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Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake - autumn colors at sunrise

There are so many amazing places around the world to travel to, it makes it so difficult to prioritize which destinations to visit first. An article on lists 23 extraordinary destinations to visit. The first place that the article lists is Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Blagaj is a gorgeous place with teal water streaming along giant mountains of rock.


The Most Luxurious Destinations You can Travel to for Your Honeymoon

There are so many beautiful destinations around the world making it almost impossible to decide where your honeymoon should be spent. An article on lists the most luxurious honeymoon destinations. If you are looking for a destination that is more secluded, Maldives could be a great option. The nature that you will explore at this destination is breath taking.


Hotels for Cocktails and Drinks

The Walker Inn, connected to Normandie Club in Los Angeles, is bound to boost the bed&beverage business.

Designed by David Kaplan, the hotel is setting up to begin taking reservations beginning in September. Focused on quality luxury booze, the clientele is expected to enjoy a phenomenal dinner, winding down with cocktails, and continuing into the room.

The rooms were given a light and airy design, outside the normal for Kaplan who has specialized his talent on a mixture of darker tones. The rooms are not overly decorated as to be comfortable for the occupents and their drinks.


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Flying the Maldives Right

The Maldives are a wonderful retreat that almost seems effortlessly perfect. But it can be difficult to pick the right island to visit on your trip. A solution to this quandary is to visit them all via seaplane, and bask in the glorious aerial view while doing so.

VELAA provides an island resort with luxury amenities, including island-hopping seaplane trips. Many of the destinations for these trips have wonderful spas placed over the sea in their own luxurious huts, or fitness and yoga classes with beautiful views of the tropical paradise.


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30 Countries Before Turning 1

Rae Weber is by far the most traveled person for her age, at just 11 months old and already she has traveled to 26 countries. Her parents, Erica and Chris, have taken her on their journey and expect to visit four more countries in the next month rounding out Rae’s record to 30 countries in her first year.

“It’s just the most amazing experience to be traveling with her. And she’s loving it! Who knows what she’s really thinking, she’s probably like ‘My parents are crazy!’ But who knows how much she’ll absorb.”

Reportedly Rae is enjoying the attention she gets on her family’s trips. Many other travelers are astonished that the couple would continue their globe trotting with such a young child in tow. While it isn’t all easy, she is very accustomed to planes as she has been on more than 40 already, and she deals with exotic foods quite well.

The family expects to continue travelling indefinitely with the hopes of proving all those doubting their drive to see the world with kids.


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Air Travel Legislation

The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, has announced new legislation in hopes of improving air travel. The FAA and congress have settled on a compromise that satisfies both airline companies and passengers.

Provisions included in the reauthorization bill will demand that passengers under 13 will be booked in seats next to family members for no additional cost, baggage fees for luggage lost longer than 12 hours will be promptly refunded, and requires the TSA to deploy measures to shorten screening times and security lines.

‘‘This is an amazing win for consumers,’’ said Charles Leocha, president of Travelers United, “It is far more than consumers would have gotten with a straight extension.’’


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Experience Everything Your Heart Desires with a Private Jet Charter to Dubai

A revolutionary vacation awaits those who book a private jet charter to Dubai. By traveling on an exclusive private jet travelers are just hours away from an indoor ski park, an underwater hotel, and a picturesque garden. Explore everything that Dubai has to offer, and book a fun yet relaxing summer vacation today.

Ski Dubai 
Ski Dubai welcomes visitors from around the world to their exclusive indoor ski resort. As the first resort of its kind in the Middle East Ski Dubai proudly presents guests with a wealth of awesome mountain-themed wintery activities including snowboarding, tobogganing, and skiing. The resort is equipped with an 85-meters high indoor mountain as well as five ski slopes that vary in steepness and difficulty. The longest ski slope is the black diamond which is 400 meters long. In order to satisfy every guest’s unique needs Ski Dubai also offers snowboarding lessons, a sub-zero zip line, and friendly penguin encounters.

Atlantis: The Palm
Designed to immerse guests in absolute comfort this unprecedented hotel features award-winning restaurants, exciting marine attractions, relaxing spa treatments, and dazzling rooms and suites. Visitors are sure to be amazed by the view of the hotel’s 65,000 marine animals in select lounges, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Guests will also enjoy the private beaches and pools, innovative aquatic park, and the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Shopping and nightlife are also readily available to those who would like to explore Dubai.

The Dubai Miracle Garden
Spanning over 72,000 square meters The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. Scattered throughout the garden are more than 45 million plants including edible plants and medicinal plants along with delicious fruits and vegetables. One of the main highlights of the garden is that the staff invites visitors to create teas, entrees, and salad with the natural onsite ingredients. The amazing attraction also contains roughly 15,000 butterflies from 26 species. Additionally the Dubai Miracle Garden offers a variety of services for the guests such as a prayer room, multiple sitting areas, commercial kiosks, open/VIP parking, and handicapped accommodations.

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Travel Across the Atlantic is About to Change

The vast majority of travelers make plans based on the price of their flights more than comfort. But with new changes from Norwegian Air Shuttle and the US Transportation Department. New approval was granted to Norwegian Air Shuttle to expand Us-Europe flights through an Irish subsidiary.

Norwegian Air Shuttle is a no-frills carrier that already flies between New York and Europe, but is expanding to 37 nonstop flights for as low as $175 one-way.


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Travel Tips

You Should Travel by Bike

You take a turn and see a lake unfolding. You can feel the breeze on your face and smell the typical hot air of a tropical summer. There plays a group of monkeys by the water. You quietly stop pedalling to watch over the little ones.

  1. Break away from the usual tourist paths.
  2. Meet and greet with more locals.
  3. You control where and when to go.
  4. The exercise will clear your mind, and your body.
  5. You interact with the world without boxing yourself into a car.


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