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How much do you know about business aviation? It’s become more and more popular due to its impact towards reducing stress and making traveling a luxurious experience for workers. Read further for more details.

The Growth of Business Aviation - The Early Air Way

Think back to last time you flew for business:

  • How did you enjoy your flight?
  • Did you feel cramped, overheated, cold, surrounded by noises, or unable to sleep?

If the answer is yes, you most likely took a commercial flight. Businesses all over the world use commercial flights as a fast and efficient way to travel between countries, states, or locations in a shorter period. For all of the downsides, flying really is still the best way to travel. Because commercial flights also have their downfalls, more businesses are looking towards business aviation.

What if we told you there was a way to fly for business without all that stress? What if it was almost as cheap as a regular business class flight? With the growth of business aviation, now you can travel this way.

Here, we’ll explain how business aviation is changing the world of business trips as we know it.

The Expansion of Business Aviation

Businesses have relied upon commercial flights to get them from point A to point B for as long as airplanes have existed. Although the military was the first to use flights for travel, large-scale corporations picked up the technology not long after.

Today, globalization and international business have come together to create an intense need for reliable, affordable business flights. Known as business aviation, this industry seeks to serve the needs of businesses specifically. Until recently, those needs were largely filled by commercial airlines.

There’s a common misconception that flying private is immensely expensive. While that can sometimes be true, especially where luxury flights are involved, it isn’t always the case. Prices for private flights for business aviation are becoming more reasonable as volume increases.

Today, the average private business flight costs little more or even less than a commercial luxury flight. Charter business aviation is the third largest industry in Europe, includes up to 41 percent of all business flights shorter than 500 km, and encompasses over 50 flights in and out of the United States every single day.

As businesses wake up to increased business aviation availability, companies both small and large are investigating exactly why it’s so popular lately. Although the benefits vary for every business, here are a few of the most commonly reported boons.

Fly in Trusted Comfort

It’s no secret that flying on a commercial flight can expose you to all sorts of stressors. You’re stuck with the baby next to you crying; someone’s small child is upset. Someone else is getting sick. The man in the next row is playing his MP3 player too loudly, and the lady next to you has the lights on in the middle of the night.

Sleep, rest, or work just isn’t a possibility.

By the time you reach your destination, you are not only jetlagged but also exhausted from lack of sleep and poor nutrition. You manage to achieve your travel goals. However, your performance in that critical meeting afterward suffers as a result of your flight.

Conversely, when you fly via private jet charter, it’s typically just you and anyone else you bring along. You can sleep, work, eat, or even just relax with a movie of your choosing while you fly. Some people also bring along treasured pets – the sky’s the limit! The result is that you’re rested, prepared for work, and as primed for success as possible when you arrive.

The Growth of Business Aviation - The Early Air Way

Flexible Flight Times

Business aviation needs also evolved out of the fact that the commercial flying industry does a poor job of catering to specific destination and time needs. A hospital worker bringing a donated heart to a destination 2,000 miles away can’t easily wait for the next commercial flight. Likewise, a business owner who is away and experiences a disaster at the business back home can’t always afford to wait to schedule another flight.

Private charter business flights solve this issue by allowing you to define when and where you fly to (within reason). Want to hop a flight for an exclusive private conference on the Maldives, landing at precisely 5 a.m.? You can do that. Prefer to schedule your charter for the entire day so you can leave whenever it works best for you and be flexible? That’s possible, too. Whatever you need, the charter company can likely accommodate it.

Work With Ease

The world’s busiest business people have one thing in common: they’re all so busy they often don’t get a moment’s peace. People like this just cannot afford the time wasted while distracted and uncomfortable on a commercial flight. In some cases, the business will lose more money not being able to work and make contacts in-flight than they will pay for private flights in the first place!

Most charter flights provide an incredible cabin with plenty of space for working, either individually or together. Want to nail down that sales report before you land? Stretch out at a table and spread your work out. Need to make essential telephone calls to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible? You can do that, too. Amenities like in-flight phone access, free Wi-Fi, and even office supplies (upon request) can make your flight an extension of your office, not an excursion away from it.


Business aviation consist of many advantages for the entire workforce. Traveling has become an essential demand for business success, so why not make it an enjoyable experience? With everything a private charter jet has to offer, there’s no doubt that work stress levels will be down.

The Growth of Business Aviation - The Early Air Way