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The Best Hotels in America For Your Luxury Trip

Planning a luxury trip? Here are the best hotels in America for you to stay at. 

There are those hotels you can stay at that make you feel like you miss your comforts from home – and make you want to head back there. And then there are those hotels that make you forget you even have a home! It is the latter that we are going to look at today – the best hotels for your luxury trip. 

Where will it take you? What will it have to offer you? You’re going to have to keep reading to find out. 

Characteristics of a Top-Notch Hotel

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to talk about the characteristics of a top-notch hotel. What is it that sets, say, a Four Seasons apart from a Hampton Inn? Besides the obvious glitz and glamor factors, check it out: 

  • Personalizations. A high-end hotel will address you by name and offer to add any special treats or requests to your room. They want their guests to truly feel welcomed. 
  • Private surroundings. While some hotels are in bigger cities and are busy, the more private the hotel feels, the higher up on the luxury scale. Just because a hotel is busy, it doesn’t have to feel like it is. 
  • Convenient fine dining. Having a hotel that offers fine dining without having to leave the property is incredibly beneficial. And it contributes to their ranking. Though having a convenient restaurant with poor service or food quality can be damaging. 
  • Unique features. Having a stand-out feature that is different from other hotels can be a plus. For instance, a unique dining or adventure experience, a special addition to a suite (such as a private pool in your room), and other ideas can work. 
  • Having a signature scent. All world-class hotels have a signature scent – one that only the elite who have stayed there will recognize. When you walk through the doors, you should be able to recognize where you are – even with your eyes closed. 
  • Exceptional service. When you stay in a luxury hotel, you expect a high level of service. You should feel special. Touches like champagne on arrival, fresh flowers in your room, turndown at bedtime, butler service, and so forth can easily set a hotel apart from others. 

Best Hotels In America For Your Luxury Trip

Since we know what we are looking for, let’s dive into the best hotels in America for your luxury trip.

The Carlyle, a Rosewood Hotel (New York City, NY)

Sophistication at its finest is what you will find The Carlyle. Since its debut in 1930, it has been the epitome of luxury hotels in the NYC area. Residential-type living with incredible service and even more incredible amenities. Catch a musical performance, enjoy dining in elegance, or treat yourself at the Valmont Spa at The Carlyle. 

The Peninsula (Chicago, IL)

This hotel isn’t as well known as some of the others – and those who know of it like to keep this gem a secret. It isn’t crowded – or at least doesn’t feel so. You have a spacious hotel room, an 80-foot pool 19 stories in the air, and a spa you could spend the day at. Oh, and the towels… you will want to take them home. 

One of the things you will find here that stands out is the in-room tablets and their intuitive technology. You can control the lights and sounds in your room while also requesting housekeeping, ordering room service, checking flight status, and more. 

The Setai (Miami Beach, FL)

Take in all that Miami has to offer – including heated pools, full private beach service, and tranquil, tropical surroundings. Here, every room is a suite – some with deep soaking tubs in the middle of them. The Setai is all about Feng Shui practices and zen-like experiences. Yet it doesn’t forget to incorporate the art deco architecture of Miami Beach. 

Staying here gives you access to delightful entertainment, delicious foods, and a spa to melt away any stress you’ve brought with you. 

Montage Laguna Beach (Laguna Beach, CA)

If you are interested in drifting away at a resort without ever having to leave the property, this is it. It sits on a bluff on 30 acres of oceanfront property. It feels private with incredible views – and private beach access. Of course, if the pool is more your style, Montage has 3 of them. Much care is given to the property and to the guests. While here, you will not want to miss the huge spa that has been ranked as one of the best in the area. This is a great spot to seek rejuvenation. 

Castle Hot Springs (Morristown, AZ)

Want to step off the beaten path? Visit Castle Hot Springs. It is like a resort and a retreat all wrapped in a luxurious package. You can soak in hot springs pools, experience spa services outdoors in cabanas along the creek, visit the farm, or join in on some yoga. You can even experience cable climbing. 

This is an inclusive resort about 50 miles outside of Phoenix that focuses on inner wellness and natural living. If you need some time away from a bustling daily life – this is it. 

Fly Private for Maximum Luxury

Staying at a luxury hotel is half the battle. You have to enjoy your trip there, too. Besides, leaving an indulgent experience at an incredible hotel and jumping straight into the woes of a commercial airliner can be quite shocking to the body – and the mind. 

Take it easy by chartering a private jet. Consider it the icing on the cake. And, remind yourself – you deserve a luxury hotel stay and you deserve a luxury jet ride, too. With chartered flights being more and more affordable and accessible today than in years past, you have no excuse to sit back in pure comfort as you head to and from your destination.

Now It’s Time

Now, all you have left to do is book your accommodations, charter your flight, and pack your bags. Treat yourself because you are worth it. 


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