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The Ins and Outs of Business Aviation

Business aviation has many uses and benefits. From ultimate flexibility to conducting business in the clouds, it’s really a no-brainer.

We live in a world where business can get done all over the world without fail. Traveling from one place to the next for business meetings – or even living in one location and working in another – is a prevalent part of life for business executives in all industries. 

Thanks to business aviation, the barriers have come crumbling down, and worldwide business is achievable to anyone. Today, let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of business aviation.

Business Aviation: What is it?  

Business aviation is the phrase used to refer to the planes and jets used for business matters. Well, those that don’t make use of commercial aviation. This field uses all sizes and types of aircraft, including helicopters and very light jets to heavy business jets. 

It is assumed that those who are key players in business aviation are the top execs of the largest corporations. But that is just not the case at all. Business owners and executives at the small to mid-size business level are the ones who take the majority of the flights. And, quite often, it is not even the higher-ranking officials, but rather sales teams, marketing administrators, and those in charge of technology. 

Why Business Aviation Instead of Commercial? 

It is easy to think that commercial air travel seems to be a bit more affordable than hopping on a private jet anytime an employee needs to travel. That is a very legitimate assumption. And, with businesses often focused on their bottom line – why would they pay additional costs for travel? 

Think about it – every CEO understands that time is money. With private jets, traveling is more efficient. And, when you have your best employees tied in airports all day, whether because of layovers or multiple stops on the agenda, you are wasting time. 

Business jets can make multiple stops in one day. There is nothing complicated about traveling through many locations on a private jet — without having all the waiting time—no layovers, no 2-hour pre-flight check-in, no long security lines, and so forth. Everyone can get to where they need to be, get the job done, and move on with ease. And, that’s innovative business. 

Of course, it should also be mentioned that these private jets can reach places that commercial jets cannot. Smaller, private airports that are closer to destinations — and even some that don’t accommodate commercial flights anywhere nearby. This also leads to greater efficiency. And, it also means being able to extend your business into new, potentially untouched areas. 

Private Flights Offer Flexibility

There are many commercial flights available online, but they do not always coincide with your business. If you have a meeting that you need to get to or a deal that you want to close, you can’t expect major commercial airlines to rearrange their schedule to accommodate your business needs. 

Private jets offer a tremendous amount of flexibility. You can often schedule same-day flights if you need them. You can decide when you’d like to depart. And, if your business meeting gets pushed back a little bit, your private jet will not leave you as a commercial flight would. 

Business Aviation Doesn’t Keep Your Client Waiting

Your dependability and reliability are important for being a well-established and respected person in your field. If you set appointments or meetings but don’t show up on time for them, it will not give a good impression.

If you travel via a commercial airplane, you are at the mercy of that airline. You have no control over the many reasons for flight delays or cancellations. And, if you have to take another flight due to a cancellation, many others are trying to do the same thing – making your chances slim. 

Good business does not mean calling a meeting and then keep the client waiting. With private travel, you have more control over the flight and more predictable schedules to work with. This means you will appear more professional and worthy of business than the commercial traveler who showed up late due to travel woes. 

Work Doesn’t Stop

Work doesn’t stop just because you have to travel. But commercial flights don’t always offer the most work-conducive environments, do they? There is very little space to move around — and no privacy at all. 

Business aviation allows you to keep work going while in the air. With comfortable, roomy accommodations and all the privacy you need — 

it is like an office among the clouds. 

Business Aviation and COVID-19 Safety

Since the coronavirus pandemic has appeared and impacted the business of all types, more and more companies and corporations have turned to private travel to meet their needs. Depending on the industry, travel is still very much a part of business, but it isn’t uncommon to challenge its level of safety. 

Unlike overcrowded commercial flights, private jets allow passengers to travel freely on thoroughly sanitized jets without the crowds. This not only reduces the traveler’s risk but, when returning from a trip and heading back into the office, keeps everyone in your entire office safer. Making moves to reduce germs’ spread is vital for a thriving business — and private jets can help.  

How to Make Use of Business Aviation

If you have often wondered about making use of business aviation so that your business can reap the benefits, it is easy. Chartering a private jet is one of the most common ways to do so. This allows you to invest in the plane that will meet your changing needs. If you need a small jet for a quick two-passenger trip this time, but a greater distance and eight passengers next time, charters are a great option

However, if you find you are frequently traveling, investing in a jet card can offer many perks and significant savings. 

Business aviation is growing every day. Knowing how to take advantage of it is sure to leave a positive impact on your business. Now is the time. 

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