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The Luxury Travel Trend That’s Becoming More Popular This Year ✈

Travel trends are constantly changing. From family road trips to adventure travel, new ideas for traveling have always emerged. And now, it seems that 2019 is bringing us a luxury travel trend.

We know what you may be thinking:

Who doesn’t love luxury travel? That is not new!

But here is where it is set apart from any trends we have seen before.

Sure, everyone may love a little luxury. And everyone may want to travel in style.

Unfortunately, though, not everyone has the opportunity to do so. And, with that, comes a new trend: those that want what others cannot have.


What Does This Luxury Travel Trend Encompass?

Individuals are seeking experiences and perks that only the elite can afford.

And, that is how you find yourself with a luxury travel trend.

The best part is that since its idea is growing in popularity, the hospitality industry worldwide is taking notice.

Now, more than ever, many more travelers can afford to have a little luxury added to their next vacation.

So, what does this latest travel trend involve?


1. Concern for the Environment

One aspect of luxury travel is a change toward preserving our world. Those who are traveling are seeking accommodations and such that they know to provide a positive impact.

Green companies are seeing an influx of visitors – and others are taking notice.

It is this increased awareness of the global health and wellness that is going to make a difference in 2019.

It is, in fact, a different form of luxury.

But, when you are traveling to enjoy yourself and you know you are able to experience your destination without causing harm, that is a great feeling.

Many in the tourism industry are striving to provide the best possible sustainability perks for travelers.



2. Indulging in the Local Culture – and Experiences

There is just something that small hotels can provide that large chain hotels cannot: intimacy.

Another aspect of luxury travel that is making itself known is an increased desire to stay at local hotels.

This could be for a couple of reasons.

Local hotels are usually built into the heart of the destination.

It is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with the locals and their culture.

In addition, travelers are more likely to be seen as a guest and treated as such.

This most definitely will include:

  • Being addressed by name
  • Attaining additional perks through personal communication, such as a bottle of champagne that you like or a special guidebook for your interests
  • Learning about activities and places not known among other tourists

When you are willing to give and support locally, you may get some bonus recognition in return.


3. The Desire to Follow a Guide

Traveling in 2019, many individuals are taking back the fact that it should be an opportunity to relax.

Daily life is stressful and tough at times – and taking a break from it is why vacations were invented in the first place, right?

Some travelers will spend days, weeks, or months in advance planning a trip.

This includes:

  • Learning what sights you must see and the best times to see them.
  • Learning what areas to avoid and the dangers that lurk there.
  • Uncovering the best places to eat.
  • And, finding the best place to stay.

Diligently putting together this “know before you go,” information can be exhausting.

So much so that by the time your vacation arrives, you are so overprepared with such a highly detailed itinerary for each day that you cannot even sit back and relax.

The opportunity to enjoy your vacation just flew out the window.

With this latest luxury travel trend, however, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

For years, you have been able to sign up for guided tours or trips.

While many people took advantage of this, often times it was youth groups, college students, and the like.

Perhaps they knew something the rest of us didn’t: investing in a guided trip means that you can just, well, enjoy your vacation. Imagine it!

This luxury means you get to your destination without having done intensive research. And, getting to experience it up close thanks to an experienced guide.



4. The Want for Personalization

The desire for personalization is increasing greatly. This is another step towards the luxury travel trend that is making its way into the industry.

We want a vacation that is designed for us.

We want well put-together travel plans with our name stamped on the outside.

With this movement in mind, you can have an unforgettable experience while immersing yourself in the local culture and gaining more real-life experience than you ever thought possible.

Let the experts take what you want to get out of your travel – and give it to you.


How You Can Experience Luxury Travel

If all of these luxury travel trends sound exciting to you and already have you dusting off your luggage, then you are in for an amazing ride.

Remember, though, that your vacation starts from the moment you leave your monotonous day-to-day life.

So, that means your travel arrangements are just as important as your hotel accommodations and your plans while you are there.

The ultimate in luxury travel comes with chartering a private jet.

This gets you to where you want to go – when you want to go. And, it does so in style.

Rather than kicking off your holiday with frustration and long lines, find yourself a private jet and relax.

They offer you privacy, flexibility, and more convenient times. They also provide you with a private, comfortable, personalized, and luxurious flight to lay low until you arrive at your destination.

As they become more in demand, they are becoming more and more accessible.

With the luxury travel trend of 2019, that is only going to increase.



Don’t get stuck researching, planning, and becoming just another Joe the Plumber when you travel.

Accept all of the luxury travel perks that are available to you and turn your next vacation into a stellar experience.

Where will 2019 take you?

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