5 Best Solo Travel Destinations For 2023

It feels good to do things on your own sometimes – even if you are unsure of it at first. So, why not take it further and head out on a solo trip? There are so many fun solo travel destinations to explore and adventures to be had. And there is nothing that says someone else has to come with you.

So, when you are ready, we have the five best solo travel destinations for the new year. Add them to your bucket list, or make it a new year’s resolution. Just remember, when you arrive at the end of 2023, you want to look back and say, “I finally did it!.” 

The Benefits of Solo Travel Destinations

Don’t get caught up in the negatives of solo travel. It is easy to convince yourself that going alone can be dangerous or scary. Everything unknown can be scary – until you do it. 

There are many reasons why solo travelers choose to do what they do. The benefits of doing so are enough to change your life. Let’s take a look at a few. 

  • You can be selfish
  • You Get to know yourself better
  • Rest your mind and body
  • Have a more enjoyable time

Besides, you should enjoy your own company more than anyone else’s. Why? Because you aren’t going anywhere, get comfortable with yourself – and challenge yourself. Give solo travel a chance in 2023.

5 Best Solo Travel Destinations

This year, why not take advantage of all those benefits – and then some – by treating yourself to a solo trip? You can choose one of these fantastic travel destinations or another that you’ve always wanted to visit. 

1. Okavango Delta, Botswana

Are you interested in seeing wildlife you’d never see anywhere in the wild here in the U.S.? In Botswana, you can experience a lifetime heading out on safari. Breathtaking views, up-close wildlife encounters, and peaceful surroundings are things you don’t get to take in every day. 

Surround yourself with elephants, zebras, lions, hippos, and giraffes who live in Okavango Delta. Are you a birdwatcher? If so, this could be the highlight of your visit. 

Gather your memories and make lifelong friends on an African safari. 

2. Western Australia

Are you not looking for a group-type adventure but rather the time to do as you wish? There are so many areas that welcome your visit, as well as landscapes that will beckon you. Don’t miss Wave Rock Caravan Park or the Pinnacles Desert. Rent a car while here or take advantage of the most iconic train – the Ghan – and get out and explore. 

Many new solo travelers find comfort because Australians speak English, so there is no language barrier to overcome in a new place. 

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a slow-paced life. It is easy to find your way here – and slow down, too—a coastline you won’t want to leave, thanks to the beautiful beaches and waters. You don’t have to get in the water to enjoy everything it offers. Just allow yourself to get lost in the serenity. 

When you aren’t relaxing by the water, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, ziplining through the jungle, kayaking, and much more. 

4. New York, NY

Imagine having the entire city of N.Y. at your fingertips to explore. You don’t have to worry about what others want to do, see, eat, etc. And with a city with a lot to do, this can be a relief. 

This solo trip is all about you. You don’t have to argue over which show to see on Broadway or whether or not a jog through the infamous Central Park can fit into the schedule. It just does because you say so. This is your trip. 

5. Singapore

If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in a culture – the best way to do it is alone. And Singapore is a hot spot for it. 

Between the rainforest, Hindu temples, skyscrapers, vintage boutiques, and all amid culturally diverse cuisine can be thrilling. And guess what? You’re in charge, so you won’t! There is so you will want to attend here.

Picking a Solo Travel Destination

Life is short. And most of the things you think are stopping you from traveling will still be there when you get back. In other words, please don’t put it off. Book your private jet charter, secure hotel accommodations, and start packing. Your solo adventure awaits! 

Travel Tips

Amazing Solo Trip Ideas to Keep in Mind

Trying to escape on vacation with family can sometimes leave you wanting another vacation! Sometimes life can be hectic and almost too much to handle. The solution? A solo trip. After all, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Here we will explore some of the best solo trip ideas for your next vacation.

Take a break from the chaos of life and get lost in an adventure all on your own – it is time to plan a fantastic solo trip. When traveling alone, you can go where you want, do what you want, and enjoy everything that makes your soul happy. You don’t have to account for the preferences of others at any point along the way. This trip is yours. Since your options are endless, let’s look at a few solo trip ideas you may want to consider.

