What is a Charter Airline Flight?

What is a Charter Airline Flight - The Early Air Way

What is a charter airline flight and why might you prefer it over commercial flights? Charter airlines let you rent out the entire airplane and go virtually anywhere for a price cheaper than what you may think.

Traveling gives you a chance to see the world. Whether you travel for work, to visit faraway friends and family, or to experience an adventure that you didn’t know you needed. You can, of course, go online and book a commercial flight and deal with that whole crowded experience.

Or, you can book a charter flight and experience travel in an entirely new way. But what exactly is a charter airline flight? A charter airline flight is a private jet you’re capable of renting out.

If you have always traveled via commercial airlines, though, you may have questions or concerns about private travel. How does it work? How much does it cost? What should you know before your first flight?

Types of Charter Airline Flights

Believe it or not, there is more than one type of charter airline flight. Perhaps you first imagine the luxurious private jets that celebrities and musicians are seen boarding and deboarding. And while those are very much the private charter flights you would like to see yourself on, there are other types, too.

Private Charter. Private jet charters are when an individual such as yourself rents (charters) an aircraft to travel from one place to the next. Sometimes small groups get together to charter flights, including friends and families. Companies also often charter flights for business meetings. One person or one collective group charters this type of flight.

Public Charter. Public charters run more similarly to commercial airlines, as they sell seats to different people. Often, these are companies who get together to use older planes and put them back into service during busing travel times.

Cargo. Sometimes things need to get from one place to the next – and we aren’t referring to people here. Cargo items are carried from one place to the next on chartered jets. Sometimes they are valuable, dangerous, or perishable goods. Other times they are humanitarian goods. And, it is not uncommon for them to carry live animals, too.

Affinity. These types of flights are for those who belong to a particular group, business, organization, etc. They may get access to the private jet because of their association, but they still have to purchase individual seats on board.

Benefits of Chartered Airline Flights

You already know there are going to be many benefits when it comes to flying on a private jet – things you are likely to never find if you stick to commercial flights.

You Are In Charge. Unlike booking a commercial flight based on pre-set routes that airlines have already established, private charters allow you to choose when you want to fly and where you want to go. You don’t have to worry about long layovers (except for long flights where quick refueling is necessary). And, if you are looking to visit a particular area of a city, you can make your destination the closest airport to it – taking advantage of private and executive airports.

Depart of a Private Terminal or FBO. One of the biggest complaints of commercial air travelers is having to arrive two hours before your flight, standing in long security lines, and waiting to board at the gate with hundreds of others. Flying on a charter means being able to fly out of private terminals. No lines. Minimal people. And, most times, you can pull right up to the jet.

Luxurious Accommodations. You can enjoy comfortable surroundings, inflight entertainment, dining, drinks, and more while onboard. It is quite an enjoyable experience. Depending on the type of jet you fly, you may even have a full bathroom and a bed to rest up.

Travel Privately. When you charter a jet, you won’t be elbow to elbow with a stranger. In fact, other than the flight crew, you won’t have any strangers onboard. Just you – and whoever you bring with you. For many, this is the most enjoyable benefit.

There is no special pass, or right you have to have to take advantage of the benefits. To experience all of these things, all you have to do is book a chartered flight. You may never go back to traveling any other way.

Tips and Things to Know for Your First Charter Airline Flight

So, if you are convinced you should give a charter flight a try, there are a few things you should know before you take that first flight.

  • You don’t have to worry about TSA’s liquid policy or having over 50lbs in your suitcase. Restrictions like these don’t carry over to private travel.
  • If you are looking for a certain in-flight amenity, ask for it – don’t hesitate. From games to movies and even certain drinks, snacks, or meals – it is ok to ask for what you’d like to have when you travel.
  • Running a few minutes late for your flight time? Don’t worry about it. You are the passenger, so they are going to wait for you. A courtesy call regarding the delay is always suggested – and appropriate.
  • There are different types of private aircraft, some better for certain scenarios than others. Be sure to talk to a professional if you don’t know which private jet will fit your needs best.
  • Don’t ever hesitate to ask about safety standards, certifications, pilot training, and more. Private charters have to follow certain requirements and are regulated by the FAA. They should gladly show you this information when asked.

