays associated with commercial flights, business executives can optimize their schedules and arrive at their destinations promptly.
  • Flexibility in Destination: Small business jets can access a vast network of airports, including those not serviced by commercial airlines. This flexibility enables travelers to reach their destination with unparalleled convenience, reducing the need for time-consuming ground transportation upon arrival.
  • Customized Itineraries: Chartering a small business jet allows for personalized itineraries tailored to the traveler’s specific needs. Whether it’s a multi-city tour or a last-minute change of plans, the adaptability of private jet travel ensures a seamless and stress-free experience.

Chartering a Small Business Jet: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Identify Your Travel Needs

Before embarking on the journey of chartering a small business jet, it’s crucial to assess your travel requirements. Consider factors such as the number of passengers, preferred travel dates, destinations, and any specific amenities or services you may need.

2. Research Private Jet Charter Companies

Once you have a clear understanding of your travel needs, research reputable private jet charter companies. Look for companies with a proven track record, positive customer reviews, and a fleet that includes small business jets like the Eclipse 500, Cessna Citation Mustang, and Embraer.

3. Request a Quote

Contact the selected private jet charter company and request a quote based on your travel requirements. Ensure that the quote includes all relevant costs, such as fuel, landing fees, and any additional services you may require during the journey.

4. Review Terms and Conditions

Before finalizing your booking, carefully review the terms and conditions provided by the charter company. Pay attention to cancellation policies, refund procedures, and any other important details that may impact your travel experience.

5. Confirm Booking and Prepare for Departure

Once you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, confirm your booking with the private jet charter company. As the departure date approaches, ensure that you have all necessary travel documents, and communicate any special requests or preferences to the charter company.

The Allure of Small Business Jet Amenities

While the compact size of small business jets might suggest a compromise in amenities, the reality is quite the opposite. These jets are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a comfortable and productive journey. Some amenities commonly found in small business jets include:

  • Luxurious seating arrangements
  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Well-appointed restrooms
  • Catering services with gourmet food options

Worth Every Penny: The Value of Small Business Jet Travel

The investment in small business jet travel goes beyond the monetary aspect. It’s about reclaiming control over your time, enjoying privacy, and arriving at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for business. The convenience and efficiency provided by small business jets make them an invaluable asset for executives and business professionals.


In conclusion, the Eclipse 500, Cessna Citation Mustang, and Embraer set the standard for efficient, luxurious, and private air travel, opening doors to a world of possibilities. Understanding the benefits, chartering process, and onboard amenities empowers business executives to make informed decisions aligned with their travel needs.

The Early Air Way stands out as the epitome of this elevated experience, offering a diverse fleet, unparalleled service, and global reach. Choose The Early Air Way to redefine your corporate travel—where every journey is a seamless blend of luxury, efficiency, and exclusivity.

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Tips on International Flying, Why Chartering Private Jet is the Best Option

In a world where time is of the essence and convenience reigns supreme, the way we travel has evolved. For those frequent flyers navigating the vast expanse of international travel, the prospect of enduring long lines, security checks, and the unpredictability of commercial flights can be daunting.

Enter the world of private jet charters – a luxurious alternative that offers unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and efficiency.

In this article, we’ll explore why chartering a private jet may be the optimal choice for international flying, delving into the process, amenities, and benefits of it.

The Need for Private Jet Charters

International travel often involves crossing multiple time zones, enduring long layovers, and dealing with the stress of crowded airports. Private jet charters offer a solution to these challenges, providing a level of comfort and control that commercial flights simply can’t match.

Here’s why you should consider chartering a private jet for your next international journey:

The Chartering Process

Chartering a private jet may seem reserved for the elite, but it has become increasingly accessible to a broader audience. The process is surprisingly straightforward, and it begins with:

Choosing a Charter Provider: Research reputable charter providers with a proven safety and reliability track record. Consider customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of service.

Selecting Your Aircraft: Private jet charters offer a variety of aircraft, each with its features and capacity. Choose an aircraft that suits your travel needs, considering factors like distance, passenger count, and amenities.

Customizing Your Itinerary: Work with the charter provider to create a personalized itinerary based on your schedule and destinations. Enjoy the flexibility to depart and arrive at airports that may be more convenient for you.

