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Honeymoon Travel: 7 Reasons to Use a Private Jet

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You just had the most amazing day of your life. You and the one who holds your heart got married in front of all your friends and family. A ceremony, dinner, dancing, and lots of socializing – it was truly the fairy tale you have always dreamed of. Now, however, it is time for your honeymoon travel with the love of your life.

Nine days of fun, excitement, and memory-making for the two of you. But, first, you must make sure you are at the airport at least two hours before your early morning flight. Since you didn’t check in early, you decide to get to the airport a bit sooner to check in and get your boarding passes.

Then, you reach the never-ending security line. Reminiscent of a cattle call, you and your new spouse try to make the best of having to stand in line. Once you successfully make your way through the checkpoint, you sprint side-by-side to your gate. They are already boarding.

Since there is only two of you and there are three seats on each side of your commercial aircraft, you already know ahead of time that you will likely have to share a row with a stranger. The question is – who?

As you approach your row, you see an excited, middle-aged woman boasting at the seams. It is evident that she cannot wait to get to you everything single thing about you two.

Congratulations – and welcome to the start of your honeymoon.


Benefits of Using a Private Jet for Honeymoon Travel

Hold on. Wait a minute. Who would want to kick off the single, most romantic vacation of their life sitting cramped for hours on a plane next to Chatty Cathy? No one.

There are many benefits that come with chartering a private jet.

So, heed the advice – you need to use a private jet for your honeymoon travel. In case that example wasn’t enough, here are 7 reasons why.


1. You can rest up.

Weddings are exhausting. Not just the day of the wedding itself, but everything leading up to it.

Once it is over, you are going to be exhausted. The last thing you want to do is make it to your destination and sleep the first day or two away trying to find some energy.

Choose a private jet for your honeymoon travel and you will be able to enjoy comfortable, quiet, and private surroundings for your snoozing pleasure.


2. PDA a/k/a public displays of affection.

Nobody wants to see your googly-eyed, kissing, newlywed excitement while cramped on a commercial aircraft with many other passengers. And being on your honeymoon and having just gotten married, keeping the PDA to a minimum could prove difficult.

Flying a private jet gives you the privacy you desire to snuggle.



3. Reduce frustration.

Imagine starting your honeymoon travel hassle-free at the airport?

Private jet charters are accessed through private airports or via the private entrance of commercial airports. While you may encounter a brief security checkpoint, you will be able to avoid the long lines in the main airport.


4. Flexibility.

Unlike the rigid time frame offered by commercial airlines, private jets don’t require you to be at the airport at least two hours in advance. Instead, you need to be there a few minutes before your flight.

But what happens if you are coming straight from your wedding reception and get held up saying your goodbyes? Or what if you plan on your wedding celebration to end late and you don’t want to be stuck risking a missed flight early the next morning?

Private jet charters allow for great flexibility. If you are running a few minutes behind or you want to fly out at a specific time, you just have to make a call.

With all that you have going on, having this flexible option may allow you to rest easy.


5. Visit more exotic destinations.

We are talking about your honeymoon destination. Do you want to go where every tourist goes? Or are you looking to sweep your significant other off his or her feet by flying into an exotic destination?

If you choose the latter, then you should know that not all commercial airliners can land in remote locations. You will find that some of the quietest, romantic getaways require a private jet to access.



6. Make it memorable.

Have you ever tried to obtain a personal experience from a commercial airline? For example, can you imagine calling one of the most popular airlines to let them know that you are traveling their airline for your honeymoon?

Proceed to ask them if they can please include a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries in your reserved seat.

Not likely to happen.

But, did you know that this is very common and easily done with private jet charters? You can make your honeymoon travel special and memorable by personalizing the private jet ahead of time.

Making special requests can skyrocket the meaning of your travels before your feet even leave the ground.


7. Create your personal honeymoon.

Imagine being able to travel anywhere you want to go – when you want to go there.

Let’s say you want to personalize your honeymoon travel by first traveling to the city you first met. Then, you’d like to leave there and travel to a destination with an adventure. When you are done there, you’d like to travel to a different destination for a spa retreat. And, then, on the way home, you prefer a layover in a specific city just so you can grab a souvenir.

Putting together an itinerary like that on a commercial airline isn’t likely to happen so easy at all.

However, on a private jet charter? You decide the destination, so you have the ability to make your dream honeymoon personal and unforgettable.

For most people, you will only get one honeymoon. You can keep it boring and public with a flight to your destination on a commercial aircraft. Or, you can create a private, unforgettable honeymoon experience by booking your flight on a private jet charter.

If you want to keep the magic going, you will need to book the charter.

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