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Travel Like a Celebrity With: Camarillo Private Jet Charter

Travel Like a Celebrity With a Camarillo Private Jet Charter | The Early Air Way's BlogIf you have ever flown out of Los Angeles International Airport, you probably know what it is like to start your trip with the inconvenience of traffic snarls and security delays. Instead of dealing with that mess, do like the Hollywood A-Listers and leave that city gridlock behind as you head north to Ventura County. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, luxury and convenience combine when you book a Camarillo private jet charter. Here are a few of the amenities that you can expect when you travel like a celebrity.

Always Have the Perfect Plane

When you fly commercial, you are at the whim of the airline as to the size, age and amenities of the aircraft. On a private charter, you can choose exactly how much plane you will need for your trip. If you articulate your needs to the booking agent, you can have a brand-new jet that features the latest in-flight technology, or you can save some money by flying on a plane that is a few years older.

Skip the Security Lines

Booking a Camarillo private jet charter affords you the opportunity to travel on your terms. Instead of arriving at the airport two hours early to stand in line for security screening, you can show up with as much lead time as you feel is necessary to get yourself and your luggage on the plane. You can also forget about downing that bottle of water before getting in line, as you can bring whatever you want on the aircraft.

Experience Luxury

Once you are on the plane, take in your surroundings as you step into a world of luxury. As the crew stows your luggage, you can start your Camarillo private jet charter with your favorite cocktail or preflight snack. As the aircraft finishes its ascent, feel free to kick back and relax while the flight attendants serve you a meal from a world-class restaurant. Whatever your final destination, you will arrive relaxed and refreshed because you chose to fly like a celebrity.


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