Amenities on Private Jets

One of the significant draws of chartering a private jet lies in the exclusive amenities that cater to the passenger’s every need. These amenities contribute to an elevated travel experience, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination:

Spacious Interiors: Private jets are designed with comfort in mind, offering spacious cabins with ample legroom. Customize the interior layout to accommodate your preferences, whether for work or relaxation.

Gourmet Catering: Enjoy a culinary experience at 40,000 feet with gourmet catering services. Choose from a menu tailored to your taste, ensuring a delightful dining experience during your flight.

In-Flight Entertainment: Private jets often come equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Watch movies, stream music, or stay connected with high-speed internet, transforming your journey into a pleasurable experience.

Dedicated Crew: Experience personalized service with a dedicated crew focused on meeting your needs. The crew is there to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey from takeoff to landing.

Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet

Chartering a private jet extends beyond the allure of luxury; it encompasses a range of benefits that make it a practical choice for international travel:

Time Efficiency: Skip the long security lines and arrive just minutes before your flight. Private jets can access smaller airports, saving valuable time compared to commercial flights.

Customized Schedules: Plan your flight schedule according to your itinerary, eliminating the constraints of commercial airline timetables. Adjust departure and arrival times based on your preferences.

Enhanced Privacy and Security: Enjoy a private and secure environment with no prying eyes or potential disturbances. Conduct confidential business meetings or simply relax in a tranquil setting.

Group Travel Made Easy: For group travel, private jets offer an exclusive and cohesive environment. Collaborate, celebrate, or strategize in a space tailored to your group’s needs.

International Flying With The Early Air Way

As a noteworthy example of a private jet charter provider, The Early Air Way stands out for its commitment to excellence. With a fleet of meticulously maintained aircraft, they prioritize safety and comfort. From seamless booking processes to personalized in-flight services, The Early Air Way exemplifies the pinnacle of private jet travel.


In conclusion, international flying can be a tiresome and stressful experience, but private jet charters present an enticing alternative. The process is streamlined, amenities are luxurious, and the benefits are numerous, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a premium travel experience.

Whether for business or leisure, chartering a private jet offers convenience and sophistication that transcends the limitations of commercial air travel. Consider The Early Air Way for an elevated journey that aligns with the highest standards of private jet travel.


Last Chance Travel: The Places to Visit Now

There is no denying that the world around us is changing. Climate change is having a bigger impact on the world than we ever could have imagined. Some knew it was coming, but fewer knew when. 

Today, some of the world’s most magnificent places are in jeopardy. From melting ice and fires to mining and illegal practices, we are going to lose them and all they have to offer.  

While these destinations may one day transform into something entirely different, they are still right where they are… for now. So, book your trip to see them before it is too late. It may just be your last chance. 

The Arctic and Antarctica

Global warming is causing glaciers to melt and ice to break off into the ocean. There is a threat to polar bears, penguins, seals, and whales that call these cold waters home, as well as a threat being caused by the rising waters due to the melting ice.  

Trips to see the sights here are giving tourists lasting memories, but sadly, scientists and researchers say that things seem to be heating up here at a faster rate than in other areas of the world. Don’t put this visit off. 

Mount Kilimanjaro

Are you up for an adventure? Mount Kilimanjaro is where you will find majestic tropical glaciers. However, those researchers who have been monitoring them say they are not going to be around much longer at all. In fact, some say no more than 15 years. 

You can make your way to the top or you can enjoy the breathtaking views – the choice is yours. Just be sure to take pictures as this landscape is likely to be drastically changed within your lifetime. 

The Amazon Rainforest

We have been hearing about the struggles in the rainforest for many years. And it seems like every year gets worse and worse for the forests. This is all thanks to fires, illegal logging, mining practices, and more that take place on this land. 

Thousands of square miles of rainforest have been destroyed. 

Action has been taken at a local level and environmental groups worldwide have stepped up to try to slow down or halt the damage entirely. Although some progress is being made, it has been slow. It is important to remember that you cannot always get back what has been lost. 

If you have always been fascinated with the incredible air and the wildlife you will find here, visit the Amazon rainforest

African Safaris

Interested in going on an African safari? This is often one of those things that travelers would love to do if they just knew how to do it. Now is the time to figure it out. The entire African continent is taking a beating from climate change. And with the sharp increase in populations, the environmental impact is going to take a toll on the wildlife. 

