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Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Avoid Headaches

With so many people traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s essential to be prepared. Avoid headaches with these Thanksgiving travel tips.

Traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel times of the year. And the travel craze is nationwide. It is time to come together with loved ones and kick off the holiday season.

If you want to get those warm and fuzzy holiday feelings that Thanksgiving brings, you may want to avoid the airport.


The Simplest Thanksgiving Travel Tips

The chaos that is found in airport terminals during the Thanksgiving holiday is enough to turn the sweetest person into The Grinch.

Luckily, there is a much easier way to approach Thanksgiving travel.

Are you ready for it?

Travel privately.

Here’s how easy it is to avoid the headaches of commercial travel and make the most of your time off during the Thanksgiving holiday with a private jet.


Benefit #1: Avoid the Over-Crowded Airports.

If you have ever experienced an airport during a peak travel time, then you know that the headaches can begin before you even make it out of the parking lot.

From traffic and road congestion to long lines to check in and get through security, the entire experience can be exhausting and frustrating.

During Thanksgiving, the weather can play a huge role in the timeliness of flights.

When certain weather conditions hit, air traffic halts. One flight cancellation can lead to great overcrowdings and overbookings on future flights. In the interim, airport terminals are littered with stranded passengers.

Is this how you want to spend your Thanksgiving holiday?

Chartering a private jet means that you would access the aircraft using the private airport – avoiding the commercial airport altogether.

In addition, your flight times and options are so much greater than you can assume you will be in the air – unless an extreme situation occurs.

Plus, you get the benefit of no rough traffic, no long security lines, no huge lines to check in, and no uncomfortable, crowded waiting area. And, overbooking your private jet is not even a care or concern.


Benefit #2: Get Closer to Your Destination with More Airport Options.

As discussed above, choosing to charter a private jet means you get to avoid the overcrowded airports. But, did you know that it also means you can get closer to your destination?

If you are traveling home to your family, not every family resides in or close to a major city.

There are hundreds of private, executive airports that private jets can access, but commercial airliners cannot.

That means that you will have the opportunity to utilize smaller airports that are closer to your destination.


Benefit #3: Travel Together With Family for More Quality Time.

Traveling with others on a commercial flight gives you time to chat, but that is about it. And, of course, everyone in the surrounding area can enjoy your conversation, too.

Choosing to travel on a private jet means you can enjoy more quality time.

Spending time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving would be more enjoyable if you fly together in a private jet, don’t you think? You could relax and let your guard down.

Play games, watch movies, talk, sing, dance – whatever you want to do to pass the travel time.

And, it’s private!

No need to worry about nearby passengers eyeing you with their open ears.

Besides, what else could be the perfect way to spend quality time together?



Benefit #4: Enjoy More Flexibility When Flying.

Face it – the holidays can be unpredictable. Whether it is the weather, traffic, last minute hold-ups at work, or the need to stay with your family a little longer – you want the opportunity to have flexibility.

Now, imagine calling a major airline and advising them of any of these scenarios and asking if they can be flexible – within reason – with your schedule.

You will likely hear the dial tone.

With a private jet charter, you will likely find a different response.

Private jets are much easier to work around kinks in a schedule or last-minute delays. You can remain calm, knowing that your flight will be there for you.

Just one more way to enjoy the holidays a little bit more.


Benefit #5: Don’t Leave Your Furry Friends Home Alone.

Who wants their furry friends and pets to be home alone or left in a cold kennel over the holidays?

What if you could take them with you and they could sit right next to you on a private jet? Sure, you could take smaller animals with you on many commercial airlines, but there are regulations and they have to be kept caged and calm.

Lose the worry and headache over your furry friends by chartering a private jet and bringing them with you.

Plus, because it is a private jet, you won’t have to worry about any and every noise Fido makes because there is no one to disturb.

What a way to make the holidays more magical.


Benefit #6: You Can’t Trust Mother Nature – So Be Prepared.

The weather during this time of year can be incredibly finicky.

In fact, you never know what to expect from Mother Nature from one day to the next – especially when traveling to or from northern, frigid destinations.

During certain weather conditions, it is unsafe for planes to fly. This poses the real risk of having to spend extra time in the airports.

Would you prefer the crowded, uncomfortable space in a large airport or a small, luxury lounge in the private airport?



Thanksgiving is supposed to make you want to give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

However, Thanksgiving travel during this busy time can leave you with such a tremendous headache. Delays and cancellations from the weather, overbookings by commercial airliners, and thousands and thousands of people trying to get to their family – just like you.

Avoid all of this – including the headaches – by following our Thanksgiving travel tips and choosing to charter a private jet.

You can fly in comfort, spending quality time with your loved ones, and know that you have a little bit of flexibility, too. There is just no need to immerse yourself in the airport madness this Thanksgiving.

Fly private!

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