What is Private Jet Management and Why Does it Matter?

Private jet management plays an essential role in luxury travel and makes flying privately safe and efficient.

Taking care of a car is a big job, especially when it comes to handling routine maintenance. It’s easy to let your oil change go over the recommended 3,000 miles or let the tread on your tires get a little too worn.

Thankfully, auto mechanics are very easily accessible, and we don’t have to worry about doing the work ourselves. And, when we haven’t taken as great of care of our car as we should have, the mechanic can help us with that, too.

When it comes to owning a private jet, the owners are responsible for maintaining the health of their aircraft. But, dropping the ball on maintenance, whether intentionally to save some money or because they simply forgot, can have devastating effects for those on board the jet.

There is an easy way to keep this from happening. It’s called private jet management. And, here’s why it matters.


Professional Crew and Top-Notch Training

For those who own private jets, putting together a crew that can care for – and fly – the private jet can prove to be quite a task.

For someone who is normally sitting back and enjoying a flight, how can he or she possibly know that the crew is actually caring for and handling the jet properly?

Truth be told, that’s a nearly impossible thing to do. So, instead, hiring a private jet management company allows for the professionals to step in.

The management company hires those who are qualified to handle the aircraft.

They know what to look for in qualifications and history. And, they know how to properly train other crew members to provide the service in a manner desired by clients.

Therefore, once you are on board, you are confident that you are in experienced hands.


Private Jets Maintained by the Experts

Just like cars in the example above, jets require maintenance, too. Sometimes it is minor, other times not so much.

However, when the need for maintenance arises, a jet management company will be sure to have expert mechanics to handle the job.

Aircraft needs more than just refueling. When you are in the air, you want to know that the jet you are flying in has been taken care of – from routine maintenance to deeper, proactive repairs.

Novice mechanics have a lot to learn. That is why management companies also seek out the most experienced experts in the field to go over every detail of the jet before it ever leaves the ground.



Registered, Ratings, and Legit Paperwork

Jets have paperwork. They need to be registered and approved for charter. They need to have been inspected for safety. When dealing with a company, you are more likely to encounter the proper completion of legal paperwork.

You may or may not know what you are looking for when it comes to the necessary documents, but if you are simply dealing with a jet owner, you may find there is a bigger chance of encountering fraudulent or unregistered equipment.

Don’t risk it. Choosing a charter with a management company means the private jet you fly has been appropriately documented, reviewed, and licensed.

Keep in mind that maintaining proper maintenance records is very important for taking proper care of a jet. Making lists of routine maintenance as well has any repairs is important. This list should include:

A private jet management company can explain these in more detail – and advise of the importance of keeping these records.


A Dedicated Team for Scheduling and Dispatch

Having an entire staff on your side for scheduling and dispatching private jets can be incredibly convenient. Rather than trying to get through to multiple people to get a private jet ready for travel, a management company requires just one call.

How is that for simple?

It is nearly impossible to snap your fingers and have a private jet ready to head out. It requires a maintenance team to get it ready for flight and a pilot to actually fly the jet.

Thanks to the dedicated management team, the process is much more efficient with little to know effort.


Why Do Private Jet Owners Use Management Companies?

Simply put, private jets are expensive. And, not just when it comes to purchasing, but the upkeep and maintenance as well.

It doesn’t usually take long for those that own these jets to realize that it will allow them to leave all the work to the professionals.

However, besides all the perks of a management company that we’ve already discussed – such as access to the most seasoned pilots and maintenance crew – there is more.

Private jet owners can get their asset cared for and maintained while also offsetting the high cost of private jet ownership by choosing to allow management to utilize the jet for private charters.

This is a win for everyone involved. It saves the owner money and allows those who don’t own a private jet to take a flight when needed. And, it keeps the jets in healthy, working condition, too.



Safety Among Charters

If you are considering booking a private jet charter, you have a choice. You can find yourself chartering a flight from an owner. This means your jet charter may or may not be well-maintained.

Plus, your pilot may be experienced, but he may also be a novice. Or, of course, you can choose the private jet that is backed by a management company that knows a great deal about the jet and how to properly maintain and fly it.



Many private jet charters are owned by an individual and maintained by a private jet management company.

This gives them the ability to take advantage of:

  • Professional crew
  • Expert maintenance and repair
  • Proper registration
  • Handy scheduling and dispatch

It also means that they can offset their costs by choosing to offer their jets as charters.

For those seeking private jet charters, those managed by a management company may be your best – and safest – option.

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