There are many protected areas, but it is becoming more difficult to keep them from succumbing to the dangers around them. 

You may not want to wait too long on this one. 

The Galapagos Islands

Located off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands have long been on many bucket lists. For those who have not checked it off yet, what are you waiting for? The time to visit is now. 

A visit to the area and you will see that the beautiful wildlife, including tortoises, are still living life here in the water and on the shore. A closer, deeper look offers a more grim picture. 

Hundreds of thousands of visitors have wreaked havoc on the small islands — and have been detrimental to its environment. The precious ecosystem throughout the islands is also in jeopardy due to the damage caused by illegal fishing that is plaguing the area. 

The good news is that it is still here for you to enjoy right now. So pack your bag. 

Olympia, Greece

Every year the wildfires get closer thanks to the harsh, dry heat of the summers. In school, we are taught about Olympia, its history, and the ruins. How amazing to see them in person. Not to mention that this is the birthplace of the Olympic games. There are so many sites to see here – and one day it may only be found in the history books. 

Be a Responsible Tourist

As you visit these endangered destinations, be a responsible tourist. Learn about the destination before you go and discover ways you can reduce your impact from visiting, as well as ways you can help make a positive difference while you are there. 

Consider this with responsible tourism

  • Go local. Eat and shop locally. This puts money back into the local economy as they struggle to fight the changes they are facing. 
  • Be smart. Depending on where you go, avoid things that may be dangerous to the environment such as plastic bottles, sunscreen that isn’t reef-friendly, and so forth. Again, it is always a good idea to do your research before you go. 
  • Don’t litter. Clean up after yourself – and do not litter. Do your part in not causing further harm to the area. 

Ideally, you want to leave the destination better than it was before you arrived. Although not always possible, you can do your part to not cause further damage. Once we lose the destination that is on this last chance travel visit, they won’t likely ever be back. So take it in and enjoy it responsibly. 

Last Chance Travel Via a Private Jet Charter

Choosing to reach your destination via a private jet charter is a grand idea for many different reasons. 

  • Get closer to your destination
  • Have a smaller environmental impact on the air and land
  • Make the most of your visit with the flexibility to schedule your travel times

The decision to visit these last-chance destinations or one of the many others can be a life-changing experience — one that you will remember for years to come. Give yourself the gift of traveling to and from your destination with the luxury and comfort of a private jet

Book your private jet charter today with The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys, so that you may reach these endangered destinations now. 


Inside Luxury Private Planes and the Benefits to Know

All air travel is not created equal. From busy commercial flights and first-class tickets to private travel on a private jet charter — there are some major differences. One look inside a luxury private plane and you will understand this to be true. 

From comfort to in-flight amenities and so much in between, there are benefits to knowing about flying private planes and the luxury they provide. Let’s take a closer look. 

What is it Like Inside Luxury Private Planes?

Stepping inside a luxury private plane is quite different than stepping onto a commercial airliner. You will see seating, of course, with room for a varying number of passengers based on the specific jet, but you will also notice something else — space.  

In other words,  you won’t find seat after seat crammed together to maximize the number of passengers that can travel at once. The main goal of a private jet charter is not efficiency but rather luxury. 

Passengers are supposed to feel a sense of pampered peace while onboard. And that is exactly what you will find inside luxury private planes. But what that looks like will depend on the specific jet. 

Different Levels of Luxury

There are so many different types and sizes of private jets available for charter. From very light jets like the Eclipse 500 which has room for about 4 passengers and a range of 1295 nautical miles to jumbo jets like the Airbus A320 which has space for 60 passengers and a range of 2700 nautical miles, there can be a huge difference in amenities. 

While each of these jets will come with the benefits of flying private as well as the comforts of the private cabin, what you will find inside will vary. Your jet may come with seating only or have seats that transform into sleeping spaces. Some may have monitors throughout the jet, others may have one large TV – or none at all. You may find a full galley on board with a working oven or you may just find some snacks and a mini fridge with cold beverages. It all depends on the jet itself. 

