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Best Airport for Private Jet trip

Written by Alex M. Early, CEO of The Early Air Way on January 29th, 2016

So you’ve decided to book a private jet. If you’re a novice private jet passenger, asking your charter representative for his/her recommended airports for your departure and arrival cities might be more important than you’d think.

The airports best for private jets are not always the same as the airports best used by commercial flights. For example, people in Los Angeles who haven’t flown private before will generally ask for LAX, and people in San Francisco will generally ask for SFO. Neither of these airports are your best options for flights departing from Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively, however. With one exception of course, if you’re connecting to or from a commercial flight.

The reason for this is that you’ll generally pay quite the premium to use a major commercial airport when you’re near a large private jet airport. This isn’t only because of higher landing fees, but also because of the fact that basically NO planes are based at these major commercial airports such as LAX and SFO. You’ll pay the higher landing fees for the big airport, AND THEN the cost to reposition the plane to/from the main commercial airport, where it is based or will be most likely to pick up another flight. Furthermore, the major airports will be far more prone to air traffic related delays than the smaller private airports.

Long story short… You never want to use LGA or JFK in New York, BOS in Boston, etc. You’ll save money using the proper airports and also spend less time on the ground waiting for 15 commercial planes to depart ahead of you. If you don’t know which airport you should be using, always feel free to ask you The Early Air Way charter professional.

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