Take a Private Flight to Sunny Miami

Take a Private Flight to Sunny Miami | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

You and your family deserve a special vacation, to a special place. How about sun, sand, blue skies and invigorating ocean breezes?

The Sunshine State of Florida comes instantly to mind, so why put it off?  Make your vacation extra special by booking a private jet to Miami.

Ask for a Charter Quote

First things first: How much is a private jet to Miami going to cost?

That depends, of course, on the distance involved along with the size of aircraft.

The jet charter company will put a pricing package together when you provide a bit of information:

  • The number of people in your party
  • Your estimated departure dates and times
  • The size or type of aircraft you prefer
  • Your priorities as to cost, speed and age of aircraft

Pricing Notations

Several perks will be bundled into the pricing for your trip on a private jet to Miami.

One of these will likely be limousine transportation. In-flight dining and entertainment options are always available.

You should keep in mind, however, that the costs associated with your flight will also include certain taxes and current jet fuel pricing.

Just as Safe as an Airliner

Private jets are held to the same high safety standards as their commercial brethren.

Private jet fleets are generally younger than commercial fleets and jet charter companies often employ higher maintenance standards.

You would do well to choose a charter operator that is approved by third-party aviation safety auditors, such as Wyvern Consulting, Ltd.

Comparing a Private Flight to First-Class Commercial

Taking a special vacation using a private jet to Miami may not be something you can do every year, and you may wonder if flying commercial would do just as well.

In terms of convenience, privacy and comfort, however, there is no comparison. And when you crunch the numbers, you might find that the cost involved with a private charter compares quite favorably with a first-class commercial flight.



Experience Dubai by Private Jet

Dubai, the fast-growing city in the United Arab Emirates, is now a prime international destination for business and leisure travelers. Dubai has ranked in the top ten on the Global Destination Cities Index for the last decade and has seen an eight percent increase in tourists in just the last year. This growth is made possible by the increase in air terminal facilities and flights to and from more international destinations. Dubai aims to become the aerospace capital of the Middle East, and Boeing predicts that Dubai will become the fourth largest aviation hub in the world within twenty years.

Dubai is Progressive

Compared to other locales in the region, Dubai is a liberal city with large expatriate populations who have diverse cultural tastes. The city has an unparalleled glamour, with the world’s only seven star luxury hotel and the world’s largest indoor snow park, among other wonders. Not only is Dubai an attractive place to conduct business, shop, or enjoy the climate, but its central location between Europe, Africa and Asia makes travel there convenient. Businesses that have operations or clients on multiple continents can appreciate the convenience of meeting in Dubai.

Convenience and Style

Dubai’s investment in aviation infrastructure is going to pay off. Jet charter is a smart way to cut costs and save time for the serious traveler, but if the airport has sub-par service, this will negatively impact your experience. You can be confident that Dubai has top ground handling services, catering, and fuel brokers who are trained and experienced to handle any type of charter jet on any schedule. The growth in Dubai’s aviation sector also means more charter aircraft will be available on the ground at any time, so your schedule has maximum flexibility.

If you are looking for a luxury location for your next conference, or just a getaway with great amenities, Dubai will be on your short list. This city is poised to become a world class destination for jet charter travel.

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