For most private charter travelers, light jets like the Citation or the Hawker 400XP or midsize jets such as the Astra SPX or Gulfstream G100 are the perfect solution to reach their destination. These jets have all sorts of amenities onboard, including lavatories, refreshment centers, and inflight connectivity. 

With extra-soft seating that embraces you and keeps you relaxed throughout the flight to the tables that allow you to get work done, enjoy a nice meal, or even play a game with fellow passengers, your flight experience on luxury private planes will always be exceptional —- regardless of the aircraft size. 

Private Jet Amenities 

Overall there are many amenities found on private planes. We have mentioned a few already, but they are worthy of mentioning again, along with some others. 

Access to WiFi. Going up in the air used to mean being out of reach entirely. For some, this was a welcome chance to unplug. For most, however, it meant being out of reach from the office, family members, and other things of importance. As a society that is so used to being connected, not having WiFi can be tough. 

On a private jet, you will remain connected throughout your flight. 

Technology. In addition to just having WiFi, technology is rampant on private planes. Everything from personal monitors to large televisions, entertainment consoles, DVD players, surround sound, ambient lighting, flight status monitoring, and more can be found on these jets. 

Beds and bedrooms. Many private jets have seats that totally recline into beds, giving you a comfortable place to get some shut-eye while traveling. This is great for those long-haul trips. While most of these are located within the main cabin, some do offer a separate bedroom for convenience. 

Galleys. Chartered private planes can come with a catered meal if you request it prior to your flight. It may also come with snacks, beverages, or a cooked meal depending on the situation. The best part is that you can select anything that you want to have on board so that you can truly enjoy the flight. 

Lavatories. Very few private jets will not have a lavatory at all. These are usually those jets that make quick trips within a short range so it is not really necessary. Others may have one or two full lavatories onboard. While most have a toilet and sink, don’t be surprised if you find a shower! This is a convenient addition. 

Personalized treatment. If there are any requests you have, you can make them known when you book. Not only will you be addressed by name throughout your interaction with your flight crew, but you can expect some personalized touches along the way, too. 

Keep in mind that the amenities provided will vary based on the specific jet that is chartered. If there is something special you want to make sure you have be sure to discuss this with your charter team before booking. 

Other Benefits of Flying Luxury Private Planes

Don’t forget that in addition to the luxurious amenities you find on private planes, the simple act of flying private comes with a lot of benefits, too, such as: 

  • Total privacy
  • Booking flexibility
  • Ability to visit remote destination
  • Pet accommodations
  • Ease of access 
  • Increased safety
  • Reduce stress
  • The opportunity to get closer to your destination

And so much more.

Book Luxury Private Planes at The Early Air Way

Don’t miss out on all that luxury private planes have to offer. When it is time for you to book your next flight, turn to the private charters at The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys. See the difference between the comfort and amenities, as well as the overall ease, of avoiding commercial travel — and embracing the world of private jet charters

Of all the jets in our charter fleet to choose from, we have the perfect one waiting for you. 

Charters Travel Tips

10 Ways to Find an Affordable Private Jet Charter

Time is a valuable commodity, and for those who require rapid travel, private jet charters offer a luxurious and efficient solution. However, many people perceive private jet charters as an extravagance that’s out of reach for the average individual. Contrary to this belief, there are ways to find an affordable private jet charter that won’t break the bank.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 strategies to make private jet travel more cost-effective.

1. Understanding the Private Jet Charter Process

Before diving into the ways to find an affordable private jet charter, it’s essential to understand the chartering process. Private jet charters allow individuals or groups to rent an entire aircraft for a specific trip. Chartering a private jet offers the flexibility to choose the departure and arrival airports, flight schedules, and the type of aircraft. Knowing the basics of private jet chartering will help you make informed decisions.

2. Choose the Right Private Jet Charter Company

Selecting the right private jet charter company is a crucial first step. Start by researching reputable charter companies that offer a range of options and pricing plans. Be sure to check for certifications, licenses, and customer reviews. The source provides insights into some top-notch charter companies. Choose a company that aligns with your specific travel needs and budget.

3. Explore Empty-Leg Flights

Empty-leg flights are an excellent way to save on private jet charters. These flights occur when a private jet is returning to its base or next destination without any passengers on board. Charter companies often offer empty-leg flights at a significantly reduced cost. Keep an eye on empty-leg flight opportunities and seize them when they align with your travel plans.

