The Benefits of Private Jet Card Membership

Have you ever been out to a hot new club on a Saturday night, standing in a line blocks long to get to the bouncer at the front door? Have you ever watched someone walk right past you, do a secret handshake with that same bouncer, and go right into the club? How did they get so much clout? What made their right to access the club a priority over yours? Well, a private jet card membership may not get you into the latest and greatest clubs, but it will make you feel like you are the one that skips to the front line. Let’s go! There are many benefits of a private jet card membership – and we will talk about them.

Guaranteed Availability

Frequent travelers can’t always plan. Sometimes things come up, and you need to hop on a plane and go. If you had your jet, you could do just that without worry. Unfortunately, the price of jets and their care can be extensive and isn’t an investment most people want to make. With a private jet card membership, you feel like you are a jet owner – without actually owning one! You can book it and go without worry. Availability is almost always guaranteed.

Jet Card Membership Saves Time

You can get in the sky faster when you are a private jet card member. All you need to do is send an email or text with the details, such as time, place, and number of passengers. You will receive a quick response with a price that prompts you to respond whether you approve.

If approved, you could be in the sky within two hours! It is that easy. Without a jet membership card, getting on a private jet can be a little more time-consuming – and it is often recommended that you book your flight with at least two days’ notice. Generally speaking, there is a slight possibility you could find yourself traveling within a couple of hours, but it is not likely.

Minimal Paperwork

If you have flown a private jet before, you know that there is a lot of paperwork before you can take your flight. When you have a private jet card membership, there is minimal paperwork. You will need to provide information, such as ID cards and passports so that the company can create a passenger manifesto.

But, when it comes to contracts, all of that is taken care of when you purchase your membership card. This not only cuts down on time but it makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable. Who wants to fill out contracts before traveling, anyways? Nobody. And with a private jet card, you don’t have to.

Competitive Hourly Rates

Booking a private jet has rate changes just like commercial air travel. The price will vary based on the demand. Some personal jet membership cards offer you fixed rates. These rates mean that when you sign up for your membership, you know the exact amount you will pay every time you book a flight – before you even book it.

While this may be great for budgeting, it doesn’t always give you the best deal. A private jet card membership that offers you competitive hourly rates rather than fixed rates, on the other hand, can save you money. And, when compared with others, it is often considerably less. Each time you go flying, you will get a quote for your trip. Investing in this membership can save you money in the long run.

Enhanced Luxury Travel Perks

Private travel comes with a more luxurious experience from the moment you book – including many perks:

  • Show up at your departure time.
  • No TSA security checkpoints.
  • Straight through flights – no layovers.
  • No pre-set flight plans.
  • Flexibility in choosing your travel.

And that is just the beginning. On board, you will enjoy comfortable seating and accommodations in a private, luxurious atmosphere. It leaves you with an unmatched in-flight experience. While in flight, you will have increased connectivity and entertainment. Want more? When you hold a private jet card membership, your experience will be even more enhanced. You will experience a more personalized experience and, as if it couldn’t be any better, will find a special gift on board your private jet each time you travel.

Concierge Services With Jet Card Membership

You can access incredible concierge services when you fly private and have a jet card membership. For instance, when traveling to an unfamiliar destination (or even one you are familiar with), your concierge team will be able to ensure you have transportation and accommodations while there.

Your concierge team can also address questions about your flight or destination and any concerns or special requests. And believe it or not, you will have a direct line to them all hours of the day and night. This level of service brings comfortability and confidence wherever your travels take you.

Choosing Your Private Jet Card Membership

Many private jet charter companies offer a jet card membership – or something equivalent. And while they can always offer you rewards and benefits, you must remember each one is different. This is especially the case regarding how the membership runs, the perks it brings, and the costs you will pay. If you have a private jet charter company, you usually fly with, check into their jet card membership – ask questions and learn about all it can offer.

Taking the step to secure this for yourself can make each trip you take more enjoyable. Less hassle, less delay, and more personalizations – and that is just getting started. What more could you ask for in a travel experience? Get your private jet card membership today.

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