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Family Travel Tips: Survive the Holiday Season

You have likely heard the holiday travel nightmares. And rumor has it that travel this holiday season will be just as busy (if not busier) than before the global pandemic put a damper on things. Combine this thought with the fact that you are planning a family getaway – and you may be second-guessing every decision you have ever made. Thankfully there are plenty of family travel tips to help you plan your holiday trip.

Top Family Travel Tips To Consider

Make sure to make incredible lifelong vacation memories with your family. Because believe it or not, with these family travel tips to survive the holiday season, you will have just what you need to pull it off. 

1. Research Your Destination

If you are traveling to visit family, then you only have a little research to do. However, if you are looking for a travel destination that is more of an adventure or experience for you and your loved ones, you should take some time to ensure you have the right spot. 

Again, many people travel during the holidays, and the last thing you want is to be one of the thousands choosing to stay in a particular destination. This would make everything more crowded, and traffic would be heavy everywhere. In addition, this would force you to wait in line at restaurants. Any sights or attractions would be swamped with tourists. The list could keep going. So, in other words, you would only get to enjoy yourselves if you had planned. 

Take time to research destinations that are off the beaten path or ones that are in an off-season. Doing so will enhance your travels in so many ways. 

2. Family Travel Tips: Take a Carry-On 

Deciding to travel during the holidays means risking losing your luggage if you check your bags. It is common when flying commercially. Clothes, gifts, medications, and more can end up in an airport that you have no part of – and you will have to wait to get it back to you. 

Packing light and carrying everything with you is the safest option. 

3. Pack Things to Do in Flight

Little kids – and big ones, too – can get bored during a flight. Whether you are traveling for an hour or nine hours doesn’t matter. Make sure you have plenty of things to do to keep your kids busy while traveling. And this means in the airport and on the plane. 

For kids old enough, have them pack a backpack that they can carry with all the things they want to keep themselves busy. For younger ones, you make the decision. 

Just keep it simple and easy – avoid things requiring a lot of room or those with many pieces. And always make sure the electronics are charged up. A few ideas? Handheld video games, download a movie or games on a tablet, a book, coloring books, and so forth. 

4. Bring Snacks and Food 

Consider bringing snacks or even packing a lunch box of food. That way, no matter what you encounter on your flight, you won’t have to worry about what to do when your stomach growls. 

This is especially necessary when traveling with little ones. Having good snacks for kids can not only keep you from getting extra hungry, but it can keep the attention of a crying baby or a fussy toddler.

Commercial flights have been known to get stuck on the tarmac for hours, sometimes during peak times of the year like the holidays – and you never want to rely on the airline to feed you. 

5. Be Prepared for Delays

You should prepare now for delays. Sometimes this is due to weather; other times, it is due to overbooking flights or mechanical issues. You never want to assume you will make it to your destination on time – especially when traveling this time of year. 

Make sure you always allow extra time for connecting flights and bring things to keep your kids – and yourself – occupied in the meantime. 

6. Consider Shipping Your Gifts

Going through TSA security with a suitcase full of wrapped gifts will raise red flags, holiday season or not. There is a good chance they may have to unwrap and inspect your gifts which defeats the purpose of wrapping them in the first place. Instead, consider shipping your presents ahead of time to your destination, whether that would be your family’s house or the place you are staying. 

Besides, who wants to be responsible for carrying another suitcase when you don’t have to?

7. Book a Private Jet Charter

Booking a private jet charter can help you avoid all these other tips. You won’t need them because everything is taken care of for you. For example, your luggage is always with you – so you can go ahead and use your largest suitcase. It ends up somewhere other than Nebraska while you are in Boston. Luggage on private jets is stored right inside the aircraft. 

You can bring snacks, too. Tell the representative when booking what you’d like to have on board the jet – and they will take care of it. This can include anything, such as snacks, fruit, refreshments, local takeout, a full-catered meal, and so on. 

Delays are rare in the world of private jets. If you find yourself stuck in the airport for one reason or another, there is a vast difference between the luxury and comfort of an FBO and a busy commercial airport. Plus, the entertainment you can bring for the family is much more plentiful due to the private surroundings and extra space. 

Summary of The Best Family Travel Tips

In addition, it is essential to remember that private jet charters come with a long list of perks, like the flexibility of choosing your destination, being utterly comfortable while traveling, having your family privacy while on board, staying connected while in flight, and so much more. 

Start putting your family’s holiday travel plans into action using these tips. You will find that no matter how busy the airports are, your family will experience nothing but relaxed luxury – and an all-around great trip. 

Holiday magic? Nope. Just intelligent planning – and a private jet. 

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