4. Flexible Scheduling

Flexibility in your travel schedule can lead to substantial cost savings. Consider flying during off-peak hours or on weekdays instead of weekends, as private jet charter prices tend to be lower during these times. Being open to last-minute bookings can also help you secure more affordable rates.

5. Amenities and Aircraft Type

When chartering a private jet, you have the option to choose from various aircraft types and onboard amenities. To find an affordable option, opt for a smaller, less luxurious jet with fewer amenities. While these jets may not offer as many extravagances, they can provide a comfortable and cost-effective travel experience.

6. Utilize Jet Card Memberships

Jet card memberships are a popular option for frequent private jet travelers. These memberships offer prepaid flight hours at a fixed rate, making it easier to manage your private jet travel expenses. Jet card programs often come with added perks, such as guaranteed availability and fixed hourly rates, which can save you money in the long run.

7. Consider Regional Airports

Flying from smaller regional airports rather than major international hubs can lead to cost savings. These airports often have lower landing fees and less congestion, which can translate into lower charter costs. Explore the possibility of departing from or arriving at a nearby regional airport to reduce expenses.

8. Shared Charters

Shared charters, also known as “empty seats,” allow you to split the cost of a private jet charter with others. If you’re traveling with a small group or don’t require the entire aircraft, this is a great way to reduce expenses. Sharing the charter cost with fellow passengers can make private jet travel more affordable.

9. Inquire About One-Way Pricing

Some charter companies offer one-way pricing, which can be more economical than round-trip options. If your travel plans involve a one-way journey, discuss this with the charter company to explore potential cost savings.

10. Compare Quotes

Lastly, don’t hesitate to shop around and compare quotes from different private jet charter companies. Prices can vary based on factors such as aircraft type, flight distance, and inclusions. By obtaining multiple quotes, you can make an informed decision and secure the most cost-effective option.

Making Private Jet Charters Affordable and Accessible

Private jet charters offer unparalleled convenience and comfort for travelers, and with the right approach, they can be more affordable than you might think. By following these ten strategies, you can find an affordable private jet charter option that meets your needs and budget. Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, the luxury and efficiency of private jet travel are well worth the investment.

In a world where time is of the essence, private jet charters can be a game-changer. They eliminate the hassles of commercial air travel, such as long security lines and layovers, allowing you to arrive at your destination swiftly and stress-free. Moreover, private jets offer a level of privacy and customization that’s unparalleled, ensuring a comfortable and productive journey.

One of the standout features of private jet charters is the wide range of amenities they offer. From in-flight Wi-Fi to gourmet catering and luxurious seating, these amenities can enhance your travel experience. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can customize the in-flight experience to suit your needs.

One private jet charter company worth mentioning is The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys and known for its commitment to excellence and tailored private jet solutions. They offer a range of options that cater to different budgets and requirements, making private jet travel accessible to a broader audience.

Find Your Affordable Private Jet Charter

Private jet charters are not just for the ultra-wealthy; they are a viable option for those seeking a convenient and efficient mode of travel. By following the ten strategies mentioned in this article and exploring the various options available, you can find an affordable private jet charter that aligns with your budget and travel requirements. Private jet travel is an investment in your time, comfort, and convenience, and it’s well worth considering for your next journey.


Top California Wine Regions For a Private Jet Charter Getaway

The enchanting landscapes of California are synonymous with stunning vineyards, making it a dream destination for wine enthusiasts and travelers seeking a luxurious escape. When it comes to exploring the Golden State’s wine regions, what could be more glamorous than arriving in style via a private jet charter?

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the finest California wine regions, highlighting why chartering a private jet for your wine adventure is the ultimate way to experience the very best.

Wine and Luxury: A Match Made in California

California often hailed as the wine capital of the United States, is home to numerous picturesque wine regions that produce some of the world’s most exquisite wines. But, before we delve into the top wine regions to explore via private jet, let’s understand why you should consider chartering a private jet for your wine escapades.

Why Charter a Private Jet for Your Wine Adventure

Chartering a private jet ensures you reach your destination swiftly and comfortably, avoiding the hassles of commercial travel, like long security lines and layovers. It offers unparalleled privacy, a customized itinerary, and a luxurious onboard experience.

