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Charter a G650 by Gulfstream

Written by Alex M. Early, CEO of The Early Air Way

Gulfstream G650 Exterior

The Gulfstream G650, it’s the hottest thing on the market since the GV back in 1997. Bigger, faster, and with further reach, the G650 is the true pinnacle of business jet evolution.

The Gulfstream G650 is now the fastest civilian airliner in the world reaching Mach 0.925, nearly the speed of sound! Prior to the G650, the Citation X was the fastest civilian airliner.

Before its launch, the G650 was introduced to pop culture in Far East Movement’s song “Like a G6.” It is because of this song that The Early Air Way has been receiving late-night calls from partiers asking for a “G6 or better” to go to Las Vegas on a moments notice; years before the plane’s actual certification. I’ll tell you right now… we can not send a G650 to Las Vegas on a moment’s notice.

Want to buy a Gulfstream G650? Well, a new one will set you back about $65 million, and the waiting list is several years deep. Naturally however, we’re an air charter company, and yes… YOU CAN NOW CHARTER A G650!

Chartering a G650

If you want to fly the latest and greatest, we have a select few Gulfstream G650s available for charter. No, they will not be close to the most economical options for your flight. Yes, owners will be quick to decline them for short distance trips. If you truly want the best private jet you can find however, a G650 charter through The Early Air Way is the way to go.

We currently offer three Gulfstream G650s based in the locations below. Remember, we can reposition the plane from its home base to pick you up wherever you may be. Amazingly, these are the only G650s in the world that can be chartered at this point in time; the plane is that new.

If budget isn’t your primary concern, and you want to fly the best of the best, call The Early Air Way for a quote on a Gulfstream G650 charter today. See what the billionaires are waiting years to get. The plane is truly second to none.

G650 Cabin
Gulfstream G650 Cabin
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