The Best Places to Charter a Jet Around the World

Best Destinations to Charter a Jet Around the World | The Early Airway

Need to go from point A to point B? Commercial flights are fine for utilitarian needs, but they leave much to be desired when it comes to luxury and indulgence. Long airport lines, stuffy cabins, babies crying — it all detracts from the magic of flying. Even if you’re in first-class, it’s still a sub-par experience than choosing to charter a jet. It leaves much to be desired for people who truly love the finer things in life.

When you really want to break free from the norm and travel to paradise in style, deciding to charter a jet is almost always the best way to get there. It’s private, indulgent, and most importantly, entirely customized to your needs if you pick the right package. And let’s be honest; benefits like having the freedom to move around, gourmet meals, and privacy make the flight just as valuable to your luxury travel experience as the vacation itself.

This is for the dreamers, the doers, the explorers, and the royal-at-heart: we think you’ll love these charter flight destinations just as much as we do. From the sandy beaches of southern California to the incredible sights in Asia, we’re revealing the 7 best destinations to charter a jet to around the world.


Charter a private jet to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, especially for luxury travelers living in the United States. It’s close enough to make flying in for the weekend possible, yet distinct and unique enough to keep your visits interesting time and time again.

South of the border, you’ll find everything from deep jungle forests to brilliant white sand beaches. Visit remarkable historic locations like Chichen Itza, Mexico City, and the ancient Mayan pyramids; it’s a true adventure for the soul.


Craving a week’s escape, but aren’t prepared to leave the U.S. just yet? You have a veritable plethora of adventure options available right in your own backyard. For the nature-lovers at heart, we recommend to charter a jet to Aspen, Colorado — towering mountainscapes and trees set the perfect backdrop for relaxation no matter what season you arrive.

Colorado is especially beautiful in ski season, when Aspen’s ski hills fill up with fanatics from all across the globe. Cut your way down black diamond trails, head out on a nature-filled hike, or just curl up in a luxury chalet with your sweetie in front of a roaring fire.


Australia has a little something for everyone. For the nature-lover, incredible vistas and hiking in environments ranging from desert scrubland in the outback to outright rainforest along the western shores. For the luxury-minded, incredible resorts on dramatic white sand beaches just minutes away from fine dining.

Cities like Sydney and Perth will tempt and delight your senses, presenting you with the ultimate exclusive escape. Stay in exclusive five-star hotels with every imaginable amenity as you relax and unwind with incredible on-site spa services. Or, hit Australia’s top luxury clubs after taking in a show at the exquisite Sydney Opera House.


Explore remote lands and discover one of the world’s most incredible economies with a trip to China. Charter a jet to Shanghai and Beijing, China’s premier luxury travel destinations. These destinations are rich with culture, fine dining experiences, and several of the world’s most amazing hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria and Park Hyatt in Shanghai.

Coming in for business? China has everything you could possibly need to cinch that deal and make new connections. Arrange incredible group conference spaces within decadent hotels with unparalleled service, all while surrounded by China’s incredible culture. Once the meeting is over, head to restaurants like the No 10 Kings Joy Beijing and Ultraviolet in Shanghai.


Charter a jet to the land of kings and queens with a luxury vacation to London, England. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Chapel, and a long list of tiny, little-known English pubs dot the landscape, inviting you to get involved and experience a slice of English life for yourself.

Stay in London’s exquisite and unmatched Lanesborough Hotel. Here, you’ll drench yourself in luxury from the moment you walk in the door. A personal butler and seven-course meal ensure you eat well at every moment of the day.

Craving something a little scaled back? Take a page out of Victorian England and head out for a vacation into the English countryside. Rent a cottage, wander the meadows and fields, and make friends with delightful neighbors who’d love nothing more than to share a “spot of tea.”


Deutschland awaits with adventures, fine-dining, and old-world European flair to inspire the soul with your next jet charter to Germany. Come for Oktoberfest or snuggle into a peaceful countryside chalet at Christmas, when gentle snows make Germany into a classic and picturesque storybook dream. Even summer is beautiful; northern beaches along the Baltic sea and adventures through the Black Forest or Bavarian Alps make for the perfect sunbathing and hiking destinations.

Love history? Charter a jet to Hamburg, Dresden, Nuremberg, and Berlin for the opportunity to discover Germany’s history, both recent and distant. Germany is also the best “home base” for European tours with multiple stops; it’s just a short charter flight away to reach Denmark, London, Switzerland, Italy, France and Monaco.


Charter a jet to the ultimate luxury destination, Dubai, in the UAE. This destination boasts the world’s biggest and most indulgent hotels, fine dining experiences, and luxury travel opportunities. It’s also one of the largest business centers in the world, with conferences and networking opportunities readily available within both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The UAE is like a dream-come-true for luxury travelers; whatever it is you want, you’ll find it there.

When only the absolute best will do, stay at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Choose from the more economical standard room for around $2,000 USD. You could also go all-in for luxury and take an upgraded suite for around $25,000 USD a night. As the world’s only seven-star hotel, you can expect to be waited on hand-and-foot, pampered, and treated to only the UAE’s most scrumptious gourmet foods. An on-site rentable private yacht and helicopter make it easy to get out and explore the surroundings whenever you see fit.

Ready to make your next luxury vacation a reality? Your adventure planning starts just a telephone call away. Charter a jet for one of several hundred potential destinations and be whisked off for incredible experiences. Can’t decide where to go? Make the most of your trip with a multi-leg world tour and see them all at the same time.

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