You also have the opportunity to choose a private jet charter that fits best with your travel needs.

Now, let’s explore the top California wine regions, perfect for a private jet charter getaway.

1. Napa Valley – The Epitome of California Wine

Napa Valley is California’s most renowned wine region, known for its stunning vineyards, wineries, and exquisite wines. Here, you’ll find world-class Cabernet Sauvignons, Chardonnays, and many more. Napa Valley is an ideal destination for couples and groups of friends looking for a sophisticated wine-tasting adventure.

Napa Valley boasts some of the most luxurious wineries globally, offering lavish tastings and tours. The valley’s picturesque landscapes, including rolling vineyards and beautiful hills, are perfect for outdoor activities and photo opportunities. It also excels in fine dining, with Michelin-starred restaurants and a range of upscale accommodations.

2. Sonoma County – A Diverse Wine Wonderland

Just next door to Napa Valley, Sonoma County offers a diverse and slightly more relaxed wine experience. It’s a fantastic choice for a private jet getaway, perfect for those who want to explore a variety of wine styles and regions.

Sonoma County is celebrated for its broad range of wines, from Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley to Zinfandel in Dry Creek Valley. Explore charming towns like Healdsburg and Sonoma, which offer a cozy ambiance and boutique shops. Take a break from wine-tasting with outdoor activities like hiking and cycling in the beautiful countryside.

3. Paso Robles – The Hidden Gem of Central Coast

Paso Robles is a gem tucked away on the central coast of California, known for its warmth, charm, and fabulous wineries. It’s a great destination for wine-loving couples and groups seeking a more intimate experience.

The region’s Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing bold reds, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. Paso Robles has a relaxed, small-town feel, offering a different pace from the more crowded wine regions. Discover small, family-run wineries with passionate winemakers eager to share their craft with you.

4. Santa Barbara County – The Cool Climate Wine Oasis

For those who prefer a cooler climate and a touch of coastal charm, Santa Barbara County is an excellent choice. It’s an ideal destination for couples and friends who appreciate the unique flavor profile of cool-climate wines.

The Pacific Ocean’s proximity brings cool breezes that make it perfect for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Explore this valley, known for its diverse wine styles, beautiful countryside, and the film-famous town of Solvang. Santa Barbara County is full of experienced tour operators ready to create the perfect wine adventure.

5. Mendocino County – An Untamed Wine Frontier

Mendocino County offers a distinctive wine experience, combining the rugged beauty of the coastline with a burgeoning wine scene. It’s an off-the-beaten-path destination for those seeking something unique.

The county’s wild, untouched landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for wine tasting. Mendocino County wineries are known for their dedication to organic and sustainable winemaking practices. Discover small producers with a strong focus on quality and a wide range of varietals.

California Wine Regions Conclusion

California’s wine regions are a treasure trove for wine enthusiasts, offering diverse wine styles, beautiful landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. When you combine these wine regions with the luxury and convenience of a private jet charter, your wine adventure becomes an opulent journey you’ll cherish forever.

By choosing to charter a private jet with services like The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys, you gain the freedom to explore multiple wine regions in a single trip. This luxurious mode of travel allows you to focus on what truly matters – the exquisite wines, the breathtaking scenery, and the cherished moments spent with loved ones. So, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a group wine-tasting excursion, a private jet charter is the perfect way to savor all that California’s wine regions have to offer.

So, pack your bags, book your private jet, and embark on a wine adventure through California’s finest vineyards. Cheers to an unforgettable journey filled with incredible wine, captivating scenery, and luxurious moments.


Do Midsize Business Jets Fit Your Travel Needs? Get the Details Here!

Choosing to include a private jet charter in your travel plans was an easy decision. Deciding which jet to charter is an entirely different story. 

Why? Because there are so many different types of private jets available in various sizes and with varying levels of luxury. But the one size most travelers come back to time and time again is a midsize business jet. 

Just because others find these jets to be the perfect fit does not mean a midsize business jet will fit your travel needs. Or, will it?  

Let’s look at what a midsize business jet can offer you. 

What is a Midsize Business Jet? 

