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6 Easy Ways to Get Cheap Charter Flight Prices

There used to be a time when flying a private jet was way out of reach. Those who traveled from one location to another via a private jet were thought to be monetarily untouchable since there were no such things as cheap charter flight prices.

After all, they didn’t have to stand in long security lines, follow the rigid rules of the commercial airlines, or sit elbow to elbow with a stranger. In fact, they were flying in luxury while the average individual could only dream of such an opportunity.

Today, that has changed. Flying in a private jet is no longer out of reach. There are ways that the industry is now optimizing their time and resources while making the private flights available and more affordable to a wider population.

Still not convinced? Check out these 6 ways to find cheap charter flight prices for way less than you’d expect.


1. Become a member.

There are some companies that allow you to become a member of their club, giving you access to the use of their planes. How does this work? You sign up and pay an initial fee, then pay monthly for the service. Then, when you need a plane, you hop aboard. This makes the price for the flight itself much cheaper. However, there are a few catches you should be aware of:

  • Many of these membership airlines usually only fly between a couple of specific destinations. You may not be able to travel to other locations.
  • If you don’t fly often, then it could be a waste of money. For instance, if you pay $1,500.00 monthly membership, but you only fly once, then that flight just cost you $1,500.00. However, should you fly a few times each month between the destinations, then you will be saving money.
  • Depending on how many members there are, you may have difficulty getting on a flight if it is booked.

Before signing up for a membership service, be sure that you understand the cost and the travel routes available.


2. Empty Leg Flights.

Filling up empty leg flights is becoming more and more popular as it lets you find some of the cheapest charter flight prices available. Just in case you aren’t sure what an “empty leg flight,” it is the portion of a flight that is unused or not booked. For instance, you will find empty leg flights when:

  • A flight is chartered from Point A to Point B. However, it needs to return to Point A. Rather than fly solo with no passengers (and pay its own fuel costs and airport costs), it will hope to be booked by you – from Point B, back to Point A.
  • A flight is booked from Point A to Point B. Then, a new order has come in for a party that needs to be picked up at Point C. If you catch it just right, you could take the empty leg flight from Point B to Point C – and get a deal, since the jet needed to head that way regardless.

Empty leg flights are a great way for you to have the opportunity to fly on a private jet. In addition, it is always a welcomed option by the company because of the compensation for travel and fuel. After all, if it weren’t for your booking, they’d have to pay those costs out of their own pocket.


3. Check alternate airports.

Another way to find cheaper charter flight prices is by checking different, less-known airports. Many private jets fly to alternate airports that commercial jets cannot access. This is a fantastic way to get closer to your destination and to avoid the busy, yet organized, chaos that you typically find at major airports. However, this is not necessarily a well-known habit. Most travelers who are not as well-versed in air travel, but are seeking a chartered flight, are more likely to access those at the major airports.

So, when you are seeking deals on chartered flights, consider checking these alternate airports for available charters.


4. Be flexible.

If you contact a private charter company and you let them know that you want to fly from Point A to Point B at 3:09pm next Tuesday, you may hear a chuckle and then silence. It just does not work that way. Well, unless you are willing to pay.

Many people who fly private jets do so often – from one place to another. And, many times, this is at the last minute. So, if there is a plane available, it will likely take the customer. After all, being in the air means making more money than being grounded.

However, if you are flexible with your timing, you are much more likely to get cheaper charter flight prices. Let them know when you’d like to leave and then let them tell you when they are ready for you. You may have to wait a couple of hours, but you will save a chunk of money for your patience.


5. Wait until the last minute.

Waiting until the last minute to book your charter will give you the best deal possible. While you may not always have this ability, it can payoff bigtime if you do. Many private jets will leave the calendar open for big-ticket flights. However, if it looks like they aren’t going to take off – and you call – you just scored yourself a deal.

Along with the previous point, allowing yourself to be flexible can pay off. However, it’s not always an option, so take advantage of it when you can.


6. Take a group.

If possible, choose to take a group with you to get the cheapest charter flight prices. Besides, traveling with friends is more fun, isn’t it? Generally, if you book a chartered flight for yourself only, you will likely be charged for every seat on the flight. However, if you take a group with you, the cost breakdown may even be less than a commercial ticket.

Keep in mind that your group should remain seven or less. Otherwise, you will be bumped up to a bigger, more expensive charter.

Well, there you have it – the inside info on how you can take your next vacation using a chartered flight on a private jet. If you take the time to do your research, you can find cheaper charter flight prices, and it will be worth it. Where will you travel?

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