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Travel Advice Not to Take | The Early Air Way

Travel advice is meant to enhance the enjoyment of your journey, whether by improving the experience or by avoiding a challenge. Advice is supposed to be beneficial, but sometimes the source should be questioned. In all cases tips should be taken with a grain of salt, and you should think about both sides of the advice. Here are some tips that should not be taken;

  • Women should never travel alone: Any place has its dangers. With common sense and precaution any trip can be safe.
  • Don’t go to __________, it’s dangerous: Along with the tip above, just make sure to prepare for the dangers and no matter what goes wrong you will have a plan.
  • Never eat the street food: Locals wouldn’t eat at places that make them sick, plus you can watch it as they cook your food. Higher turnover means food won’t be sitting too long in the open.
  • Carry travelers checks: Travelers checks are expensive and outdated, international ATM networks are the most convenient access points for your money, and if you hide your money across multiple bags and pockets you would be in trouble if something is lost or stolen.
  • Wait for the kiddies to grow up a bit: Kids can learn all sorts of life skills and lessons while traveling. It also strengthens the family connections you have.
  • Don’t trust anyone: Kindness is out there, anywhere. Of course there will always be someone looking to take advantage of you, but the majority of people have empathy and enjoy meeting new people. Trust yourself to determine the good from the bad.
  • Pack clothes for every season: Versatile clothing is the name of the game here. Overweight baggage fees or traveling while wearing 20 pounds of clothing will put a damper on the trip. Its simple and inexpensive to wash your clothes anyways.


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