How Early Air Way Ensures Private Jet Safety

Regarding air travel, many safety aspects must be accounted for as you prepare to take flight. For instance, not only does the physical safety of the jet itself need to be correctly maintained, but your flight crew needs to be adequately trained and highly experienced to help ensure private jet safety. As you take to the skies, you put your trust into both man and machine, hoping that you get to and from your destination safely. 

Is making the switch to private travel a safer option? More and more travelers are finding incredible value in private jet charters – and much of it concerns safety. Let’s look at how The Early Air Way sets itself apart from others regarding private jet safety. 

Private Jet Safety Benefits

There are so many reasons why people choose to fly private jets. They are convenient and flexible, not forcing you to stick to predetermined flight patterns and times or leaving you to deal with long layovers to change plans. After all, they come with a long list of benefits. 

Flying private means being able to enjoy the luxury and comfort that comes with this type of travel. It is a peaceful experience from every angle. There is no undue stress, long TSA security lines to wait in, or the risk of overbooking a flight. You must arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your flight, board, and enjoy. 

You don’t have to worry about sitting elbow-to-elbow with a stranger during the flight. Instead, you can take advantage of many amenities, including refreshments, luxuriously comfortable seating, and great in-flight experience. You can even get work done in the air if you need to since there is a high level of privacy. Though, sometimes you want a nap – so go ahead and take one – perhaps even lying comfortably. 

While the convenience and relaxed experience of private travel is always a plus, more and more people are turning to this method of travel due to their safety concerns. And for a good reason, since the level of its safety and security is unmatched in commercial aviation. 

Private Jet Safety Protocols

So, what does safety look like on a private jet? There are always many protocols to ensure you don’t have to worry. And, these rules are not meant to be broken – especially since you never want to jeopardize safety. 

Below are a few general safety protocols often followed by private jet charter companies. 

Fly High

When you fly on a private jet, you do so at higher altitudes than commercial jets. As a result, you will experience less turbulence, avoid rough weather, and encounter less air traffic – all of which can directly impact your level of safety.  

A quiet airport terminal

There are several types of airports, but private flights fly out of private terminals. These areas are open and usually have comfortable seating and other accommodations. This is not only safer for security reasons but also for health reasons, too. You won’t see the hundreds of people camped outside a door at the gate waiting to board. 

Outside third-party inspections

Many people are responsible for the processes that keep jets safe in the sky. For instance, most private jet charter companies will have a team of aviation mechanics who are highly skilled in maintaining and repairing private jets. However, having someone perform audits and inspections of this and all procedures and operations is essential. By opting for outside companies rather than doing it in-house, they get an unbiased review of their business practices which holds them accountable. This is a surefire way to handle it appropriately – and in compliance with FAA regulations

Less time in the sky

With private jets, you don’t have to worry about connecting flights. Instead, you can fly directly to your destination and take the most direct path. Plus, many private jets fly at much faster speeds than commercial airliners. This all means you spend less time in the sky and increase your level of safety. 

Encounter fewer travelers

There has been an astronomical increase in unruly passengers on commercial flights lately, quickly becoming another safety concern. But when you fly private, you don’t have to worry about other passengers – just yourself and those you bring with you. This also boosts your safety. 

Personnel monitoring

For example, closely monitoring personnel records, training, experience, drug/alcohol testing, and so on plays a crucial role in passenger safety. Of course, all of the above protocols are in addition to the types of safety precautions taken regarding personnel. 

The Early Air Way’s Pledge to Privet Jet Safety

At The Early Air Way, there is no compromise regarding the safety and security of our passengers, crew, and jets. To prove it, you should know that we are one of only a few private aviation brokers that hold the prestigious WYVERN Authorized Broker status regarding charter safety. What does that mean for you? 

WYVERN is a 3rd party aviation safety auditor that looks at pilot records, aircraft maintenance standards, Safety Management Systems (SMS), operating history, and insurance. They have been around for decades and have a spectacular safety record for those they have audited – including The Early Air Way. 

Before we let a jet fly for us, we have to see nothing less than perfect when we review the operating histories of the aircraft, crew, dispatches, insurance providers, international handlers, and maintenance providers. The best part? The team at The Early Air Way doesn’t just find you the best jet and crew, but we continue monitoring for safety with weather conditions, route, etc., so that you can always feel safe and secure when you take your trip. 

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