A midsize business jet falls somewhere between very light jets and jumbo jets. They are typically able to fly around 2,500 nautical miles and have room for anywhere from 7 to 10 passengers, on average. 

Midsize business jets are great for long-distance travel. They have more space to provide a luxurious and stylish interior, as well as better amenities. 

Business executives, celebrities, and families heading out on vacation all find these jets to be the perfect charter option.

The Distance Midsize Business Jets Travel

Midsize business jets can travel quite a distance, though it varies from jet to jet. Some can make it from coast to coast in either direction whereas others can only do so when heading east. It is important to keep in mind that there are a few factors that impact the distance a jet can travel — and a midsize business jet is no exception. 

The number of passengers on board, the weight of the luggage, and the weight of the fuel all need to be taken into consideration. Winds and weather conditions play a role, too. 

Know how far you are traveling so that you book a private jet charter that is easily capable of going the distance without having to stop to refuel.

How Much Space Do Midsize Business Jets Have? 

When you book a midsize business jet for your charter, you may be surprised at how spacious the interior is. Between the captain’s chairs, couches, tables, and more you can do just about anything — eating, playing a game, getting work done, etc. You can get up and move about and you aren’t sitting elbow-to-elbow with the person next to you. 

Many travelers find that midsize business jets have just the right amount of space. They have much more room than light jets but aren’t as bulky and heavy as larger jets. Instead, they give you what you need. 

The Amenities

With all the space you have on a midsize jet, you are able to enjoy plenty of amenities. Simple things such as a refrigerator and refreshment area as well as an enclosed lavatory can make a huge difference in your flight experience. 

What’s more, inflight technology allows you the opportunity to be entertained while in the air and also stay connected with those on the ground. 

Because each jet is unique and remodels make each even more so, you will likely find a different interior with different amenities specific to the jet you are on. You are sure to find screens or monitors in the jet, for example. Some may have one large one whereas others may have smaller monitors throughout — or a combination of both. 

Regardless of the details, there is no denying that the amenities onboard a midsize business jet are there to enhance your overall flight experience. 

Popular Midsize Business Jets

Many different types of midsize business jets are available so you have options for jets with specs that are right up your alley. Below are a few of some of the most popular options available. 

  • Citation VII. The Citation VII has room for 8 passengers and can travel a range of about 2,180 nautical miles. While it has a lavatory and its space is comfortable, one thing that stands out about this jet is the large baggage capacity. 
  • Gulfstream G150. This midsize business jet, the Gulfstream G150, is one of the best options for travel. It also has space for 8 passengers and can travel far and wide up to about 2,950 nautical miles. That means it can travel from coast to coast in both directions! 
  • Hawker 800. A very commonly used midsize business jet is the Hawker 800. It can make its way cross country when heading east, so it has some distance capabilities. There is room for 8 passengers when utilizing the captain’s chairs and couch. Although this jet is highly utilized, it is important to note that it does not have an overabundance of baggage space available. 
  • Lear 60. The Lear 60 is another jet that can travel eastwardly from coast-to-coast nonstop. It is spacious, even giving many travelers the ability to fully extend within the cabin. This is a great choice for those seeking a midsize jet.

A few others worth considering include: 

  • Astra SPX
  • Citation III
  • Falcon 20/200
  • Gulfstream G100
  • Hawker 700A
  • Lear 45
  • Lear 60

And, if you are still trying to determine which midsize business jet will have everything you are looking for, you can always discuss your needs with your charter team. They will always guide you in the right direction. 

Do Midsize Business Jets Fit Your Needs? 

Now that you know what a midsize business jet has to offer, it is important that you consider what it is you are looking for. For instance, how far do you need to travel? Are you willing to stop and refuel? How many passengers will you be bringing with you? Just how important is it to have an enclosed lavatory? 

Take some time to consider what you require from a jet in order to meet your needs. Then decide if a midsize business jet will fulfill those needs. 

Charter A Midsize Business Jet with The Early Air Way

At The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys, we understand that sometimes seeing is believing. If you have been curious whether or not a midsize business jet will fit your travel needs, perhaps you need to charter one and see for yourself. 

Our flight crews are on standby. Contact us today to book your private jet charter.

