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10 Reasons to Charter a Private Jet for Your Next Trip

Reasons to Charter a Private Jet | The Early Airway

Can’t stand the thought of even one more commercial flight? We don’t blame you! Between Customs clearance and on-board nightmares like snoring, flying commercial can become a bit of a nightmare. This leads many people to charter a private jet instead of flying commercial.

Whether you fly economy or First Class, you still have to share the space with other flyers, and that almost always means a sub-par experience. That’s just one of the reasons why more flyers than ever are turning to private jet charters.

Here are the top 10 reasons to charter a private jet for your next trip. What’s not to love when you stand to gain access to fantastic benefits just like these?

10 Reasons to Charter a Private Jet

Many believe that traveling in a private jet is only for the rich and the famous. However, that’s not exactly true. Anyone can charter a private jet, even at a similar price point to flying commercially! Flying privately offers many benefits to commercial flying.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Celebrities, high-profile business people, and politicians all rely on a private jet charter because they offer a more intimate, confidential flying experience. When you fly commercial, you have no other option than to clear customs and/or airport security just as every other member of the public. Most international airports provide private jet charter customers with a separate (and swanky) lounge that’s tucked away from the public, letting you arrive and relax without feeling like you need to be “on” at all times.

Once you’re on board, it’s just you and whoever accompanies you on your trip — no crying babies, no body odors, no loud children (unless they’re yours), and no stressful passengers.

Easier Customs Clearance

Hate waiting in line to clear Customs at the airport? Almost every international airport in the world has a separate clearance process for people who charter a private jet. Because the number of people flying private charters is naturally much lower (often just a handful at a time), Customs clearance takes only a few minutes rather than up to two hours.

Customs clearance for private flights usually takes place in a secluded or more private area than commercial Customs clearance, too. For passengers with special screening needs, this may be preferred. A family who is flying with a very sick child to receive treatment in another country, for example, will likely appreciate the less stressful approach, as will an importer bringing regulated goodsregulated goods back into their home country. You can’t skip clearance altogether, but you can make it less of a hassle!

Fly On Your Schedule

We need you in Brussels by 10 a.m.” Last-minute emergencies and travel demands just like this crop up in business all the time, and when they do, it can be very difficult to find a flight that can accommodate you within the right time frame. When you fly commercial, you’re stuck with the time options provided by the airline. When you charter a private jet, you get to pick the departure or arrival time that best fits your schedule. As long as there’s an airplane and pilot available, the charter company will accommodate your needs.

Consider yourself a luxury travel aficionado? Self-scheduled departures also make it easy to cram in quick trips. Fly to Paris for the weekend after work, take the kids to Disneyland on a Saturday, or just head to New York for the day — it’s all possible with charter flights.

Bring Treasured Pets

Can’t bear the thought of leaving your precious pup in cargo? With frightening tales of airports losing treasured family pets or causing pet fatalities, it isn’t difficult to see why you would feel concerned. Many pet owners choose to fly charter out of a desire to keep pets with them all throughout the flight.

Have a pet who experiences anxiety when confined? Unfortunately, it’s just not an option to release a pet who remains in the cabin on a commercial flight, and that means significantly stressing Fluffy out if you bring her along. Because there’s no need to keep pets confined at all times, charter flights are inherently less stressful and more relaxing for your companion. With the exception of take-off and landing, he stays right by your side in the cabin, snoozing, playing, relaxing, or chewing his favorite toy.

Get a Better Overnight Sleep

Long, overnight flights are called red-eyes for a reason: they leave you exhausted and jet-lagged because it’s difficult or impossible to sleep on-board. Noises from other passengers, lights, seatbelt notices, stewardesses moving around…none of this is conducive to getting some rest.

When you charter a private jet, it’s just you, your guests, and the flight crew on board. When it’s time for bed, you can recline your luxury seat fully and rest against soft blankets and comfortable pillows. Pilots and attendants cater to your lighting and noise level preferences whenever possible, so you can sleep and wake up rested when you arrive.

Can’t sleep without music? Prefer to fall asleep to the gentle lull of a television? Charter jet flights can accommodate both of these needs easily, without the need for headphones!

Travel to Unique Locations

Craving a destination wedding that’s off the beaten path, but can’t find a commercial flight to take you there? Charter a private jet flight instead and land in any airport accepting your chosen airplane, including small private airstrips, non-international airports, and excluded remote destinations hundreds of miles away from civilization.

Can’t decide where to go first? See this list of 10 incredible fly-in only destinations to get started.

Dine on Gourmet Meals

Everyone knows airplane food leaves much to be desired, even on First Class flights. Unless you’re flying Air Emirate’s $60,000 premium class package, you’re probably not going to find anything close to “fine dining” on board.

When you charter a private jet, your gourmet food opens expand dramatically. Most charter flights come with your choice of catering from any locally-available restaurant. Snack on escargot, enjoy a filet mignon, or dine on freshly-cracked lobster while you’re in the air. Request any of your favorite tempting treats and make your flight just as luxurious as your destination vacation.

Sip Sweet Dom Perignon

With food covered, all that’s left is to ensure you have something delicious to sip on while you fly. Nearly all charter jets provide complimentary drinks for flyers — including expensive champagnes like Dom Perignon. A glass of bubbly while you cruise across the skies really does make the experience even sweeter.

Don’t care for champagne? Request whatever liquor you prefer, be it an aged brandy or this year’s best merlot from Napa Valley.

Bring the Entire Family

Flying with family is more intimate and enjoyable when you choose to charter a private jet over commercial flights. Rather than being split up by the airline, potentially sitting rows and aisles away from one another, charter jet flights let you remain together at every point in your flight. Spend your time in the air focusing on each other, not struggling to communicate by smartphone or text.

Private jets let you bring as many family members as you can fit on the plane. That’s ideal for family reunions, destination weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebratory events. Fly the entire family to Maui for a beach wedding, or head over to England to reunite with long lost cousins; the sky’s the limit!

Better In-Flight Entertainment

Bringing the kids along? When you charter a private jet, you prevent the usual in-flight boredom and blues by flying in style. When you charter a jet to carry your family through the skies, you’re also gaining access to unparalleled and improved in-flight entertainment options. Kids can watch movies, play video games, or even surf the net depending on the jet you’re assigned. That means happier kids, happier parents, and less stress along the way.

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