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5 Reasons to Choose Private Jet Travel

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If people are being honest, everyone would love to travel on a private jet. Daydreams of celebrity fame & fortune abound. Some of you might envision a flight to New York or Paris or Hong Kong in the company of the likes of Oprah or Tom Cruise.  Movie images readily spring to mind as you mentally take the class of champagne offered by the flight attendant and recline in your luxurious leather seat to take in the comfortable surroundings of the cabin.

In spite of so many images of privilege, some of the best reasons for choosing private jet travel have less to do with celebrity entitlement and more to do with the actual logistics of this type of travel. Here are 5 great reasons to choose private jet travel.


No Lines at Check-in

Let’s face it, one of the true challenges of travel in this day and age is simply the waiting. The lines seem endless, the security brusque, and other passengers cranky. Screaming children, removing your shoes, and packing your toiletries are just a few of the many inconveniences in airline travel. Now let’s imagine a different scenario. A scenario where you arrive at a small airfield and pull right up to the gate. Your documents are checked, your bags wheeled away, and in no time you are escorted to your private jet. No extensive security search, no lines of passengers, no silly toiletry regulations. This alternate reality can be yours if you choose private jet travel. New Jersey’s Teterboro airport, for instance, is a favorite of the rich and famous for arriving and departing into the New York region, all while avoiding the nightmare of JFK.


Ease of Packing

Let’s go back to one of the points above. Baggage restrictions. Airlines have become more and stricter regarding baggage limitations. With most airlines charging for checked baggage, and some now even charging for carry-ons stowed in the overhead compartments, travelers are challenged to spend more time fretting over baggage woes than they do researching their destination! With private jet travel this worry is a moot point. Although certain guidelines must still be followed the days of measuring your bag before weighing it on the bathroom scale are a thing of the past. Bring aboard your full size toiletries with ease and recycle those 3 ounce plastic travel sizes!


Destination Options Abound

One of the very best reasons to travel by private jet is for the simple fact that you have more choices.  When flying privately you are able to choose smaller, regional, airlines that may better serve your trip. In addition to the lack of lines and extended waiting required at major airports, by flying into regional airports that horrendous wait simply to get out of the airport parking lot is behind you. Private jet travel makes it much simpler to visit areas to check out Maine’s fall foliage or Provence’s lavender fields. Maybe your heart is set on Napa Valley but you don’t want to deal with the hassles of driving all the way from Oakland or San Francisco. By utilizing the smaller airfields allowed with a private jet you land in the heart of the region you wish to explore.



A major reason for choosing to travel by private jet is, of course, comfort. Airlines continue to reduce their leg room and seat size regularly. Even in business class personal space can seem limited. Not so when choosing to travel on a private jet charger. With an average of less than 30 seats per flight, a flight on a private jet will spoil you for all else. Even when flying in first class or suite class on a commercial airline you will still be forced with some of the issues as every other passenger on the flight, including waiting to board and disembark, having other passengers pass by your seat, and potential lines for the bathrooms. When flying on a private jet these concerns are alleviated. With the smaller numbers of passengers on board your personal space is enhanced, your comfort increased, and the ability to get up and move about the entire plane nearly unlimited. In addition, when flying by private jet you can decide exactly what you would like to dine on. Perhaps a tapas party at 20,000 feet has always been a dream. Now that dream can become a reality.

Feeling Special

It is okay to admit that you like to feel special. When you fly on a private jet charter one of the best aspects is receiving a personal touch. Certainly the flight attendants on an A-380 packed with 840 people are extremely busy. It is completely understandable that they simply do not have the time, nor energy, to take a moment to make sure each and every passenger feels as though they are receiving a pleasant experience. By choosing a private jet charter instead you can take comfort in knowing that each employee you are in contact with, from making the initial reservation until you disembark at your destination, is truly interested in making sure you travel in comfort.


Everyone probably has their own personal reasons for wanting to experience private jet travel. Perhaps it’s always been on your bucket list. Perhaps you have a special birthday or anniversary approaching. Perhaps you are simply tired of the relentless lines and security and hurry up and wait attitude that comes with fighting your way through a major airport to catch your flight. Whatever your reasons, 2017 is the year to make those dreams come true.

While there are no guarantees Oprah or Tom Cruise will be your seatmate, be assured that as you cruise in comfort in your luxurious leather seat you will have the company of an amazing group of people traveling with you. Dine on exquisite cuisine. Avoid the trauma of airport security lines. Enjoy arriving at a small, regional airport. And above all simply take comfort in the fact that you had the opportunity to experience an amazing adventure.


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