Ready to Book Your Charter Airline Flight?  

Now that you know what a charter flight is and all the benefits you can enjoy by traveling via one, you may be wondering just how you go about booking a charter flight. There are thousands of jets available to you around the world. You no longer have to be a top business executive, a celebrity, or even an elite member of society to enjoy a private flight.

There are jet card programs, empty leg flight specials, and more to help you take advantage of all the charters have to offer.

Decide where you want to go – and when. Then, talk to an established charter company and have all your questions answered before you book.

Happy travels!


Is Last Chance Tourism The Most Popular Travel Trend of 2018?


Do you ever feel like time is running out or that the world is changing too fast? Imagine how some of the oldest members of our population see things today. It is for this reason that the hottest travel trend of 2018 – last chance tourism – has spawned.

The world now is not what it used to be. And, the world we see today will not always remain the same. This mindset has encouraged people to get out and travel while they can.

We’ve got all the info you need to take advantage of this movement.


The basics of climate change, global warming, and carbon footprints.

While it is an incredibly controversial topic that is not meant to be debated here, we will say that many people – especially millennials – feel strongly about climate change and global warming.

Why is this happening? The earth is warming, albeit slowly. But, an increase in temperature affects just about everything.

For instance, the following changes in weather have begun to occur:

  • Heavier rainfall.
  • Increased flooding.
  • Droughts and dry weather.
  • Increased heat indexes and dangerous heat waves.
  • Icebergs are melting, leading to a rise in sea level.

As for carbon footprints, this is the mark that humans leave on the planet.

The more damage and devastation we cause by not caring for the earth, the more trouble it faces.

Things such as agriculture and farming, industrial factories, littering and landfills, and the use and wasting of resources all contribute to this carbon footprint.

The more damage that we cause, the more threatened our land and wildlife become.



What is last chance tourism?

So, what is last chance tourism, this hot new travel trend? And why in the world does it deal with global warming, climate change, carbon footprints?

Last chance tourism is taking the opportunity to travel to destinations that are feared to be changing or dying out.

Many travelers – especially millennials – fear that if they don’t visit these destinations now, they will one day be non-existent.

In other words, it is their last chance to experience them.

Whether the sites are suffering due to climate change or as a result of human carelessness or over-traveled tourist destinations, it is hard to bring a natural wonder back once it starts to dissipate.

So, last chance tourism is about experiencing everything they can before it is too late.


Are there any benefits?

While the benefits of last chance tourism are not too extensive, there are two big ones: the opportunity to see something spectacular and the opportunity to do so at a great price.

Of course, the increased tourism also brings a nice financial flourishing for the destination.

See, with this trend booming in the travel market, it is making a few destinations total hotspots.

You may find great deals to travel to these destinations – each company trying to outdo the other. Last chance to see a natural wonder – and you can save money? It’s a win-win.


The downfall

And, just like with anything, there is always a downfall.

When it comes to last chance tourism, that downfall is that the increase in travel to these destinations can be causing more harm than good.

Tourism can bring a lot of wealth to an area, but it can also cause a lot of damage.

Increased tourism can:

  • Deplete natural resources faster.
  • Constant touring of an environment can cause a change in its natural state.
  • Increase air pollution from travel emissions.
  • Cause an increase in waste and sewage production in the area.

While the intentions of tourists are good, the sheer number of them is not.




What are the most popular destinations for last chance tourism?

There are some destinations that are skyrocketing to the top of the list for last chance tourism.

They have been around for years, but many are questioning just how much longer that will be the case.

Here are the most popular last chance destinations:


With the warming trend, many feel that the icy landscapes – and the penguins that live on them – won’t be around much longer.

Great Barrier Reef.

This beautiful reef located off the coast of Australia is slowly dying. Its been victim to coastal development, invasive species, and coral bleaching, among other things.

The Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is quickly losing water – thanks to the local agricultural communities. They soak up this salty water and use it in the production of fertilizers. In fact, it is losing 5ft of water per year, on average. It’s shrinking quickly.

The Everglades.

Local farming practices have already shrunk the Everglades and continue to do so. This is also leaving many species on the brink of being endangered.

Glacier National Park.

The glaciers at this park may one day only be found in its name. From 150 down to 30, the warming climate is changing this oldest national park.


Why you’ll want a private jet to travel there.

It is incredibly important to remember the reason these destinations fall into the popular category for last chance tourism.

Doing so will help you – and others – to remain cognizant of all your actions. You can do this by:

Choosing to travel to your destination via a private jet can have the most positive impact.

Travel by car can leave, perhaps, the greatest carbon footprint. If you travel a commercial airline, you will most likely either need to take a taxi or rent a car to get to your destination.

However, a private jet can get you closer than you can imagine – reducing your need for an automobile altogether. It also reduces the amount of traffic that is flying into major commercial airports.


It is understandable that you may not want to miss the opportunity to see something incredible. After all, it truly could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But, remember to be smart about your travels – and cherish the environment rather than damaging it further. And, one of the best ways to do that is to travel by private jet.


7 Amazing and Affordable Vacation Destinations to Visit

How many times did you think about taking a vacation last year? How often did you say that 2018 is going to be different? Life is short and only you have the power to make yours incredible. Traveling to new locations and soaking up new experiences can help enrich your life in so many ways. Sadly, many people want to take vacations and know just how important they can be to your health and overall well-being,but cannot afford the price tag that comes with them. It can be difficult to find affordable vacation destinations that fit within your budget, but now you can.


Finding Affordable Vacation Destinations

No need to fret any longer because we have got some good news for you: there are some very affordable vacation destination hot-spots that are just waiting for you to arrive.

Below you will find a list of all the best and more affordable vacation destinations to check out in 2018.


1. Saint Martin

If you have never heard of Saint Martin, it is a Caribbean island that is half French and half Dutch. Unfortunately, it was absolutely devastated thanks to Hurricane Irma in 2017. This island may have never before been considered one of the best affordable vacation destinations, but it is now. The hurricane came and went – and the island has restored itself. Unfortunately, many tourists are hesitant to travel here due to the extensive damage.

Rest assured, the airport is open for business, there is electricity, running water, and all the luxuries that you have likely grown to count on. Guess what else it has? Deals on hotels for tourist. If you have always wanted to soak in the sun on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, this may be your perfect opportunity.


2. Mexico

Mexico is made up of many parts. There are those cities that you should probably not go to and there are those that will cost you a pretty penny. Then, there are the parts of Mexico that give you the most bang for your buck while offering you a vacation you will never forget.

Consider visiting Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, or Cancun. These cities will give you up close and personal relaxation time along the beaches. Hotels in the area are reasonable, as well. You don’t need to sign up for all the perks. Most of your time will likely be spent enjoying all of the free outdoor activities that are available.


3. Nicaragua

Costa Rica always tops the list for one of the best getaway spots. Yet, its neighbor, Nicaragua, doesn’t typically make the list of affordable vacation destinations that people want to visit.

However, Nicaragua has the same perks to offer – beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, jungles and rainforests to explore, amazing and prevalent wildlife, a rich culture, and so much more.

The reason you will find Nicaragua to be a bit more affordable is that it is still an up-and-coming vacation destination hotspot. It is working hard to make a name for itself and has many deals to offer those tourists willing to give them a chance.

Don’t miss this Central American hidden gem.


4. Colombia

Forget drug trafficking and drug cartels when you think of Colombia. Because drug issues are such a part of the history of this country, tourism has not always been the most record-winning. However, that has all changed. Colombia has cleaned itself up and has begun filling its cities with warm welcomes and lending hands.

If you have always wanted to travel to South America, then here is your chance. Visit Bogota – this city is full of culture and you will not want to miss the historical sites. You may also want to check out the beaches and the giant sand dunes. Of course, you may also want to take the Pablo Escobar Historical Tour.


