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Airplane Design to Change the Way We Fly

Airplane Design to Change the Way We Fly | The Early Air Way

The Crystal Cabin Awards celebrates innovations in airplane technology, with a new category this time around; Cabin Concepts. Some of the award winners boost the level of luxury in all flights from all companies.

Sekisui SPI Infused Imaging allows for any image to be embedded into the plastics of the cabin. This would allow for more complex interior designing of cabins and increased branding.

Delft University of Technology’s HeadRest is a neck support for passengers that incorporates a hammock and wing supports. Notably this support promotes natural range of movement and some privacy as well.

Zodiac Aerospace’s Sectioned Cabin Space groups seats into portions of the cabin categorized by prefered activities. This would allow sleepers to be with other sleepers, and busy workers to stay connected without interrupting other passengers.


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