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How to Ensure Passengers Have the Best Flight Experience

When it comes to air travel, travelers know just what they like on their flight to have the best flight experience possible. They also know what options will bring them back to the same airline time and time again.

Most often, those in the air travel industry seem to think it is the big things that matter most; bigger seats, more leg room, early boarding. While those things are definitely important, it is the small things that set one company apart from another or one private jet apart from another.

Any flight can get you from one point to another with ease, but the one that does so with added perks and a smile – that will be the one most likely to get a return booking. So, if you are looking to ensure your passengers have the best flight experience then look no further.

1. Offer comfort for a great flight experience

Just about anyone who is spending any length of time in a chair wants it to be comfortable. Therefore, providing comfort is a perk that will be remembered. This is especially the case on long-distance flights. Invest in comfortable seating and, if long-distance flights are common for you, then you may want to consider obtaining some comfortable lounging and reclining chairs. The ability to get some shut-eyeget some shut-eye while in-flight is important to many travelers.

Other forms of comfort include a well-maintained cooling and ventilation system on the plane as well. Keeping the temperature in the cabin at a comfortable temperature means that your passengers will be cool and calm. Perhaps offering soft blankets to those who are chilled can keep a happy balance among the passengers and the temperature.

Passengers expect to be uncomfortable – so offer comfort.

2. Offer privacy to passengers

Many individuals who fly private jets are looking for privacy. For one reason or another, they have chosen to book private travel and the last thing that would be on their mind would be a packed plane with elbow-to-elbow seating. Instead, having a bit of privacy would be a welcomed change, and improve their overall flight experience tremendously.

Privacy means that one can talk and discuss topics freely on the plane. For those in the corporate arena, this privacy means being able to conduct business while in the air. Lastly, for those who need to catch up on much-needed sleep or who are trying to avoid jetlag, having a private cabin to sleep in while in flight may make all the difference in the world.

Privacy on commercial flights is scarce. Be the difference.

3. Offer amenities

It is always nice to discover that there are amenities available for all sorts of occasions, even if you don’t see yourself ever needing them. The fact that someone was thoughtful enough and motivated enough to make you feel worthwhile and important is sometimes all you need from these amenities.

If you want to make sure your passengers feel important and valued, then you will want to see to it that there are amenities on board your flight. It will add to their flying experience as well as to their overall satisfaction.

So, what type of amenities would passengers be excited to see?

Consider this: Travelers often find themselves in limbo. Perhaps they aren’t going to be sleeping in their own bed tonight. Or, perhaps they have been sleeping away from the comforts of home for a while. Whatever the reason, it is these comforts – or even things that they may have forgotten – that will be enjoyed.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Deodorant
  • Lotions
  • Wet wipes or even just a warm washcloth
  • Having entertainment, such as a television, satellite radio, gaming system, or virtual reality setup – including WiFi, of course – are great amenities that allow for a time of relaxation.
  • If you want to get more luxurious, offering a private bed or bedroom or a full-size bathroom are always exciting to see.

Make your jet service stand out from the others with the perks that you offer.

4. Offer convenience for guests

Complication doesn’t sit well with many people. In fact, the more complicated a situation or process, the more likely that passenger will be to go elsewhere next time. If you are looking for creating a great flight experience with guests that will return – then you are going to need to offer convenience.

For example:

  • Be ready for your business travelers by having an office in the sky. Provide capabilities for handling business, such as offering a wireless internet connection, a telecommunication device, a conference table, built-in video conferencing, etc. This convenience will be much appreciated by those who know the business world does not stop just because you are on a flight.
  • Be flexible with scheduling. If your passenger calls and is stuck in traffic, don’t make a little tardiness a bigger issue. Plan for these types of situations to happen so that, when they do, you are prepared.
  • Know your passengers and have the items they may prefer on board. For instance, if are children on board – provide age-appropriate movies, games, and activities. If you are expecting a handful of teenagers –provide appropriate entertainment. This convenience means that the worry of being occupied while in flight is gone. Your passengers know you will have this already taken care of.

5. Offer food and beverage

People love to eat and drink. And, with having so much downtime on a flight – what else is there to do? Provide your passengers with many options to choose from when it comes to drinks. Especially because having a drink while mingling with others or while relaxing is quite common.

In addition, offering food – and not just peanuts or pretzels – can greatly set you apart from others. Provide a memorable flight experience for your passengers by having the flight catered. You don’t have to have an elegant spread, but something for your passengers to munch on will suffice. Choose anything from party platters, sandwich platters, to gourmet meals and desserts.

A full belly leads to a happy passenger.

Take the step to go above and beyond for your passengers and they will be thankful for the best flight experience ever.

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