5. Guatemala

It is rare to hear that someone is traveling to Guatemala. It just is not that typical of a tourist destination. What it does have, however, is breathtaking adventures that will cost you next to nothing. After all, some experiences just can’t be bought. Guatemala offers jungles, lakes, volcanoes, caves, mountains, and more.

If you are the adventurous type, then grab your backpack and look no further than this country. While here, you will not want to miss:

  • The Mayan architectural site — which is home the ruins of Tikal.
  • The street markets in Chichicastenango.
  • The volcano surrounded lake of Atitlan.
  • Semuc Champy where you can adventure through river caves in the jungle.


6. Vancouver

Vancouver the is one of the affordable vacation destinations that will have you heading north for an amazing get-away. Believe it or not, this city has a lot to offer travelers. You can enjoy all the city life here – from dining and shopping, visiting art galleries, and having a full cultural experience. However, you can also head out of the city area and hike mountains on some beautiful trails.

While here, you will not want to miss these city hotspots:

  • Adventures on Grouse Mountain–whether walking, cycling, or riding the SkyRide
  • Visit the eclectic and artsy neighborhood of Granville Island.
  • Go whale watching.
  • Enjoy the outdoors at all the parks and gardens located throughout the city.

There is something for everyone in this great Canadian city.


7. Grand Canyon

If you are looking to stay more local for your affordable vacation destination, then feast your eyes on the Grand Canyon. One of the World’s 7 Natural Wonders, this national park will make your jaw drop more than once.

Another benefit of this location is that you have many options in order to get there. You can fly into Arizona, Utah, or Las Vegas – allowing you to find the cheapest flights available.

The Grand Canyon is perfect for those who love the outdoors. And, if you are feeling daring, there is always the Grand Canyon SkyWalk that allows you to walk out over the canyon with nothing protecting you but the clear, thick glass you are standing on. Then, of course, there is hiking and exploring, as well as river rafting and camping, biking and walking to be done here. In fact, the peace, quiet, and stillness that is ever-present in this area will be a reminder of why you need to always take vacations.


Think again before you push aside a vacation due to financial means. There are affordable vacation destinations all around the globe just waiting for you to arrive!


The Most Popular Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas continues to draw in guests from around the world. This vibrant city never seems to shut down and visitors can keep themselves easily occupied 24-hours a day. The strip is just over four miles long and the focal point of the cities entertainment and tourist district. There are dozens of luxury themed hotels in Las Vegas that offer everything from the Eiffel Tower to and Egyptian pyramid and a replica of the Grand Canal.

Set in the Mojave desert, Las Vegas seems an unlikely choice as a premier tourist destination. Las Vegas was incorporated as a city in 1905. However, it wasn’t until 1931 that Nevada legalized gambling and the world would never be the same.

At the end of World War II, lavishly decorated hotels and big-name entertainment became synonymous with the city. The arrival of the Rat Pack cemented the city as the self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World.

Fremont Street downtown saw its heyday ending as more and more hotels moved to the strip. This rapidly growing city now boasts more hotel rooms than any other city in the world. So how do you choose where to stay? Deals abound and some people have great preferences for one hotel’s theme over another but in a city known for its over-the-top glitz, which hotels in Las Vegas offer the most luxury?

Here are our top choices for hotels in Las Vegas that offer a truly luxurious getaway. Charter a private jet and fly away to be entertained in style.


Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Hotels in Las Vegas with no casino? Although this feature seems impossible to comprehend, the Mandarin Oriental is bringing a boutique hotel feel to a city of mega-hotels. With only 392 rooms and suites, guests love the classy feel and don’t mind leaving the hotel to play the slots.

This hotel focuses on a restrained approach, moving away from the glitzy strip and catering to those seeking spacious rooms filled with luxurious extras including soaking tubs, 42” flat-screen TVs.

The Asian-inspired influence strives for a zen-like atmosphere. The fantastic staff and magnificent two-floor spa is also has the best technicians in town.