Travel Tips

The Benefits of Flying on a Private Jet For Senior Travel

Whether traveling to take care of some business, traveling to see family, or just traveling for pleasure, seniors often need to take to the friendly skies. However, commercial travel can be tough for those who are older as the demands of the long lines, delayed flights, and airport chaos just do not seem to cease. 

Traveling on a private jet charter can prove to be the best option for the most enjoyable experience for seniors. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that set it apart. 


There is a greater level of comfort found on private jets that cannot be found on commercial aircraft. Rather than having a long narrow pathway surrounded by rows of seats on either side, they are designed differently. While there will still be a walkway through the middle of the aircraft, the seating options will vary and everything comes with a lot more noticeable space. 

The seats are built up with extra foam to provide extra comfort. They are typically placed in a club-seating position, but they may all be forward-facing, as well. Don’t be surprised if you see a couch, too. Each jet is designed differently.

Many of the seats also recline into a bed, making getting some sleep while traveling a lot more comfortable. 

For senior travel, getting around isn’t as easy as it once was. Being stuck on a commercial aircraft in a compacted seated position for any length of time can make getting up and moving a bit more difficult when the time comes. 

Private travel comes with high levels of comfort — something you won’t find when traveling any other way. This can make travel much more convenient for senior citizens. 

Greater Accessibility 

There is no denying that many seniors have accessibility needs that must be met. And while commercial airliners may try to meet that demand as best as they can, they are focused on getting hundreds of people from one destination to the next so going above and beyond for one passenger doesn’t always happen.

When flying on a private jet, seniors are able to be accommodated in many different ways. Special needs can be met, food restrictions can be tended to, seating/sleeping preferences can be addressed, and various other types of mobility assistance can be provided. All of these personalizations and extra support are enough to transform a travel experience. 

This, of course, is all in addition to not having to stand in long lines at the airport to check in or to go through security checkpoints. It only takes a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Immense Privacy

Another benefit of flying on a private jet as a senior is the privacy that comes along with it. You won’t have to worry about having private surroundings or feeling exposed. Rather than being cooped up with a bunch of strangers, the only people sharing the cabin are those who are traveling with the senior – if anyone at all. 

It is much easier for seniors to maneuver certain places, go to the lavatory, and rest peacefully when the space around them is quiet and private. There is a lack of noise and disruption, as well as the peering eyes of fellow passengers (strangers) that can take away from the enjoyment of the experience. 

For those seniors who have trouble hearing, talking loudly and trying to hear when having conversations on a plane can be hard to do. Not only does the noise from the aircraft itself and clogged ears make it difficult to hear, but trying to converse in a way that doesn’t disturb everyone around you on a commercial flight is nearly impossible to do. 

On a private jet, the privacy seniors receive has afforded them the opportunity to speak as loudly as necessary so that they can enjoy great conversation and pass the time on the way to their destination. 

Overall Ease of Travel

It can be tough to rush for a flight — especially when working with connections. Running through airports, and lugging your carry-on while weaving in and out of human traffic can not only leave you hot and sweaty, but exhausted, too. There is no time to grab a drink or a bite to eat, let alone use the restroom. 

With a senior, this process is incredibly difficult. While it is possible in most busy airports to get a shuttle from one gate to the next or have one of the attendants push a wheelchair from point A to point B, it isn’t always ideal. After all, the flight will often wait a couple of extra minutes for them to arrive, but this great solution isn’t always ideal. For one, they have no time to stand and stretch or move around if needed. They may move slowly, but getting some movement is vital for those who can. What’s more – they cannot often use the restroom on the aircraft and they are left with no time to do so in between. 

Now, on private travel? When traveling as a senior, flying on a private jet is just easy and is the only type of travel that makes sense. They have greater control over how they travel and when. And if they are moving a little slow on travel day, they won’t have to worry about being left behind. 

The Early Air Way Welcomes Senior Travel

Growing older shouldn’t mean losing the opportunity to travel comfortably. The Early Air Way takes steps to ensure that all passengers have what they need for a great flight – and that includes making any necessary accommodations for senior travelers.

With a large fleet of charter aircraft flying to destinations all around the world, we have just what you are looking for to make your travel more enjoyable. 

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of flying on a private jet for seniors? If so, contact us today! Or, request a quote for your next flight.

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