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Sleep Better on International Flights

Sleep Better on International Flights | The Early Air Way

Jet lag is one of the most common and aggravating downsides to long distance flights. Advice usually abounds around sleeping on international flights to avoid jet lag. But sleep may be more difficult to catch on a crowded airplane.

  • Keep stress low by planning earlier than usual. Double checking your hotel and flight details, and notifying your banks will keep unexpected issues from ruining your sleep.
  • Pack as early as possible, and create a checklist of essentials so you don’t realize on the flight what you left behind.
  • Bring extra sleep necessities. A heavy eye cover to block more light, a shawl for cold moments, and a playlist of calming music.
  • Sleep before the flight just in case sleep does not visit you on your flight. Avoiding energy drinks and coffee or other stimulants the day before will help as well.
  • Moderate your consumption of alcohol. Dehydration and headaches from a hangover will detract from the trip.
  • Relax before you sleep with a book, short workout, or a hot bath.


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