Wynn Tower Suites

The twin hotels Wynn and Encore are connected by a shared casino floor. They combine to make one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas, and in the world. At this power duo, the Tower Suites is the icing on the cake. Guests can avoid the often crowded, and chaotic check-in with exclusive entrance and lobby.

Daily complimentary breakfast at the well-known Tableau restaurant is included, along with the use of a private Tower Suites pool. Wynn was one of the defining moments in luxury on the Las Vegas strip. By using elements of nature such as the 140-foot forested mountain and wall of water to shield the casinos from the activity on the strip, they transformed the city.

Rooms are enormous with the smallest coming in at spacious 620 square feet. The six villas scattered throughout the complex come in at over 7000 square feet. Luxury linens, exclusive toiletry kits, and signature robes complete the feeling of living a dream.


ARIA Sky Suites

ARIA is for guests looking to live large. This 4000 room hotel doesn’t whisper, it screams luxury. With 19 restaurants, three spas, four nightlife spots, a spa and its own fine art collection this hotel means business.

One of only 46 resorts in the world to hold both the AAA Five Diamond award as well as the Forbes Five-Star award, this property indulges your need for luxury with exquisite amenities and incredible views.

Suites go up to 2600 square feet of space designed to pamper with separate living and bedroom spaces and spa-like bathroom retreats. With a private check-in, private Sky Suites pool, and private lounge featuring nightly wine and cheese pairings, you will feel spoiled as you retreat back to your suite via private elevator.


Four Seasons Las Vegas

An oasis of calm in a city known for its round-the-clock energy, the Four Seasons is another Las Vegas hotel without a casino. Occupying the top four floors of Mandalay Bay Resort, Four Seasons offers Art Deco inspired rooms and massive marble bathrooms.

Express elevators and a private check-in bring guests to some of the friendliest staff in town and excellent city vistas. While there are those that prefer a more central strip location, many appreciate the serenity and seclusion of this southerly location.

The property has its own pool, spa, two on-site restaurants and three bars. More importantly it also has access to the 22 restaurants and multiple pools of the Mandalay Bay.


The Mansion at MGM Grand

And finally, The Mansion at MGM Grand is an entity onto its own. There is, quite simply, nothing quite like it. This Florentine-style property is attached to the nation’s largest hotel, the MGM Grand. Yet it feels like an oasis in the casino chaos.

In this frenetic city, The Mansion’s guests feel as though they have been transported to an 18-century villa in Tuscany. Although set mere steps from the Las Vegas Strip, this unique property offers luxury and absolute service all seemingly hidden from the chaos beyond.

The Mansion features 29 Mediterranean-themed villas ranging from 2400 to 12,000 square feet. The property has an Italian Garden, pool, screening room and a private dining room with personalized menu planning. Private butlers and excellent concierge services are also available for the ultimate in luxury.

Afternoon tea can be enjoyed in the luxury of your villa, while all of the MGM Grand’s restaurants are available for your dining pleasure. This property may just be the in a class off by itself.

Las Vegas has morphed through many transitions over the years from an entertainment destination to a family fun destination focused on inexpensive all-you-can-eat buffets, to a luxury getaway. Somehow, this city continues to change with the times.  The hotels in Las Vegas have also done the same. From the Mandarin Oriental, to the MGM Grand, you can’t go wrong.

This city of lights in the desert is well worth a couple of days whether you favor the gambling, the shopping, or just some of the best people-watching on the planet.


The 11 Best Travel Apps You Should be Using

The world of travel has changed dramatically over the last years. Luxury travel used to mean months spent on first class luxury liners, with a steamer trunk of luggage in tow, sailing across the ocean. Early travelers used to travel the deserts of Africa with entire camel herds loaded down with every conceivable luxury item. No more. Travelers today are younger and more hip, constantly tied to their smart phones and interested in one click, state of the art information. That’s why travel apps have become more popular in recent years.

