No Travel Time? Try These Amazing Weekend Getaway Ideas

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You know how important vacations are. Taking a break from everyday life is not only healthy for your mind, but it is healthy for your body, too. Unfortunately, time and schedules don’t always allow these much-needed vacations. The good news is that we have prepared a list of 6 budget-friendly weekend getaway ideas to help you relax and take that much-needed break.

Just because you don’t have time to spend a week in Tibet or go on a 21-day backpacking trip through the Amazon, does not mean you can’t break away and rejuvenate yourself. Sometimes a weekend is all you need to get refreshed and back on top of your to-do list.

These simple weekend getaway ideas will help you rejuvenate your mind and body, as well as create amazing memories for you and the whole family.


Top 6 Weekend Getaway Ideas For a Budget-Friendly Vacation

Weekend getaway trips don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Rather, they can be the opposite.

Some of our favorite weekend getaway ideas include:

  1. Savannah, Georgia
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. New York, New York
  4. Miami Beach, Florida
  5. Nashville, Tennessee
  6. Monterey, California

Finding time for a vacation can be difficult, and near impossible. Because of this, we’ve put together this list of weekend getaway ideas.



1. Savannah, Georgia

Nothing like a little southern charm to make your getaway weekend enjoyable. Savannah offers a lot of laid-back enjoyment.

Take a relaxing stroll through the gardens in the local square and parks (especially Forsythe Park). Visit the local shops. Dine on some delicious and filling southern comfort food. And take a walking ghost tour at night. All the while enjoying a bit of southern hospitality.

Savannah has a rich history and has been dubbed the “Hostess City of the South,” for their care and focus on those around them. Talk about an opportunity to relax and be catered to.



2. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking to forget about life for a weekend and have some non-stop, all-night fun, then travel to Las Vegas.

This city is full of all sorts of fun – from concerts and live shows, to gambling, to shopping and dining, and so much more.

Visit the amazingly entertaining local hotels and museums or go zip-lining while taking in the Fremont Street experience. Rest assured, you will stay occupied and busy here.

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, you will also find great spas and opportunities to relax while in Las Vegas, as well. Step outside of the city and visit the Hoover Dam or hike through the Red Rock Canyon National Park.

Sure, Las Vegas is also known as “sin city,” for all the crazy debauchery that takes place here. But, don’t rule out this fun spot as one of your weekend getaway ideas.



3. New York, New York

New York is the city that never sleeps.

So, there is always something to do, no matter what time you want to do it. And, it is the perfect place to get lost in when you need an escape from life for the weekend.

Get a luxurious spa treatment, go sightseeing, dine at some of the most fantastic – and eclectic – restaurants in the world, do some shopping, catch a show on Broadway, and so much more.

Or, spend your day taking in the sights and sounds in Central Park or strolling through one of the many museums.

Whatever you choose to do while in New York, you are sure to find it enjoyable. It just may be the perfect spot for your weekend getaway. And, because there is so much to do – you will likely want to visit New York again.



4. Miami Beach, Florida

Sometimes you just need a beach escape.

If that seems to fit your weekend getaway ideas, then you won’t want to miss a trip to Miami Beach.

It’s beautiful blue waters and soft sand can whisk you away in an instant. And, that is what a getaway is for, right?

You will find a melting pot of people in Miami – cultures combined from all over the world. Because of this, you can dine on foods from nearly all regions of the globe, especially from the Caribbean islands, South America, Central America, and so more.

Perhaps after a spa treatment, a day at the beach, and a nice Cuban dinner, you can find your way to South Beach for some wild nightlife.

You are sure to find this weekend getaway destination one of the best places to unwind and rejuvenate all your senses.



5. Nashville, Tennessee

Music lovers unite in Nashville. And for good reason.

This city is full of budding musicians just waiting for their break. That means you can them in local bars and venues, providing you with all sorts of musical enjoyment. And, believe it or not, it’s not all just country.

You will find rock, country, dueling pianos, and – if you are seeking your own big break – karaoke.

Here you will also find museums to stroll through, such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash Museum.

Or, head outdoors to Centennial Park where you will find a full-size replica of the Greek landmark, Parthenon. You may also be interested in Germantown (a neighborhood that is listed on the list of National Register of Historic Places) or, depending on when you visit, take in a baseball game at the stadium at First Tennessee Park.

You won’t find any lack of things to do while in Nashville for the weekend.

It is a great escape and may even be music to your ears.



6. Monterey, California

Monterey is a beach town that has taken its history and re-vamped it into a lively artisan-filled destination.

Here you will find out factories and warehouses transformed into seafood restaurants, bars, and shops. Located in a strip, its an enjoyable spot for a stroll.

While in Monterey, you will not want to miss one of the largest aquariums in the world –the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Also, while traveling to Monterey, a visit to Pebble Beach can take your breath away with its scenic views. With lots to do of laid-back fun, you will surely feel refreshed at the end of your weekend here.


So, what is the best part of taking a weekend getaway trip? The flight there – if you choose to charter a private jet. Doing so means that your getaway starts from the time you step on the aircraft.

You can avoid the stressed-out airports and security lines, as well as fighting traffic if your destination is in close proximity. Make the most of the weekend by incorporating the travel into your decompression time. Charter your flight, then sit back and relax.

With these weekend getaway ideas, you can have the best mini-vacation of your life. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, find some nightlife, or learn different cultures, there is a weekend trip for you.

You deserve this.

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