Amazing Solo Trip Ideas

Sometimes having an intention-filled getaway can be the most rewarding and rejuvenating. You could choose a destination you have always wanted to visit and then decide what you want to do while you are there. Or, you could decide on an experience you would like to have and then find the best place. Check out these ideas:

  • A meditation retreat. If you want to relax and feel refreshed, attending a meditation retreat can ensure it happens. It gives you time to reflect, refocus, and find peace amongst beautiful surroundings.
  • Volunteering for a cause. Whether it is the rainforest, orphanages, animals, humanitarian aid, or something else – volunteering somewhere else can not only get you away from the hustle and bustle of your life but also make you feel great.
  • Immerse yourself with the locals. Spend some time in your destination living like a local rather than a tourist. Hang out where they hang out, dine where they dine, and meet new people. This is a great way to get the whole experience.
  • Follow a passion. If you are passionate about something, follow your passion. For instance, if you are an artist, a musician, a lover of wine, antiques, or sea life, or have always been fascinated with a particular country or culture, go to places where you will surround yourself with these things. Learn all you can, grow, and take your experience with them to new heights.
  • Go hiking. Find destinations that allow you to do this while enjoying some incredibly breathtaking surroundings that you will enjoy. Sometimes just getting on a challenging hiking trail and walking alone can be an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy a solo hiking trip.

Solo Trip Destinations to Consider

Of course, you can always let go of your plan to do something particular and pick a destination you have always dreamed about visiting. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few of the best options:

Naples, Florida

This spot is a safe tropical destination that brings sunshine, salty air, and dolphins. What more could you ask for? With its beautiful scenery, an abundance of excellent restaurants, and resorts, this is the perfect destination for a luxury getaway. Naples is an excellent destination with much to offer for your next solo trip.

Boulder, Colorado

Here you will find mountains with trails to explore during the day and a wonderful downtown area – Pearl Street Mall – where you can soak up some entertainment after a delicious meal. Boulder is a beautiful city with a lot of outdoor activities to do nearby.

Asheville, North Carolina

This is a popular destination with lots of hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a ton of craft beer spots to cool down after a hot day on the trails, and you won’t forget to visit the Biltmore Estate. Asheville, North Carolina, is a beautiful historic city with numerous amenities.

Nashville, Tennessee

You will love this place if you love music and good vibes. You can meet others and be social, yet still do your own thing. Nashville offers plenty of outdoor adventures, shopping, dining, and nightlife that pull you away from real life.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

This storybook-like beach city seems like an entirely different world in this populous state. There are many things to do here, from surfing waters to surfing art galleries, shopping, dining, scenic strolls, relaxing on the beach, and more. It’s a quiet spot for one. Carmel by the sea is an excellent vacation getaway with wide-ranging amenities and activities that will make any trip memorable.

Solo Trip Ideas via Private Jet Charter

It is so easy to put others first. Many people do this daily in their lives, always taking a backseat so that those they love and care for can have the best of everything. But when you decide to head out on a fantastic solo trip, it is time that you invest in yourself. You know, give yourself the best of everything – and treat yourself to an incredible journey on a private jet charterPerhaps giving you a little insight into the private jet experience will help you realize how much your trip deserves this extra experience. Let’s take a look.

  • Safety. You can feel confident that you will travel to and from your destination in one of the safest aircraft in the skies. You can feel confident in your safety with strict routine maintenance and safety checks and a skilled and proficient flight crew. Not to mention that flying private keeps you away from germs, too.
  • Flexibility. You don’t have a rigid schedule. Instead, you choose it. So if you find you want to stay longer, do it!
  • Privacy. You can do what you want on board and feel at ease.
  • Luxurious amenities. Lots of excellent amenities and comfort onboard the jet. After you’ve just had a lifetime experience, you will want to kick back and relax at home.
  • No layovers. Private flights are straight through, so you won’t have to worry about long layovers or to catch a connecting flight.
  • More airport options. You can get closer to your destination and have better options since small private jets can fly into small private airports that most commercial jets cannot.
  • Additional services. Most charter companies and FBOs offer other travel services, such as booking accommodations once you arrive, having a car ready for you, providing food and beverages, and more.

A fantastic solo trip idea isn’t complete without a private jet charter. Now all you have to decide is where it will take you!

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