The technology of today certainly can make life far more streamlined making life in our busy society just a little bit easier to handle. iPhone travel apps are becoming increasingly popular and can handle everything from pre-ordering your complicated Starbucks order to booking an Uber to finding a new recipe for dinner.

Here are 11 of our favorite travel apps.


1. Grab

You have a close connection but you’re starving. You’re flying into an unfamiliar airport and know you simply won’t have time to find something better than cheese and crackers to eat. Enter Grab. This app show restaurant menus and locations in some 17 airports around the United States, allow you to order in advance, and pick up your food en route to your gate.  Never starve on a plane again.


2. As You Stay

Nearly everyone has probably wished for a late check-out at a hotel before, only to be hit with an exorbitant fee for extending. This newish app allows travelers to exercise much more flexibility for arrival and departure times. Currently only available in New York and West Beach but San Francisco and Chicago are coming soon and this is sure to prove a very popular app as it extends it’s reach. Extra hotel fees have long been the nemesis of frequent travelers but perhaps some changes will be coming soon.


3. Roomer

If you dream of heading to New York City but are put-off by the high cost of hotels and are somewhat flexible make sure to check out the roomer app. Receive deep discounts, up to 80%,  on rooms from people who have had to cancel their trips. Likewise, if you are the one with a necessary cancellation this app allows you to sell your room and recoup some of your money.

4. Cool Cousin

The best experiences when traveling rarely come from a guidebook. They come from the advice of locals or sheer serendipity. The Cool Cousin app takes this theory and puts it to the test, offering users off the beaten path finds from residents in the know. To find the best local club or secret restaurant, this is your app.


5. Sidekix

In the same vein, Sidekix offers up the best walking routes for over 100 major cities based on your preferences, not the shortest route. This app also has specially curated ideas and side stops based on the advice of in-the-know locals. Why lunch at a nondescript chain when you can find a cool local place just around the corner.


6. Rideways

While many embrace Uber as an alternative to taxis, for those preferring more options Rideways is for you. Owned by Priceline, this app can book reliable transportation in more than 500 cities around the world. One big plus is the number of options. It is possible to get a bus ticket for $5.30 or book a $160 chauffeured Mercedes. The option is yours.


7. Binaural

Jet lag is a very real thing and many travelers spend the first several days of a trip fighting the symptoms. Binaural beats are repetitive sounds that create a relaxed state of mind. In addition to helping combat jet lag and fatigue, the beats can also improve focus and reduce anxiety.


8. My Panda

Overall, most of the world is still a pretty safe place. However, in the interest of being on top of your own safety, My Panda alerts you to level of security in an area by GPS. There are features that show the fastest route to the nearest police station and an option to call authorities with the tap of a button.


9. AirHelp

Current airline behavior has further increased the popularity of this app, which assists disrupted travelers affected by canceled, delayed, or overbooked flights.  The company does take 25% but average reimbursements are around $500 and they do the work for you.


10. Dufl

If overpacking is your issue, this app is for you. For a flat rate of $99 for round trip and a $9.95 monthly storage rate, Dufl will house, launder and ship a totally separate travel wardrobe and ship it to your destination. Perfect for someone with enough clothes to have a totally separate travel wardrobe.



An app working with other travel apps. The very popular website now partners with other companies such as Uber, OpenTable, and Groupon to book a room, request transportation, pick up dinner, and plan activities, all on one app. A great idea for the busy traveler who wants to only deal with one app.


Book Your Private Jet Charter

No longer just for the rich and famous, more and more business people and those that understand that time is also money are booking private jet charters. The added privacy, time savings, and flexibility are worth their weight in gold to business corporations and individuals on a time crunch. Several travel apps are creating a buzz for their ease of finding just the right charter for you.

A big plus for high profile clients is that by using an app they can make reservations without facing potentially higher price quotes simply due to their name. Add on the increased anonymity and privacy of jet charter in general and there is no doubt this will create ever increasing use of these types of apps.

The benefits of travel apps should be obvious. In this high-speed world we live in the ease of one click bookings are becoming more and more necessary. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, be sure to check out all of the options above to make your next trip even more enjoyable.

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