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6 Worst Airports In The US

Anyone who has flown on a commercial airline before knows how stressful airports can be. Fly private and avoid the worst airports in the US.

The air travel experience has always had its ups and downs – especially when it comes to commercial air travel. If you know anyone who has traveled any length of time – or you have yourself – then there is a good chance you have heard the horror stories.

Delayed and canceled flights leave passengers stranded in airports. Lost luggage. Missed connections. Long lines at the security checkpoints. Angry passengers. And, before you even get inside some of the airports, there are bad traffic patterns, inconvenient – and overcrowded – parking, neverending construction, slow customs processes, poor terminal layouts, and so much more.

1. LaGuardia Airport, NYC

For anyone who has ever made their way to the LGA airport, the fact that it has landed in the top spot for the worst airports in the US should not come as a shock at all. This airport sees more delays and has more overcrowded security lines and terminals than others in the country. All these things wouldn’t be that terrible if the building had been kept up over the years. Though it has been going through an update process, that may offer a little relief to stranded passengers.

However, no matter how modern you make the interior, you can’t deny the fact that the terrible traffic and lack of public transit access can make anyone late to the flight – or miss it altogether.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ

The Newark (EWR) airport is another access point to the NYC area. Those trying to avoid LGA may think flying into EWR is a better choice. Wrong. This airport has one of the worst records in the country for flights arriving on time. They don’t. And that means there are a lot of passengers stranded, waiting around for their flight. And it is just not the place you want to be. It is not the cleanest, and their dining options are basic yet overpriced.

Getting to and from the airport takes a lot of extra time too. And it sure is expensive. Any Uber or Lyft ride into NYC is going to cost you big bucks. And if you decide to take public transit, you will have to take two trains. For those not familiar, this could end up being very confusing.

3. Los Angeles International Airport, CA

Los Angeles may be associated with movie stars, glitz, and glamour, but it is not because of its airport (LAX). The flights may not be delayed as much as the other two we have talked about, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of problems. After all, it is in the 3rd spot on the list of the worst airports in the US.

The problem with LAX is that it is not accessible. It is hard to get to the airport – and then it is hard to find your way around the airport. Around the airport. For those with connecting flights, it takes prayer, a lot of speed, and a great sense of direction to make it to your next gate for boarding before your plane leaves.

Traffic, congestion, and poor layout design impact the quality of one’s experience here. And although they have added some new shops and dining spots, as well as an automated trolley, they are not looking in the right direction to clean up the woes that come with an LAX experience.

4. O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL

Next to Atlanta’s airport, O’Hare has been deemed the busiest airport in the US. Many people pass through this airport in one way or another – nearly 40 million people, that is. Albeit, it is a slow passing. There are so many cancellations and delays – many of which are due to weather since the city is prone to some rough stuff. But that isn’t the only excuse.

O’Hare has been plagued with last-minute gate changes, incredibly overcrowded security lines, and check-in lines. It is not uncommon at all to see a hefty amount of tourists just stranded along the walkways in each terminal.

They say change is coming, but construction will take a long time. And who knows if it will even make a big difference at all.

5. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Ohio

The airport in Cleveland (CLE) is old and frail. They have tried to fix it up over the years, but it did nothing more for it than give it a facelift. The overall functionality of the airport was not addressed. The terminals are small and outdated.

Accessibility to the airport is also a problem. Not only is the shuttle area at the Ground Transportation Center located an inconvenient distance from the airport, but it causes undue stress and delays for the passengers. Time needs to be allotted for this connection – or it leads to more significant problems. Those unfamiliar with the airport are usually the ones who are out of luck.

6. Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport, Florida

This airport in Fort Lauderdale (FLL) has gotten too big, too fast. This area is a hot spot for tourists, which keeps the airport busy. But what’s more is that many are utilizing this airport to avoid the bigger Miami airport. Unfortunately, what they find is neverending construction, heavy traffic issues, lack of parking – or lack of convenient parking, and minimal shopping and dining.

All airport terminals share the same drive-through loop, making it a miserable experience for drop-off and pick-up. And public transit is just not reliable, if even accessible.

So, while FLL may not have a heavy load of delayed flights, getting there is the biggest battle.

Just Another Reason to Fly Private

All of these situations that lead to the worst airports make us wonder – why would anyone want to fly commercial? There are many downfalls to flying on an airplane with hundreds of other passengers when you could fly private!

If you are ready to see what a real air travel experience is about, ditch these busy, miserable airports – and book a private jet charter to your destination.

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