5 Vacation Ideas to Bring In the New Year

“My New Years Resolution is to travel more”. This is a common goal for the new year. Sometimes, life gets in the way; but this year, make your resolution a reality with these 5 vacation ideas.

It seems as each new year arrives, so does a new list of travel destinations. And, it only seems logical since there are a ton of amazing destinations around our incredible planet, yet tourists and travelers only seem to flock to a few of the most well-known.

Now is the time to see new things the world has in store for you. Instead of traveling to places you’ve been – or places everyone has been, vow to be different this year. After all, what would happen if you went off the beaten path? What could you discover? Where could your travels take you?

5 Vacation Ideas to Consider

Finding new places is precisely what travel in 2020 is all about. Exploring new countries. Discovering gems in forgotten cities. And getting lost on a trail that takes you to a scenery filled with unforgettable beauty.

Before you plan your next trip, check out our favorite vacation ideas for the new year.

 1. The British Virgin Islands

There is likely to be a time at some point in the year 2020 when you will be stressed enough to take a deep breath and tell those around you that you want to escape to an island somewhere.

Well, guess what? You can! The British Virgin Islands  – after being devastated during the 2017 hurricane season – are back up, running, and waiting for you.

Here you will find bright blue, yet clear, ocean water surrounding the white sandy beaches of the island. Just know now that you will definitely find some Instagram-worthy photo opportunities here. While you could sit back and relax, soaking up the salty air and the sun, you can get up and have some fun, too. Even explore one island after the next!

Go boating, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, parasailing, etc. And, indulge in some romantic dining opportunities and partake in events around the island.

 2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Some people may think that witnessing a giant crater in the middle of solid ground would be a waste of time. Those people have never seen the breathtaking beauty that comes with a visit to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Believe it or not, there is a lot to do here. Sure, there is a good chance you can find yourself taking in the view – from all angles – for hours. Don’t stop at that. At the Grand Canyon National Park, you can go boating, bicycling, camping, and hiking.

You will find lodging and exploring all on the grounds here that will keep you busy for a couple of days – at least. If you want to get up close and personal with one of the most wondrous places in the world and maybe even unplug for a while, then you won’t want to miss this destination in 2020.

Tip? If you can go at any time other than summer, then do it. You’ll be glad you missed that overwhelming summer rush – and the intense heat, too.

 3. Nikko, Japan

You will hear lots of talk about Japan in 2020. Why? Because Tokyo will be home to the 2020 Summer Olympics, so it’s one of the most popular vacation ideas for this year.

So why not take some time to explore this country – and get off the beaten path? Nikko will keep you close to the action but is far enough to get you away from the heavy crowds.

This small, deeply cultural town can bring you a nice getaway. Laid back, you can explore and relax, all wrapped into one. After all, its peaceful and inviting with so much to scenery to see. Traveling north of Tokyo, you will enter into the mountainous area of Nikko. Here you can encounter:

  • Waterfalls
  • Hot springs
  • Natural forests
  • World Heritage sites

Go hiking, walking, biking through the rolling hills and magnificent forests. Or, sit back and get lost in thought while sipping tea overlooking Lake Chuzenji. Be sure to add Nikko to your travel plans this year.

 4. Portland, Maine

Looking to stay closer to home? Why not stroll through the cobblestone streets found in New England? There is more to Portland, Maine than lighthouses and the coast. In fact, you may find that it is quite a quaint little city that offers you the perfect getaway thus far.

In Portland, there is no end of the number of crafters and artisans you can meet, as well as wineries and breweries. Its local residents know how to create some magnificent things – and you can stroll around and see them all. Not to mention that there are many museums and art galleries that you won’t want to miss, either.

Not feeling artsy? No problem. There is always something to do both outdoors and in. From boating and wildlife excursions to spas, dining, and baseball games. Exploring this rich city is a great way to sneak away for a long weekend without going too far.

You won’t be disappointed.

 5. Magdalen Islands, Canada

Head even further north, you will run into a group of islands called the Magdalen Islands of Canada. More specifically, it is made up of several islands clustered together in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. And if you are looking for some astounding beauty and fun for everyone, then don’t knock this destination off your list.

Visit the lighthouses. Enjoy the beaches and the beauty of the surrounding cliffs. Of course, you won’t want to miss a visit through the caves. Sip on some local brew, learn how to blow glass, and create a sandcastle masterpiece.

If you are interested in an adventure during the winter months, try finding harp seals in the Gulf. In fact, there is even a harp seal nursery nearby that you will not want to miss. Talk about a great adventure in 2020!


Well, there you have it – a new year, new vacation ideas, and great opportunities for you to make memories in 2020. Next time you book your private jet charter, head out to one of these amazing hot spots. You will be off the beaten path yet on an incredible – and unforgettable – journey. Happy travels!


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