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3 Surprising Facts About Private Jet Travel

3 Surprising Facts About Private Jet Travel | The Early Air Way

Have you had it with the tiny airplane seats in coach or even business class? Are you tired of trying to stuff all of your liquids into 3-ounce Ziploc bags, taking off your shoes and waiting for what seems like hours to go through security at the airport? Join the ranks of celebrities, athletes and millionaires by flying via private jet for your next vacation. Private jets are no longer only for the rich and famous. Here are three more surprising facts about the elite world of private jet travel.
Private Jet Is an Economical Way to Travel
It used to be that private jet travel was very expensive. But, things have changed. Private jet companies are following the lead of hotels and offering last-minute deals on unused inventory. This makes it vastly more affordable for the Average Joe to fly via a private jet.
Some recent private jet flights have sold seats for as low as $90 a person, including tax from Oxford, Connecticut to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Another deal was found for a flight for four people from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This flight went for $499 for four people. That is about $124 per person. Current commercial flights from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas start at $455 per person and that does not include baggage and other fees.


Private Jets Have Access to 5 Times the Number of Airports Than Commercial Airplanes
People often think that when they take a private jet, they will be more limited in the number of airports that they can access compared to commercial travel. Actually, the opposite is true. Flying via private jet opens up access to many more airports. Charter or private jets can take off and land to more than 5,000 airports in the United States. By comparison, commercial airlines only have access to only 550 airports.
Many Private Jets Are Equipped to Handle Large Business Meetings
Companies often charter private jets because they are equipped with everything that is needed to conduct meetings. This saves a lot of time and productivity. Some private jets are even equipped to handle large business meetings. The Boeing Business Jet, for example, can accommodate approximately 23 people. It has lounge spaces, a wet bar, leather reclining chairs, a drop-down flat screen television and even a bedroom on board. The galley kitchen is larger than many New York City apartments. Other business amenities often found on private jets include access to email, the internet and video conferencing.


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